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Great Opinions, Bad Health - Ulcer & Tonsils

I was overwhelmed by the all the responds in my latest post, Change Your Lifestyle (READ THIS HOT POST HERE). I would like to elaborate a little bit more on the topic, but I am not feeling well this weekend. My tonsils are swelling like hell, a condition that been repeating for years since I was a kid. But last weekend it was getting out of hand or in doctor's term, my "tonsils are enlarged, reddened and exudate white patches of tonsillitis". And the worst of it, I don't even noticed that my tonsils were swelling. I thought my sore throat was due to my tongue and mouth ulcer, yet another symptoms I have been experienced through out the year. I could not post any of these pictures here as they are not suitable for general audience and for those who want to eat after reading this post. (Check them out through links at the end of this post - for the record, mine is not that bad as shown from those pictures and articles). Back to the post, here are some great opinions from my readers. Add them up and take part in my poll!

Some of My Readers Great Opinions:
  • "things are getting way out of limits, with the prices soaring the sky!" - Nisha
  • "i guess i have to give up so many things esp You-can-live-without-them-expenditures and shopping if i decide to drive a car in maincamp. *sigh*" - Izzah
  • "Hmm... The government told us to change our lifestyles but did they even bother to change their lavish lifestyles?" - Adawiyah Juzailah
  • "Reduce.. reduce.. reduce.." - e-tavasi
  • "we go to work by car. after sending me to office, my hubby will park the car and use motocycle. if it rains, we switch to car again. if not raining, we go home by bike. - Mangosteenskin
  • "i also turn off the engine when i need to sit in the car waiting for hubby to finish his work. but a lot of mosquito if it's already dark." - Mangosteenskin
  • "... people with lavish lifestyle tend to spend their socks off to show their status by buying all those dream things for the people who can't afford it. That's why every time we wanted to spend on something, we should think hard about it." - Fishy@ike
  • "At the end of the day, you only bought or use the things that you really need and no waste of money occurs." - Fishy@ike
  • "reducing military expenses" - Bluedreamer27
  • "Government should stop the corruption at the first place." - Faisal Admar
  • "You can't compare durian price between Malaysia and Japan :)" - Faisal Admar
  • "It is too bad when Governments don't think about what they are doing to the people in their country. When there is corruption the people loose so much and others gain at the peoples expense. It is so sad." - Angelbaby
  • "A cut of 10% should have been 30-40%, so they would feel the pinch too.
  • "now, i am going to work early so as to avoid the traffic jam. Tolak awal, tekan minyak pun slow sebab bawak macam buat video klip muzik" - Rizal
  • "i want to change my lifestyle by having/getting more money ;-)" - Rizal
P/S: Happy Father's day to all dads other there. I hope my health will return to normal as soon as possible :)


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Faisal Admar said...

Get well soon. My prayers will always be with you. Amin...

Mohd Hafizd said...

yeah, get well soon.

FiSHY@iKe said...

sorry to hear about your condition dude, (we're having the same problem, tonsilitis is a pain in the... throat? absolutely not ass ya? :P) insyaAllah, this too shall pass, get well soon ya? Don't forget to take you meds, take care!

E-Tavasi said...

So sad about your condition :D hope you will get well soon :D

izzahismail said...

get well soon. ;))

bluedreamer27 said...

philippines is also encountering that problems aside from high oil prices
we also undergo crisis about rice shortage and high rice prize,
higher electric bills and charges
higer products and goods prices\
oh my what will happend next if all the products that we are to use in out daily lives is getting into a gold price
i felt pity for the next generations
by the way blue i go a message for you in mybloglog

Anonymous said...


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Farah Deen said...

I really love the last comment- change lifestyle by having more money. how true! bet it can't happen, at least there's no increase in salary for sure.

katunX said...

i'm thinkin about Bumblebee (in Transformers) right now..

maybe he's already opt for bicycle skin..

"ubah gaya hidup"..(dalam suara Optimus Prime..

waliz said...

hi dude, sorry to hear about yr tonsilitis..i'm having a cough, sore throat and flu too...btw i'm writing ths comment from my bro's now i know who is the culprit..yeah its my very own laptop..need to send and formatted it again...thanks to nisha bcos she was the one who suggest this to me...

Nisha said...

Oh so it was the tonsil virus that attacked you.. hehe too bad.. but hey, look after yourself and eat healthy and well, it gives your body immunity;) fight back those bad virus's..

Waliz.. now am also able to visit here after the format:) thank god!

Healthcare Provider said...

Now a days most of the peoples are affected by these kinds of Ulcer and tonsils. so food control and maintenance is most important one for all.

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