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Less Word Wednesday #6

If you are easily offended, don't click Continue Reading. Viewer discretion is advised - there are lots of unpleasant pictures followed by.

He was seen equipped with a rock, a construction site pole and a healthy looking ass

A British tourist has been arrested after swimming naked in the moat of Japan’s Imperial Palace. The man was said to have swum the moat before scaling the Tokyo palace’s 25ft wall. Television footage showed him getting out of the water at one point and chasing police with a rock and a construction site pole.

Looking for his 'dropped bag'

He then went back to the murky water and swam across to the other side of the moat, climbing up the 25ft stone wall of the palace. He was caught by two policemen after a chase that media said lasted for an hour and a half.

The palace, which has housed the Japanese Imperial Family for centuries, is seen as sacred ground and is rarely opened to the public except for official tours, and a large security force protects it from intruders.

Passers-by gathered around the moat to watch the chase, giggling and taking photos on mobile phones. Police said it was unclear what his motives were, although he is said to have dropped a bag in the water.

Fiercely marching towards the crowds - you need a lot of self confidence to do it!

The man, possibly in his forties, first said he was Spanish but later said he was a Briton living in Spain, police said. We are checking on his mental condition now,' a police spokesman said. The man was later released without charge.

The palace, in the heart of Tokyo and home to Japan's emperor and empress, is surrounded by 12 moats running four miles in all. Police said the emperor was in the palace, but it was unlikely he saw the nude swimmer in the moat.

Just before he took off his boxer off

What is up with all these tourists who think that skinny dipping in public area is a trilled thing to does? When I was in Paris, I saw a man who stirred what else a ‘cozy’ area (it was a red district, but during the day, people just hanging out at the café slipping teas and coffees) ran naked and jump into one of the fountains there (picture above). It just a shallow pond, but that was not the point. Only after his friends took his pictures, he wears his bath robe back. Need to remind you, it was like 15 degree Celsius on that day. Sigh, he must a man with a hot body (literally).

With his very supportive friends

Just a reminder, when you are travelling abroad, please keep your pants intact with you all the time, especially when you are in public areas. In some part of the world, this kind of behavior may be taken as an entertainment, but others may feel that you are offending their culture. Have a nice day!


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rizal said...

Oh come on, at least he should be respective of other people culture.

To me, that is just being plain ignorant and selfish.

rizal said...

oh my.. Whoaho!! My 4th blog being the 1st commentor whithin 24h time frame.

first it was on Emila's, then Mariuca's, then Emila's, then Pak Bono's and now Yours..

Haha.. macam main roda impian pulak.. yeah baby..big money big money (except there is no money involved here. huhu)

Sorry blue, kinda deviate from the topic, but i just cant help myself from saying "Whoaho!!"


Ujian esok sudah sedia ka?

bluecrystaldude said...

You are the first to comment here too~ apart from Mariuca, Kak Emila and Bonoriau - if I am not mistaken.huhuu. Congrats to you!

But the crowds seem to enjoy his little show aren't they?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hey! I posted the reply first then your second comment! Wawaa.. Now, my earlier comment just now as cool (since I have been following and counting your first commenter fiasco around). Sigh..

Test esok belum habis prepare lagi.. hehehe.. malam masih ada :D

bonoriau said...

Congrats is really your luck day.

bonoriau said...

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

bluecrystaldude said...

Hehe.. Yeah, congrats to you Rizal

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bonoriau,

Thanks for the lovely words.. I am more than happy to be your friend :)

"A friend is, as it were, a second self"

Anonymous said...

Just watch the naked guy news using Cool Iris.. what the hell.. foreign people going crazy in foreign country...

Anonymous said...

They should respect others.. This crazy.. If the do this in front of the KLCC.. What will happend eh..??

