Love you guys!

First Post

Finally, aku berjaye gak wat blog nih. I am so fucking new here, so mind me some of ur favor please ;D

Anyway, some stuff you guys need to know bout me :
  • i am totally suck+crazy+OTT+jealous+weird kinda person
  • i am really a mood swinger! [pity my frens. hehe]
  • aku bukan anak orang2 tername+berpengaruh, etc. etc..
  • i play hard, and i live my life well [kindly PLEASE noted my good point here ;P]
  • i am stupid dump kinda of person [even sometimes i act like one]
  • and aku totally dun really care ape orang cakap buruk pasal aku
  • as one of my life motto always be:
"i am never gonna change myself for anyone other than me!"


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