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Mak Datin Melayu

Datin Seri Rosmah

Mak Datin, definition: 1) wife of the rich Datuk in Malaysia 2) Talking very loudly and always flaunting their richness 3) Job description: attending social functions and gatherings. 

My job requires me to go mingle in some of the hottest golf clubs in Malaysia; attending meetings and just random social visits. This is a true story (kind off. Some of the information has been changed to protect their privacy).

I was having a short meeting with a manager at one of the best golf and country club in Malaysia. After that we had lunch at the golf club area.

Golf and Country Club

Next to our table, there was a group of Mak Datins are having brunch. They are conquering the huge portion portions in the middle of the club house. Some of them even have personal assistance standing by with boxes that look like international gifts.

The calm atmosphere from the country club is being interrupted only by their laughter and loud gesture. Some of them are wearing a typical Malay elitist scarf; with a bulging hair spotted under the scarf. While others with their colored hair and huge diamonds on every inch of their body. Covered with designer clothes and the hint of their expensive perfume, they are on the top of the world.

Golf and Country Club

I guess I better explain a little bit of Mak Datins’ lifestyle in Malaysian society. They are the one who’re ruling the society events in Malaysia. Their children are mostly studying overseas, private colleges and a frequent face in the social parties. Whereas, the husbands (Datuks) are the bread winner; more like the BMW and Mercedes winners. Mostly businessmen, some are also Government workers.

Back to the present, after about an hour of laugh out loud (literally), business deals that their husbands made and gossiping about local artists; on my defense I could not help but to eavesdropping into their conversation unless I am close my ears with both of my hands (worth trying).

We ended out lunch (and the Mak Datins group, brunch) and we walked to the car park. To my amusement, one of the Mak Datin said:

Alamak, I forgot which car my driver sent me here. I wonder whether it’s this Mercedes or the other one”

I just was giggling all the way to the car. This is what we called socialite in Malaysia. So Malay drama! I should hang out here more.

Happy Weekend!

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