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Boys Are Stupid

What is gender discrimination? Wikipedia defined it as a discrimination a person or group on the basis of their sex or gender. When we talk about discrimination, we could not help but to arrive with another word, sexism. So, what is sexism? Sexism is commonly considered to be discrimination and/or hatred towards people based on their sex rather than individual merits, but can also refer to any and all systemic differentiation based on the sex of the individuals.
Unfortunately, we are usually being fed by only certain gender discrimination, which is female gender. We sometimes forget that there could also be other sexes (male and the intersexed people who are born with a mixture of male and female characteristics) that being discriminated. I could search and list out many movies, highly publicized court cases, articles and case studies. I am not an opposer of female, but I think we should also look into other gender discrimination.

I tried to find cases of male discrimination in internet, but only came by two (!) of them. Compared to hundreds of female discrimination. This may be an indication that female was marginally discriminated, but it also could be that male discriminations are less exposed. Well, of course this is because not many people wanted to watch men bodybuilders competition compared to Donald Trump and his syndication of Miss Universe.

One of the cases is about a male nurse, that was sacked after overstaying his medical leave - he stated that he was discriminated. But the case was dismissed. The other one is about Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them! T-shirt production that was later removed from market. The slogan was printed next to a cartoon image of a boy running away from 5 stones flying in his direction.

(click to enlarge)

People magazine even ran a story on the T-shirt with a quote from a 10 year old girl saying, "I want to make boys feel bad because it's fun." Glenn Sacks, the designer of the shirt said that it was because of boys are now seriously left behind against girls at all level in school. By high school the typical boy is a year and a half behind typical girl in reading and writing. Girls get better grades than boys and boys are more likely to drop out of school or to be disciplined, held back or expelled compared by girls.

Boys are four times as likely to receive a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as girls and the vast majority of learning disabled students are boys. Boys are less likely to graduate high school, go to college, or graduate college than girls. Shock isn't it to read about it, even though we all realized that the situation does exist. Some said that feminists are the one who try to keep the matter under the carpet.
According to Diane Ravitch, author and former US Department of Education official, "The American Association of University Women's 1992 report "How Schools Shortchange Girls" (a report of a "girl crisis" that was widely publicized) was completely wrong. What was so bizarre is that it came out right at the time that girls had just overtaken boys in almost every area.. it was like calling a wedding, a funeral.. There were all these special programs put in place for girls, and no one paid any attention to boys."
I am sure that we all have the same problem worldwide, but some of the countries are still busy trying to change the impression of woman to highlight the boys discrimination. Nevertheless, I do hope we are aware of this situation and consider it as a problem. How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself, so always think positively about it like these:

1. Stop sending your boys to school
Your son will has less homework, less detention and will not complaining about the how he has to be around girls (as girls are usually more in his class). You could always home school him or if you're rich enough, you could hire a home tutor for him. The worst he can be is to become a geek/nerd or a psycho killer.

2. Men could find more excuses to stay at home rather than work
Who are we to resist of staying home all the time? Not like we need to take care of our children - they invented maid/babysitter for that already. Plus, it isn't a new trend for those modern countries

3. You could design a T-shirt saying "Girls are Cleverer" or "Boys are stupid, we throw rocks at them, and they never know!"
Which would probably become more hit than a bag printed with "I am not a plastic bag". An answer that was arose from not a question statement. Yeah, we know they are not a plastic bag, should we necessarily printed it out loud?

My wonderful design, call me to order
(click to enlarge)

With boys future are becoming less certain, more and more boys spending time in juvenile school and jail, the myth of the "fragile girl" has received more of the lion's share of attention by the society. When boys are discussed at all, it's about how aggressiveness, competitiveness and usually out of normal thinking (about almost everything) should be checked and channeled in constructive ways. Rather than, modifying their antisocial behavior and making them more like girls.

In the end, I am not saying that female should continue to be discriminated (which they were and that is a fact), but we should all seek a gender equality rather than blaming each other for what we have been. A boy will be a man, and a girl will be a woman. Only time could tell whether we will ever achieved this gender equality.


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mOEha Aziz said...

salam haaziq,

bravo! u nailed it! discriminations is unique. it hits everybody. yet, due to egoism, male usually try not to b associated with it. in the end, people tends to think that boys are not discriminated..

way to go haaziq! :)

mangosteenskin said...

hm...kalau nak disenaraikan diskriminasi antara lelaki n perempuan ni, gerenti pompuan punya list lagi panjang. Hehe.

katunX said...


patutla bese perempuan dapat dulu kalau order roti canai..


bluecrystaldude said...

Salam and Hi moeha aziz,

It is the truth. I just not sure how my other readers (especially women) will act..

Nevertheless, I hope we will recognized that this matter is exist. For the sake of our children and specifically son in the future :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi mangosteenskin,

If we want to list out all those discrimination between women and men, I am sure the list will goes on and on. It is like if you have to list out all the bad behaviors men and women would be...

However, if you want to compare the discrimination towards men and women, I rather not list the comparisons at all. What will we get if women's discrimination is higher than men? A token price??

There is nothing to be proud off :(

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi katunx,

Haha.. That is what "Ladies first" meaning man.. Hehe

Thanks for dropping here.. I am sure hope to be seeing you around more often :D

Anonymous said...

I think people tend to overreact.

