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Hot News This Week #2

Politic - Dirty? Not-lah

I am not sure whether the news about Malaysia's former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who finally decided to quits the ruling party or the American Idol finale news. Okay, fine. Mahathir wins hand down. He is a former prime minister (read detector) for 22 years. After all the bad things he had done, I still have a respect for him. As people say, he indeed 70% right most of the time. A percentage that equivalent with A++ in Malaysia's politic.

Although my father and I mutually agree that the medias are trying to light down the spotlight from Mahathir's case with the infamous six - which included a prominent lawyer, an attorney-general, a tycoon, 2 Chiefs Justice and the now Tourism Minister). The case is now not even in the front page of any local newspaper. Suddenly, the famous V.K. Lingam's tape (did you know that Lingam is also a Sanskrit word for male sexual organ? See the Lingam Massage) has disappear. Just hope that they will do something about it later.

Oh, don't forget that the showdown between Obama and Hillary hasn't yet reach the end. It had been a long run, I am glad we finally reach to the end of it.

Entertainment - Finally..
Another showdown this week is the American Idol finale. A match between two Davids - between a rock star and the prince of ballad. My vote (if I had one) will goes to the older and the rocker David. David Archuleta just too sweet (too innocent, too cute, too fragile and other "too" good qualities to describe him) for me to swallow. And Randy keeps calling him "Yo, babe". LOL. Love when he sang Chris Brown's though.
“Season seven will be remembered for that kid with the stage father who may or may not (as of this writing) have cost his son the title. It is the season when everyone thought an Irish girl with a failed CD just might be pimped to death by the show but in the end was never given a break. It was the season of guitars, pianos and yes, a ukelele. A season of forgotten lyrics. A season with iTunes. A season of an ill-advised mosh pit and useless Q&A sessions. And yet another season in which Paula Abdul upstaged the contestants for all the wrong reasons. In the end, it may be a season in which “American Idol” turned the corner and ultimately became the search for and selling of a rock star.” - Rickey Yaneza - who "has been posting MP3s and video of each "Idol" performance for as long as we can remember and treats every "Idol" season as a full-blown political campaign, complete with slogans, nicknames and online ralies" - MTV
Of course, there also Akademi Fantasia finale this week to cater for Malaysian drama appetite. Not sure who will win the it, but I think Stacy, Nadia and Riz are a good trio. That being said, I kinda annoyed with Nadia and Riz's attitude. Toi is upgrading himself very well and Nubhan is in it just to proof that Malaysian are still voting based on their look rather than talent.

Humanity - OMFG!

The first case is about the two women were arrested after being accused of allowing a fucking freakingly young 2-year-old to smoke at a restaurant. The aunt said she was concerned about the boy's welfare because the child can say and do other inappropriate things, and believes that may have picked up on the drug activity his mother displays. According to police:
The boy's 26-year-old mother and 39-year-old aunt were eating at the restaurant last week when they held a cigarette up to the boy's mouth and attempted to light it.

The aunt told police that the boy often says, "smoke, smoke," and sometimes takes cigarettes out of a pack and puts them in his mouth.

The child had been saying "smoke, smoke" while the aunt was smoking in the restaurant, and she held her cigarette up to the child's face. When she took it away,
he continued to ask for a cigarette and grabbed one from a pack on the table. - GreenfieldNOW
Oh my, could it be caused by a young motherhood? The mother too young to quit her much more enjoyable life? How do we know we are ready to become a parent? Do we need an age barrier? I don't think 26-year-old is considered as "young" nowadays, as people at the tender age of 15 already pregnant and having kids. To be matured beyond your age is a dangerous thing, especially when you have no guide from older people.

Second case is about an online hoax that ended with the suicide of 13-year-old girl, Megan Meier who hanged herself last year inside her parents' home. Their parents have said that their daughter's death was the result of the rapid decline of her online relationship with a person she believed to be a boy name "Josh Evans," who first flattered the self-conscious girl and then taunted her.

Her neighbor, Lori Drew and 18-year-old employee identified as Ashley, allegedly created a false-identity Myspace account to contact Megan, who thought she was chatting with a 16-year-old boy named Josh Evans. Truth is, Josh didn't exist. Meier hanged herself after receiving cruel messages, including one stating the world would be better off without her (!).

I am not in the position to urge people to be truthful in their networking sites when some people chose to create an alter image of themselves there, which I did for time to time. Well, life is bored if you don't know how to enjoy it. LOL. Nevertheless, try not to be safe when you're out there. Do not give any personal informations which include your instant messenger id, phone number, address, avoid upload your house's picture (which I accidentally did, and then some stranger start knocking on my front door), telling about your vacation date and place, and for underage kids, please let your parents know when someone saying that he/she is interested in you.

