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Paris - The Signs (Volume 1)

I have dragging this post (and few posts to come) for quite sometimes. I am not sure whether it was suitable for general viewing. Few of my readers may be offended by it and think I am just like to brag about my family. So, if you're easily offended by people experiences, please don't continue reading. This post may contain excessively high dose of self experiences, family wealth and personal health and easily be considered as highly inappropriate for this everything-is-high-price year reading material. You have been warned.

Paris, why it sound so special? I actually opposed the idea to go here at first time. I prefer to go London, which my family went for summer holiday last year (which is a perfect place for shopaholic a dedicated shopper like me). Plus, not one of us know a single word of French, except Bonjour and café. How do you want to enjoy your holiday if you can’t understand their people? We actually planned to go to Switzerland, but considering the influx of people when the Euro starts, we changed it to Paris.

There are many signs that against us for this trip. We have to change the flight’s ticket more than twice, three accidents and broken ankle, limped and stitches.

The chronology of those bad signs
  • My little brother has a short semester – he later decided not to follow us
  • Changed the flight date as I have to fly alone on the different flight (my dad, mom and big brother already bought their tickets before me, as I don’t know when will my exam finish) – I don’t really like the idea of arriving to a country that I don’t understand a damn word, alone
  • Changed the apartment booking
  • My big brother changed his flight date as he just knows that he has examination the day of departure – he will fly a day later than us
  • My mom broke her ankle when she missed step and fall
  • I had a small accident (my first car accident) – scratched my mom’s car
  • My brother received a notice that he supposed to be exam will be postponed two weeks after we back to Malaysia – he decided not change his flight (which we thanked later)
  • We received an email detailing our apartment which was on the sixth floor. Oh, and the apartment doesn’t has a lift - a fact that was conveniently left untold by the owner
  • There was news about public transportation’s strikes in France
  • My brother had a bad accident a day before our flight
  • My limped and stitched brother flies alone to Paris
My mom sure that those were signs that we shouldn’t go to Paris. Nevertheless, we continue our plan. We arrived at Aeroport Charles de Gaulle after 13 hours of flight. The weather was bad until the belt sign was on for most of our flight. My seat was next to a 5 or 6 years-old boy, who father is a MAS worker – most probably an engineer or pilot (handsomely build and soft spoken). The entire stewardesses were very friendly with his father. I even saw some of them flirting with him! Meanwhile, his wife was very nice with me. We had a few chat and about where have we been for holidays – she said the most interesting place she had been was to Rome, Italy. Although at first she assumed that I was a student in Paris and fly alone as my mom and dad were at the front row. My brother arrived safely a day after.

Some of the pictures (which I release step by step considering all 3000 plus pictures. lol). As always, let the page fully loaded first before click the pictures. It will be a slideshow pictures. Just click Next and Prev button at the left or right of the slideshow. Enjoy..

Other bad incidents during past holiday:
  • My grandmother, last year, at the time she was 70-years-old, broke one of her ribcage during her Hajj at Mecca with my parents. She didn't noticed it until her back to Malaysia, has a prolonged fever, chest pained and later, x-ray showed the broken bone.
  • Few years back, my grandmother also kicked by a kangaroo during a zoo walking in Queensland. Her doesn't suffer from any injuries but that incident caught by taped :)
  • My brother nearly pick pocketed on the tube in London during last year summer vacation. That fella already open his bag. Thank God he noticed.
  • One of my mother trolley bags (oh my, I wonder sometimes why she always carry lots of bags during holiday) slide out from one of Turkey's train last couple years. Luckily, she managed to bring it inside the train just in the time for its departure.
How about your holiday? Has any mishap but interesting incident happen? Share with us! Oh, and do let me know if you want to the next post, Paris - The First Impression? Enjoy the pictures (it is a slideshow, just click next and previous button when it's loaded. If you can't refresh your page. You could always tell me if you still can't see the pictures. But please let the page fully loaded first :)


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Adawiyah Juzailah said...

Yeah... Maybe it was a sign you all shouldn't go to Paris. As for the kangaroo that kicked your grandmother, giler kentang!

Your cousin's in my college? Cool! What's your cousin's name? What course is your cousin taking?

I'm taking a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Haha... Very funny... Looking from the left of the photo, eh? LOL.

Hafizd said...

huhu..what a not-so-nice experience..giler kentang hihi
btw, u already arrived safely home~

WoW said...

I wish I could travel again to Europe some time in the future. My previous trip to Europe was about 10yrs ago. Luckily all accidents happened to you and your family were considered minor though you may not agree. Anyway, I believe you and your family had a wonderful trip notwithstanding all those hiccups in life :)

rizal said...

Wahh.. it must have been such a good experience to be there in Paris.. in spite of all those hiccups.

