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Understand Your Teenage Son’s Language

A typical conversation between two teenagers who were trying to get to know each other: (Well, at least one of them was)

A: Hi.
B: Hi.
A: What’s your name? I am A.
B: I am B. How old are you?
A: Same as yours I think. You’re 21 am I right?
B: Yup.

(Few minutes lapse)

A: You want to grab some drink?
B: Swell.

And then, A and B become friends. That is how simple a conversation of youngsters nowadays. To be able to make a connection with a stranger by using that kind of conversation requires high level of understanding and mind reading. That is why we look like a genius; with ruffled hair and probably stinky shirt.

The beauty of language is no longer valued by how your structural sentence or your choice of words was, it is now being judged by how short your sentences could be. For example, my younger brother only nods or shakes his head instead of answering Yes or No. Although it is a very creative way to reduce the emission of heat (heat that released every time you open your mouth to speak) it is kind of annoying when he used his head signal even when he was on the phone. Hello, I am still waiting for your answer!

Some life changing tips about your teenage son's conversation:

  1. We can do multiple tasking; we can texting and listening to mp3 while do the talking.
  2. We don’t like older people to listen to our conversation. That is why we usually keep our mouth shut while around them.
  3. Study or works related subject always a safe ice breaker if you want to get to know a teenager.
  4. The best way to communicate with us is by texting. We don’t like the eye contact.
  5. The most hated topic to share with an adult is sex and how to live your life. A big NO.
  6. A lack of interest in conversation once in a while is likely not much more than we have nothing to say. Take it for what it is.
  7. What works for a while may stop working eventually. Start over again. We are changing all the time.

This short post was inspired when I attended a family function last Saturday. I saw that other people always complaining how the youth nowadays does not know how to socialize with their peer. If your teenage son does not show above symptoms, do seek advice from the professional. There must be something abnormal about him.

See you again! By the way, do you know that Yoga is banned by Islamic National Fatwa Council? No kidding.

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Milkberry said...

Heh? I posted pastu hilang lak. Anyways I was saying, the yoga thing = STUPID. Kamon man, kalau camtu ban la bersanding. It was a hindu thing gak dulu kan? And everything else that is cultural were at some point was a hindu/buddha/non-islamic thing. Apsal buat lagi? Sheesh.

And about being a teenager... OMG I remember thinking that I was always right and adults do not understand our feelings. Hahahaha bodoh siot! I'm so glad those days are over.

At least now I know I don't know everything hehe :P An example being that yoga makes you lose faith in your religion. OMG really?! :P

Anonymous said...

teenage nowdays r like that..
including me~
:D first comment dissappear..
milkberry got first....huuuuuu

mspennylane said...

Haha my brother is 19 and I find it pretty hard to communicate with him... Though thankfully he isn't too stinky.

Anonymous said...

i suddenly remember the F language.. hahaha.. but in kelantan we have K language..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Milkberry,

As a matter of fact, yesterday, I already wrote about how Islamic body in Malaysia banned tomboy and Yoga. But then, feeling that I may stir some untouched feathers, I decided not too. That is why I just give a hint about it at the end of this post. Hehe

One of my colleague send me a link to Lim Kit Siang, a *DAP leader, saying that Singapore actually not opposing yoga. This is contradicted with what the Islamic body said. LOL.

I think this banned thing is ridiculous. We only see Yoga in physical form. Never the spiritual aspect. I haven't yet practicing yoga, but I don't mind doing it in the future. They said silat too sometimes has certain element that was against Islamic teaching...

What I don't like the most is when people start questioning the fatwa in order to have a greater understanding on what do they meant, the council replied by saying: DON'T QUESTION THE FATWA. Crap!

*DAP is a majority Chinese opposition party in Malaysia*

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Kuropii,

Really? Milkberry also said her comment disappeared. I checked the notification, I only received you guys comments once. Sorry for that inconvenient. Hehe..


Hi mspennylane,

LOL. Don't blame him, blame the hormone and the gender. Hahaha :P


Hi Nikillas,

At first, I am thinking of the F word. After few seconds (perhaps minutes) I got it. The Fafa fifi fufu language right? hehe.. What about the K language? I want to hear it!

coolingstar9 said...

