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  1. Deleting account from Entrecard
  2. Unlink it from my main blog
  3. Hide it from my blogger profile
Hey folks! I am closing my other blog, My Little Black Pot for yet to be determined time. I know most of you guys would not be affected whatsoever, but I still want to let you know how much I effort did I make to ensure my daily life as a student and blogging world tally with each others. I have noticed that even my regular doses of reading blogs (as you could see in Addicted To’s blogroll) is rarely paying me a visit this couple of months. Although I must admit that it must be caused by my own self, who lately do not have enough time to drop by as I used to be.

Thus, in between dropping Entrecard, posting posts for both blogs and commenting back their own consequence readers, I had came to a solution for me to hold on to my life yet again. Oh, don’t forget those studies I have to cover. Tomorrow I will be having a mock job interview (preparation for the future graduate – though I will not be graduating for another 1 and a half year), Environment Engineering and Management test on Thursday and my Chemical Reaction test scheduled to be held sometimes next week. Not to mention tonnes of assignments need to be submitted. Oh, how I love student’s life!

So, it is no brainer to what I should choose. My study will always come first (followed closely with my addiction for TV series). Finally, I hope by closing My Little Black Pot down for a while will buy me some times to reconcile with my new and old readers. Have a nice day!


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Farah Deen said...

I find it easier to maintain just 1 blog too. unless you have the time then fine. Me with these 2 kids, I can't.

Anonymous said...

Study first, blogging later....

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Farah,

I wonder whether I have time for myself when I already have kids. Sigh~


Hi smaelz83,

Hehe... That's what I thought too :D

Sweetiepie said...

gee i don't even notice that you had another blog.See how blurr am I.Don't worry about visiting others if you don't have time.Just write whenevr you feel like it..hehehe like me :P

coolingstar9 said...

Blogging is fun. Now, you can concentrato on this blog site.
You need to study hard, study harder and more harder, see you at the top.

julehya said...

You have your priorities mapped out. I admire you for that. All the best

YAN^S said...

smaelz83 got my vote on that.... and since it's near to ur final, I think people would understand and by only having one blog... it's going to be easier for ur fellow blogger too ... heheheheh

Rozella said...

I sometimes can't even handle one blog. I don't know how some people have more than 3! It will be sad tho knowing that you won't be updating that one anymore...

mangosteenskin said...

what a coincidence! i was thinking about how can some people keep more than 1 blog (while cooking).

i like following your updates and comment. but honestly, your blog is one of the blogs that I have problem opening it. other example is mariuca's. my computer can get so slow and sometimes hanged. the problem must be on my side tho.

Other problem is, sometimes i need to retype my comment few times as it can't be published. i don't see other people complain about these problem, so again, it must be my computer.

rizal said...

Maintaning two blogs while studying? Oh! I ve got to hand it out to you (tabik3x!) I am sure it must have been hard, exhausted and stressful.
Maintaning restnrileks has been hard enough for me.. Umpama kais pagi makan pagi.. err kais petang wahhh kenyang malam sehingga ke subuh. : ) Er that doesn't sound right. hehe

Frankly, i, myself find it hard to land on that Little Black Pot of yours. But, hey, i agree that you should stick to this blog only, hence giving all your super duper mighty force maintaining the best way you see fit.

I am sure you, me, manggo, and lots other are a full time blogger - in a sense that we have other things to do and at the same time we blog.

There are professional bloggers (making money on-line), pro-full time bloggers (those blog for fun taking up most of their time) and full time bloggers (people like us who shuffle both jobs and still make time for bloggin). Teehee. Betul ka ni?

Great if you can blog and at the same time concentrate your study. Know your priorities, but i dont think you should give up blogging, unless er you arent doing well in studies (but i am sure that isnt the case - Mana tau? dari cerita-cerita blogging kat sini arr..)

Well, anyway, best of luck for your test? I hope you score..

as we likes to say masa study dulu ..

Study Hard and study smart (both ya)
When it comes to study time.. we study harddd..
and when it comes to party time..
we parteeeeyyy HARDDDDDDD!!

rizal said...

Oh hello manggo.. how's raya? hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Sweetiepie,

Hehehe.. Yeah, I even noticed that not everyone from your older readers know that you already back blogging. I am glad I am just one of the few :D


Hi Coolingstar,

Thank you for your kind words. I really hope that I could spend more time handling Hot Shit Form Here now that I only concentrate to one blog at a time. I am trying hard to post a new post for every two days! Hope I will succeed in doing that~ :)


Hi Julehya,

Thank you for commenting me for the first time. I hope to see you more often here. I usually just dropping my Entrecard to your blog, but now, I will try my best to spend sometime reading it too! :)

Thanks again for your kind words

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Yan^s,

As matter of fact, I rarely promoted my other blog here. I just treat it like a side kick blog for my many and uncountable guilty pleasure addictions (e.g: Music, Movies, TV series etc.) I am just glad some of my readers here pay it a visit too - such as Bluedreamer and Rozella :)

Good luck for your final exam!


Hi Rozella,

Haha.. That is why I admire people who could spend their time to blog daily and/or have more than one blog. For example, aLady Java runs 7 blogs all together! Everybody, please say "WOWWWW" with me.. hehe. She must be one of the heck creative person!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Mango,

Yeah, I think my blog is really takes time to load. When my internet connection is very slow, even I cannot open my own blog, let alone reply any comment in it. Hehe.. I have a problem sometimes to with Mariuca's blog, so, I usually open her blog during day time - since my internet connection is better during that period.

Mango, I really think it's time for you to buy a new laptop! Hehehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

Haha.. I am not sure I would agree with the terms of bloggers that you used, but I get the meaning of it. Hehe..

As I said earlier, I just blogging My Little Black Pot about my 'guilty pleasures'... A part from my opinion or reviews and rarely, 'artwork', there is nothing personal there.. I tried my best to separate both of the blogs and I think I succeed.

I am not sure whether my studies are affected by blogging or not, but if it were, I am sure there are plenty of external factors in my life rather than because of blogging :D

I usually blog I back from attending lectures (which I haven't yet miss one of them since my last 2 and a half years here), have a little nap if I am too tired, and then just I start blogging. While online, I did some of my works too. After that, when the night is coming, I still online and casually drop my Entrecard while studying. My internet connection is very slow during the night, so I will take time opening each blogs, which win me extra time for reading there :D

Hey, don't you want to ask about my Hari Raya celebration? hehe

Mariuca said...

Morning Haaziq! Oh student ye? I pun baru je tahu u kat Penang ni, satu gang la dgn Faisal and Farah ye? Happy Thursday, dropping EC here today. :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Mariuca,

Hehe.. Yup.. in Penang.. Tapi rumah sebenar kat Johor :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Rozella said...

Sudah you delete pula ya? Hehehe

Btw, sorry it took so long because i terforgot! Added you to my blogroll liao. :)

Faisal Admar said...

ala maurica. even he stays in penang, never meet pun. haziq sombong =P

btw, back to the topic. i don't think it's easy to maintain 2 blogs or worse more than 2. but if you have lots of times. then, it's otherwise. to me, 1 is more than enough! haha.

AngelBaby said...

I am glad to hear that your studies come first, that is good. I am going to miss seeing you around as much as before but I want you to do well in school. Come by when you can, OK?

Love and Blessings,

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