Nampak best semua gambar-gambar tuu..


E-Tavasi said...

Eeeee the chrology of those bad signs
huhuhu..... so many bad sign

(^_^) nice you a save... The Eiffel Tower is cool.. you should take some
video when you at there :)

wahhh... good trip

axim said...


izzahismail said...

those were really bad signs. but i guess the paris trip was awesome despite all the signs.

will be going back to college :(
holz nearly over.

bluecrystaldude said...

Well, I guess I will publish other posts about Paris. hehe..

Akmal said...

Man! You guys sure had heckuva time before your vacation.
Yup, keep 'em coming :)

coolingstar9 said...

It is nothing wrong to talk about your family. I welcome as long as you feel comfortable, have a wonderful life.
Bluecrystaldude, I coolingstar9 has a award for you-the biggest heart award form my blog-big heart. This is new gift for you.

mangosteenskin said...

hm, i think u did a good job elaborating all the signs and important incidents. the way you write, it came up a good story!

i would like to see the video of ur grandma kicked by the kangaroo. Why on earth did the kangaroo want to kick your grandma? i wonder....hehe.

Shemah said...

Woww.. how fun to be able to vacation in Europe. I can't wait to go there myself.. one day! hehehehe..

Anyways, if people aren't happy with the way you write, it's okay.. Just as long as they don't send you hate mail for it.

As for the accidents and mishaps, just glad that everything is okay.. I hope your grandma is okay now..

p/s: I have learned only one thing in french besides, Bonjour, Au Revoir and Merci Beaucoup.. it's "Je ne comprend pas" - which I'm told, means, I DON'T UNDERSTAND! lol!!

bluedreamer27 said...

oh my what i hate the lats time we went to europe is we failed to visit the tower in paris oh my how i wish i can turn back those days and wishing to visit that wonderful place
btw bluedude thanks for your answers
no it wasnt boring
honestly you answered it candidly great and with sense
thanks my friend

Emila Yusof said...

Wow! Nice pictures, BCDude! I especially love the flat where there were flowers all over the balcony!

Hey, this is your blog, you can brag about anything at all! I enjoyed reading your posts!


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi adawiyah,

My cazen is taking business (if I am not mistaken) in KLIUC. He name Shahir b. Harris (also, if I am not mistaken). lol. Sorry lah. My cousins and I are not very closed. Most of them (including the one that I mention) are spoiled by their family's richness and you know how this kids acts. hehe. Mostly, when we met, we usually minding our own business

I don't even sure if he knows my name. ish2..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi hafizd,

Yeah, I did arrive home safely :)


Hi wow,

hehe.. Yeah, it all was a minor hiccups only. I read about one of my blog friend's post (her name is Farah Deen) about her father's incident in Manila, I am pretty certain that any of those things could had happen worst than this :)


Hi Rizal,

Thanks. Hehe. Your comment was not really cheer up as always. Must be your busy schedule :) Good luck in your works!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Etavasi,

We are not really fond with videos. LOL. I guest because we never had an acting skills. hehe


Hi axim,

Yes! hehe


Hi izzahismail,

Yeah, my holiday too almost finish. Just savoring the last piece of it :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi akmal,

Yeah, thanks man! I will post it later :)


Hi coolingstar,

I am not really embarrassed with my life. I always believe in the word of LIFE itself. We all should live it in our different ways right? hehe.

Anyway, Thanks in advance for the award! I will add it to my award gallery too :)


Hi Mangosteenskin,

Hehe. My grandmother was just sitting under the tree near the kangaroo when it happens. LOL. We all really thankful the zoo keeper was near us at that time :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi shemah,

Hahaha.. That's a good one! Je ne comprend pas. I really need to say that often. LOL


Hi Bluedreamer,

I am very sorry to hear it Blue. I hope you will go there again when you're older :)

We actually tried to go to Eiffel Tower twice. But the second time it was a heavy raining. We waited for quite sometimes but the raining doesn't seems to stop. Lastly, we all have to run to the nearest metro station. Thank God we have went there the day before..

Oh, I am glad that you like my answers. Can't wait to see it later :D


Hi Emila,

LOL. Okay, Start from now, I will try to brag even more. :P

Love you like the pictures. I also love the beginning of the summer. You could see all the plants and flowers start to grow back :)

Faisal Admar said...

Lucky you have opportunity to go oversea every year :) Paris is one of my favorite place to go. Someday... :)

shahril aley said...

Je m'apelle shahrilaley
quite fun to learn french
i did in my degree at UiTM but now already forgot all words
belajar saja tapi tak de duit nak bermimpi gi paris. hehehe....

Ron Russell said...

I enjoyed seeing Paris--first time several years ago, but traditionalist me--I like the Ateza ruins in Mexico better, just like old, old things--not in women though. 8-)

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