Oh I wish I had the power, the power to change the world
But I'm just one man trying to do it on my own
Somebody change the world,
we've got little boys and little girls,
growing up on this sinful earth,
oh whats happening?
I don't know, but please tell me,
we've got all these criminals and discretes,
killin people for no reason,
I don't know why..
Oh I wish I had the power, the power to change the world
But I'm just one man trying to do it on my own
- Sean Kingston - Change

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mangosteenskin said...


Me n hubby were juz discussing abt Tun. Dr. Mahathir n Pak Lah this morning. I said to hubby, "I don't understand Dr. M's action", (dnt really understand why I said that either).

i clicked the lingam massage. hahahahahahahaha.

Abt that AF thing, I think Stanley deserves Nubhan's place to the final. dnt want to say much...i'm not voting. better use my hp to update twitter. hehe.

bluedreamer27 said...

i dont know much about maysia's politics but in regards with the hillary-obama fight well im after hillary how bout you blue?
ad oh yeah the 2 davids showdown ive watched the entire season from the very beginning its the best season ever
but i love the season 3 too hehe

Faisal Admar said...

malaysia politic sucks. make me puke! i hate to read newspapers nowadays since 80% of it are about malaysia's politic crap.

i don't follow american idol. i don't even know what program on tv i watch the most :P

one word to the aunties "idiot!". lol.

about AF i will watch final since i promise to myself i won't watch it if nadia and stacy not in the list. :)

rizal said...

hahaha..isu isu ni semua memang hot news..

shall i say semua yang diketengahkan isu yang PHAT - Pretty hot and tempting. hehe

1. Mahathir - agree, suka tak suka memang tak dapat dinafikan memang che det lonjakkan Malaysia ker satu tahap lain.

2. Osama - tak ikuti..

3. American Idol - tak ikuti juga sebab sibuk ikut ANTM - hahaha...

sori yerr...komen dalam BM sebab baru lepas makan tempoyak..

biasanya komen dalam English tuu lepas makan banyak cupcakes and muffins.. hehe

WoW said...

I believe more unpredictable political events will soon be happened in our country in the near future. Is this a sign of.....

Faisal Admar said...

sign of revolution? lol. dont tell me its evolution haha :P

well, either we like or not... we have to follow the flow.. thats the damnest thing!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi mangoteenskin,

Hahaha.. LINGAM MASSAGE is interesting, RIGHT? LOL..

Oh God.. I reserve my sympathy for Mahathir.. Hehe

AF? I am not voting either.. I did vote few times but only if I think that person was deserved it (based on their weekly concert performance). I can't live without entertainment, but I think, I could live without AF.. :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi bluedreamer,

Was season 3 is when Fantasia won? LOL. After 7th seasons, I tend to mix the winner up. I remember:

1st season - Kelly Clarkson,
2nd season - Rubern,
3rd - Fantasia,
4th - (maybe) Carrie Underwood <-- Best Idol ever and she is drop dead gorgeous,
5th - (maybe) Taylor,
6th season - Jordin Spark..

Hurm.. And after watching both Davids performance last night, I think David Archuleta did a superb performance :)

Like Paula said, "LETS HOPE THE BEST MAN WIN!"

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi faisal,

Who do you think will win AF? Love both of the girls. But I think, if I had to choose, I will choose Stacy over Nadia. I love Stacy over the top attitude. hehe (and of course, because she did wonderful job each week)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi rizal,

haha.. so, for this whole while, you have been eating cupcakes and muffins when you're visiting my page? LOL..

ANTM pun best gak. Tapi tak termampu nak mendonlod nyer. Slalu kalau kat University, ade orang len yang donlodkan. Dah sampai kat rumah, malas pulak nak donlod sendiri. Hehe..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Wow,

IS THE SIGN OF??? You keep me guessing. Hehe..


And for faisal,

Haha.. sign of evolution? LOL.. Revolution seems the closest word

axim said...

memang hot news ni sumer aku terlepas sudah...huhu..

pasal mahathir,noted..
pasal American Idol-based on voted mesti david archie gonna win
pasal AF--hentam sajalah sapa menang..haha..harap stacy ler menang.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Axim,

Hehe.. Don't worry about missing it out.. Anyway, I also hope Stacy will win. She kinda deserved it :)

Anonymous said...


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