The more we associate the teenagers , the more we know their language well.
Yes, the language and their trend keep on changing. The trend nowadays will be no longer exist 10 years later.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Coolingstar,

Unfortunately, it is the truth. Teenager's language is changing so fast that even I am struggling to catch up with it. With all the new words and slang, it really need lots of mind reading and practicing :)

LadyJava said...

I think the Yoga banning bit totally ridiculous.. it's all Nawaitu.. and nothing else.. if meditating helps me in any way.. why not??

Back to communication. I feel that the youngsters today lack social skill.. seriously.. all they do is text, play computer text and chat.. all activities that don't involve eye contact like you say.. how are you gonna to interact when you get older?? social skills are developed when you are young.. it's a a bit late to develop by the time you start working..

Just my two cents :)

sufian said...

"World" was changed... i agreed that

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi LJ,

Hehe.. Agree with you on both matter. About the communication, I think we all agree that it is important and like you stated, a skill that need to be grew by time. Personally, I rarely use this kind of communication; as mention in the post. But like any youth, if you want to be accepted in certain group, you must act like one.

For example, around my friends, I rarely use any courtesy such as excuse me, thank you and sorry. They think it's lame. However, outside the circle of friends, I used courtesy all the time. I was raised by my parents to do so. What I am trying to say is, teenager usually has a different attitude when they are among their friends and when they are not.

That being said, this depends on the individual himself. I am glad I was raised the way I am and I love to socialize :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Sufian,

World is indeed changing.. Thanks for your comment :)

bluecrystaldude said...


I will add your link as the First Commenter tomorrow okay? I am so tired tonight.. Now, it's 4.23AM in Malaysia. See you guys tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

K languange is just like F languange but in Kelantan slang.. if u here it.. maybe you dont understand it.. becouse.. if you cant understand the normal kelantan slang, i dont think you understand K language..

etomyam said...

interesting, generally teenagers are comfortable interacting with their colleagues, but I prefer to think that its all depends on the inner behavior of the teenagers themselves plus the family upbringing that determining how effective social interaction can be among teenagers

bidarlah said...

ooo teenagers... the future of our country, the next generation, the leaders of our -----

u hv not even touch or talk about their 'dressing' sense.

and abt the yoga thing. hmm...wat can i say? just be more open minded.

phatelara said...

My brother is 16 and I absolutely have no problems talking to him. I think it's because he's a talker.

Anyway, most of my cousins are now teenagers and they do have certain slangs. I find it, not difficult but rather irrelevant sometimes to try to talk to them. I now have more serious adult chats with my young adult cousins. Lol!!

Oh the topic of yoga being banned, seriously? WTF is that for anyway? I must agree with LJ that it all starts from the heart. As long as you're sincere in doing something, I don't think that's a problem. Unless you're sincere in doing sinful things, which totally don't make sense. Lol!!

Work At Home said...

When it comes to teenager, things will always get complicated. We did the same thing to our parents right? These are some great tips.

About Yoga, I think it depends on which guru they learn. Yoga comes in meditation and exercise. Some teachers misunderstand the concept of Yoga and mix these two channels.

Yoga is a great exercise.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Nikillas,

LOL, if that is the case, I probably would not understand any of it. Hehe. How's our lovely USM? Enjoyable? I heard there are lots students decided not to go home this short holiday..


Hi etomyam,

Totally agree with you. Family upbringing is important. It will be your core and cushion for comfort when the matter being exposed in social surrounding. I am sure the one who will stand tall is the one who's well conversed.

Akmal said...

Somehow I find talking to older people is alright lah haha. Not only on serious matters, but fooling around as well :P Lucky though, I haven't met the you-do-this-you-do-that-in-life kind of people hahaha.
Yes, I fool around with older people. It's fun you know? ;)
I fool around with fellow teenagers also of course.

Adelita said...

Hmm... I usually have no problem talking to older people. It's because I can tune in my maturity level to be almost the same level as theirs. Lol. But I have no problem acting like a typical teenager too. I guess this is what happens when you're involved with many college activities. =p

As for the yoga issue, the fatwa has a reason for doing so. Basic level yoga classes don't incorporate Hindu elements. But it's the advanced classes that do. There are chanting and meditation involved. Also, yoga requires you to empty your head which means you have to forget Allah too.