Great blog. gave you a drop

Faisal Admar said...

Gender equality seems impossible. But who knows someday? I still think female work with emotion worse than male. Don't whack me... lol but this is a fact!

mangosteenskin said...

yes dude, i agree with u. there's no use of comparing between both gender's discrimination. it's not going to solve anything, but maybe just for thoughts?

faisal.. i am... somehow, need to agree with ur statement. lol. But God must have His own reason for creating such differences between man n woman. I think the whole thing is just perfect. We just need to learn how to tolerate with each other's needs.

waliz said...

sometimes it depends on the culture..for example..we say women in afghanistan have been discriminate by their men but many of the women dont think so..except the more educated ones...

Restnrileks said...

i agree ada isu.. (hmmm semangat dah hilang lepas taip panjang2..lepas tuuu hilang sebab internet connection terputus...)

lain kali jerr laaa aku taip balik..


Anonymous said...

macam2 karenah!

Grandy said...

Interesting points. I've learned more about how the words can hurt since my son was born. As he goes through middle school, it gets even more fun.

FarA said...

quoting katunx. "patutla bese perempuan dapat dulu kalau order roti canai.."
hihih. sorta~
but but, klu ade akak perempuan (the unfriendly ones), the term would be "men first, ladies make way for them" =.="
my nasi pattaya can only be ordered after a whole bunch of guys (those who come 3 mins later than i do) have done ordering.

Farah Deen said...

boys or girls- they are just the same. they would desire different things in life and dream of different paths, but both are equally smart and capable of doing everything.

shandye. said...

haha... that IS the facts of life. terpulangla...

certain peeps akan rasa agitated and marah terhadap this entry.

but i like it.

gender equality is impossible to achieve la.

memang tak dinafikan skarang nie boys are slacking behind, especially kalau tengok kat local uni. memang sedih. huhu...

tapi aku rasa along the path, apa2pun kita nie semua tetap makhluk ciptaanNya so no one is perfect... kann???

bluedreamer27 said...

hello bluedude oh i hope you didnt find me stupid too huh?
yeah everything must be treated equally
everybody must expirience the normal way of living no matter what gender you from boy,girl,gay,lesbian,crippled and more

katunX said...

bluecrystaldude : oh, lupa, itu yang kami panggil the league of extraordinary gentlemen..

hope to see your next update dude..

fara : maksudnya anda sudah tersalah memilih kedai...kan kedai sebelah itu ada pelayan lelaki?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should be treated equally. No one should be put down. We are all special in our own way. We need more love in the world.

I have something for you on my site.

Love and Blessings,

Ratu Syura said...

great post dude! even though im proud to be a woman, there are times that it bugs me when so called 'feminists' make men sound so stupid and worthless, but they can't even change a bulb or a flat tire, and still need the men to do those things! ishhh!!!

i honestly admit that i need men in my life! we can't expect gender equality to the highest degree. it just wont work.. God created us like this for a reason..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi maggie,

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, people (including myself) sometimes tend to overreact. Human nature I guest? LOL

Hi faisal,

Haha.. Work with emotion? Hurm.. You have such a great point of view. (I am trying not to add anything else. hahaha)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Mangosteenskin,

Hehe.. Firstly, I am not having a fight with you or other bloggers. I am sure the gender equity will achieve if you see the current trend. Male are becoming more feminine and female are more masculine. I am sure we will reach the equal line at some point. :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Waliz,

Yeah, I read about an article about the "new trend" in Arab's country where the young and professional women there prefer not to wear "Purdah" (the scarf that close every part of your face except eyes). The writer stated that she (yes, the writer is female and not from that region but she said she does as every women there did) thinks people are changing because they want to show that they have changed. More educated, and not really care about other's opinion especially male there. These women, as she said, will wear purdah back when the time is right. And no shocker here, when the comment box was fulled with angry comment even from female readers. They said the writer was trying to spread a propaganda that not based on facts.

I am not at the right position to judge (I am a male, and not wearing a purdah), but as you said, some culture sees it in the different way. Other in a different view. They said that purdah is the symbol of their pride and they will defend it by any rights.

God bless them :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi rizal,

Hehe.. It occur to me too sometimes :)


Hi wan wma and grandy,

Thanks for your comment. Hope to see you more later :D


Hi Fara,

Haha.I really hate (read VERY HATE) when my order came late. I don't care if the waiter is he/she, I will be mad and leave the restaurant without eating my food. I inherit it from my dad. LOL


Hi Farah Deen,

Interesting point there :)
Thanks for commenting !

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi mista shandye,

Thanks for your comment.. Hope will see you more next time :)


Hi bluedreamer,

No one is stupid man.. haha.. I am just saying that usually, boys are left behind in education :)

I totally agree wit you about the later. Even though I don't think "cripple" is a gender to begin with. hehehe..

Have a great day my friend!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi katunx,

Hehe.. siap ade league dah name kite nih.. perempuan mane ade.. haha :P


Hi Angelbaby,

Thanks in advance! (even though I haven't see it. lol) I am sure it a nice thing as usual :D

Have a nice day!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi ratu syura,

Wow, you must be one of the few who though feminists that way. No need to worry though, I am along with you. And I still need women to cater my daily need too :)

I could not be agreed less with you. Every creation has its own reason to be here right?

Anonymous said...


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