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When USM Bloggers Graduated and Happy Fasting!

Okay, may be not ALL of them already graduated, but quite a few already did! Still remember when I posted about The First Ever USM Blogger Gathering? This is not an official USM Blogger Club, but I received lots of buzz for that post about how to join the club. Wow. I am now belong to the cool crowd! Haha.  

USM Blogger Club 1
With Kak Juls

Anyway, during the USM graduation day, I managed to meet all of them and congratulate them personally. The President of USM Blogger Club (yes, I am electing one right now) is Bubbles182 a.k.a. Kak Juls! The only one that's missing is d2z, but he's not graduating yet this year. Nevertheless, these are some of the pictures taken on that day. Thank you so much Kak Juls for the super cute teddy bear and card. Hopefully will have a reunion like this in the future, soon!

USM Blogger Club 2
With Nikillas and YAN^S
USM Blogger Club 3
With Kuro
USM Blogger Club 4
With Lilyto
Special shout out to @aminshahimi for meeting me up and wishing me too. Really appreciate it bro!

P/S: Check out Kak Juls version of this post here.

On the other hand, 

Happy Fasting to all my Muslim friends! Welcome Ramadhan!

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