So instead of arguing about this matter, why not try pilates? And the solat is also a form of exercise.

Wallahu'alam bis sowab~

Peace up, bros and sistas! =D

Adelita said...

And questioning the ulamaks and the fatwa proves that you have doubts about Islam. But it's ok to ask them questions so that you will have a better understanding about this matter (or any matter).


Faisal Admar said...

There was something like this on the radio but it was about kids nowadays not talking proper English. They tend to use slang mostly by rappers. Eg: Yo!, Dude! and Howdy.

Then, the topic got hot when all the parents kept calling and gave out their opinions. I laughed out loud when a mom called and here how the conversation goes:

Dj: What do you think of kids nowadays with their slang?

Mom: I feel like slapping. I told my kids if they want to use slang they can use it outside but not at home. My son came home yesterday and found me in the kitchen and greet me with "Yo! Momma... what you got for lunch?" and my reply was "Yo your head! I have warned you!" and the kid reply "Ah come one! I'm hungry... do ya feel me?" and I was about to knock his head with the pan!

I laughed out loud alone in the car which make other drivers looked at me! :P

Mariuca said...

Hi HaaziQ! I pun surprised when I read abt the Yoga thingy, I did not know abt the Hindu elements. :):):)

Mariuca said...

Dropping EC here today, dah la EC traffic slow gila ni! :(

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bidarlah,

Yup.. I am planning to do another post entitle Understand Your Teenage Son's Clothes. LOL. I am totally on it :D


Hi Debbs,

LOL.. I am sure hope none of us sincere in making sins. Hehe..

Apart from my siblings, I don't have any young adult cousin. Most of them are either too young or us. Nothing much could be done there. LOL


Hi Work at Home,

Yeah, we tends to give our parents the hard time when we were young. I blame it on hormones and peer pressure :)

One of my friends shocked to know that even yoga has a guru. He thought that all those yoga follower were using recorded videos to practice every day. LOL

Thanks for your comment. It's nice to see you here again ;)

waliz said...

the yoga thing was one of the flip flop decisions made by our genius in they said our sultan will have the final says...hmmmm...must ketuk their head so they will get into senses...

teenagers are the most difficult to understand them yet they are very easygoing and not so demanding...if u know how to tackle your teenagers you are safe but if the opposite you can consider yourself living in hell...entah!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Akmal,

Wow.. really? I am impressed. Seriously. I usually talks about formal things when I converse with adults although there are some exception especially for those who I already known for sometimes. Apart from that, it's all strict to the fact kinda things. I usually listen a lot rather than participate in their conversations :)


Hi Adelita,

Thanks for your comment. I do agree in some of your opinion. One thing for sure, I don't think if I am questioning a fatwa, I am in a way has a lesser faith in Islam. Religion sometimes is beyond the reach of our mind could touch. So, if someone is know more about something that you are, you should be allowed to ask questions. How come I want to learn something without having the privileged to ask any question? Just follow what others said without knowing why they do so? Certainly not.

Just my 2 cent worth.

Monica said...

well, I socialize pretty well with teenagers esp from Saudi..:-D

axim said...

dulu lain sekarang lain...

dengan kemajuan teknologi semua sekali dah berubah..

aku sendiri pun akui lebih seronok duk depan komputer bersosial ngan rakan rakan siber dari layan orang orang berumur..haha..

but i think we seriously need thak kind of interaction to makes us more matured and grow wiser..

tepuk dada tanya lah selera..


YAN^S said...

IC... so that's the I talk... and blue about ur bro there is now 3G so when he nod you can now see no worries bout that kikikiki. About this Yoga thingy has cause uncertainty and now the Sultan wants details on it

Bluedreamer said...

well they cant escape that thing we are now in the modern era and its not just the gadgets and technologies as our language and manne of speaking as well
have a great blogging day dude

nono said...

We are now living in a simplified era.. That's why... Complex things will only make your life more complicated so it is better to keep it simple... Hehehehhe ;)

Yoga were banned for some reason. And let's the dude do their job.

P.s: Found your blog from twitter. I went to your profile and saw the url so here I am commenting on your entry.... =P

P.s.s: Nice to meet you here!

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