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Smaelz83,

Wah, your Cool Iris seems very helpful for you :)

*Perhaps that naked man is really crazy*


Hi Nikillas,

May be the value market of KLCC will suddenly drop? Hahaha.. One thing for sure, it will be aired live on local TV. Hehehe

(and apart from those politics talk, I am sure glad to watch a few if not any, different and weird news on TV)

YAN^S said...

referring what nikillas has just said, aren't it's your choice or your right to do what ever you want as long as it does not harm others? what do u think blue?

rizal said...

hey yan^s,

i do agree, it is his choice or his right thing to do as long as it does not harm others..

but then again, there are some damages done here.

i dont think he should go skinny dipping when that ground is considered sacred.(respecting other people culture)

but then again, what about my right of not wanting to see that-not-so-beautiful-booty of his in public places. oucchhh . hehehe. Go ahead and go naked all day long if he wants to, as long he does it in places that allow such thing or where people dont mind at all. : )

rizal said...

eh blue,

camne buleh dapat kotak bila reply balik komen..senang sket nak bezakan mana komentar pengunjung dan mana yang kita dok balas balik.

Maklum kat twitter pun boleh. :)

Selamat menjawab peperiksaan.. huhuhu

LadyJava said...

Oh my!! that is so gross..kalau badan macam brad pitt ke ok gak kot..lolz!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Yan^s,

Hey.. Hey.. Even that have a boundary dude.. Being naked around the house by ourselves is okay. But in the public.. hurm.. hehe


Hi Rizal,

Wah.. Best tul cuti2 nih.. Hehe.. Boleh ar selalu nampak you kat sini. hehe :D

YEAH! What about our right too? hehehe..

Oh, and I already tweeted you about that box thingy


Hi Lady Java,

Hahaha! I said it too! If he has a body to die for, I don't think people will be that mind about him. Hehe.. Hurm.. What about if he is she? Hehehe

bluedreamer27 said...

gheeeh what was he thinking haha
well in some other countries especially those concervative ones i think it will not work out and polices will arrest him immidiately hehe
have a great blogging day blue

rizal said...

Blue, thanks for twittering back.

Tu la fasal.. cuti-cuti niii memang rajin dan senang nak komen blog kat sana-sini..


YAN^S said...

hey rizal,

yup, have to agree with you on that... i over look the sacred place

Faisal Admar said...

i'd just sit there and enjoy the view. what about you bcd? hmm hmm.

rizal said...

hey YAN^S,

tak pa, kadang2 restnrileks pun terlepas pandang..


izzahismail said...

omg!how can they walked on street naked?

YAN^S said...

hey rizal,


rizal said...

Salam blue,

blue, hang ada award kat restnrileks.. Nanti jgn lupa datang amik k..

selamat pagi. :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

eh BCD, i've left a comment here just now. Looks like my lappie is giving me prob again! :(

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

You too man :)


Hi Faisal,

Hurm.. Any specific view? A mountain or a temple? hahahah!


Hi Rizal,

Thanks Rizal! I am honored (hehe.. Even though belum tengok lagi :P)


Hi Jean Chia,

No problem Jean. I hope that your laptop is getting better. Perhaps it just need a much deserve maintenance. I send my laptop for maintenance every 3 months :)

I am just glad my friend is a computer expert :D

R4Z0R said...

wht the f'ing hell was that man doing..??

Farah Deen said...

LOL this is really funny. I have seen people like this in real life too, and guess what- I saw that in Penang! LOL

bluecrystaldude said...

Taking a deep perhaps? Shaking off the hotness? hehehe

Thanks for commenting me here R4ZOR! I hope to see you more in the future :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Farah,

REALLY??? Hahaha.. Where exactly in Penang the incident happen?

Von Charlie said...

man..that bald guy sure had loosen up some nuts in his head..that is just sheer stupidity man..buat malu kaum je..sigh.

Anonymous said...

yucks! I've witnessed people dipping their hand/s in a fountain whenever they seen one... euwwww.... gross!

**Faisal, enjoying view huh?? nakalnyerr...

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