Love you guys!


Friends are there until the end. They are always being themselves, never to pretend. They are not afraid to be seen with you or ever they betray you. Friends can never tell secrets they promise to keep and they make you feel good about yourself in times of weep. They come and cheer for you at your games, even though you lose, in a friend, there is no shame. Friends are there to listen when you're depressed, because they are the people who know you best. Friends are like presents you open again and again or a puzzle game that never get boring even though you already know all tricks. Friends will always be with you in time of joy and sorrow, through thick and thin.

We need friends for many reasons,all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need friends to give us good advice.
We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.
We need friends to remember us
one we have passed sharing memories that will always last.

Two of my friends tagging me with this beautiful poem. It was from Bonoriau and Jean Chia. (Although it is a tag, I will treat it like a gift or as an award, as it seems precius to be treat like any other tag) I am still a new friends with both of them, so I am quite suprised to actually to received it. Thus, I am giving this poem to all my friends that helping me all this time and thank you for being such a wonderful friend for me.

Friendship could be found everywhere. Your co-workers, your neighbors, your high school friends, drink buddies and the list getting longer. You could also bond a friendship through blogsphere, where the bloggers around the world share their ideas and personal life. So, my question is, have you ever meet your blogshere’s friends? What did you talk about? How your reaction towards the blogger? Of course, this is only relevant for those whom are not your friends in real life. That being said, do you mind share with us?

If you have to ask me what my stand of point in this matter is, I would say that first of all, I haven’t yet have the opportunity to meet any of my blogger friends. Secondly, I still haven’t decided whether or not it is a great idea to meet someone who may or may not know your life better than any of your real friends are – since you have blogged about most of your life here. Plus, I rather not am thinking on how they would react when they finally meet me. Surprise? (OMFG!) Excited? (OMG! OMG! - If it helps, I could jump and hug you while you are saying it). Anti climax? (Oh…)Happy (Yay?).

But the worst of all, I just afraid that I may not be the person that you pictured based on my writings. Fulfilling others expectation is always being my weakness. Sigh. Perhaps I should not think much about it. And when the time comes and I have the opportunity to meet one of my blogger friends, I will just being myself and speak my ideas rather than writing it on this piece of ‘shit’.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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rizal said...


Ba da bing da BOMB!

First! hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

hahaha.. cepat giler!!!

rizal said...

Sekarang baru komen betul2. huhu

I agree with much said. The test of true and sincere friends is when things turn all dark and murky. Having passed that, i believe the bonds will be greater with deeper meanings.

Earlier this year, we had some rough scenes among ourselves (after years of friendship), but I am glad now, things are now on brighter sides. It does take great efforts to mend back all those relationship ; on both sides I say.

But hey, we are now moving on to another plateau , respecting and understanding better among us.

Having said that -
" Kawan gembira bersuka ria, memang bersepah boleh dicari, Kawan suka duka, memang payah nak cari, dan bila timbul masalah dengan kawan - memang perlu pengorbanan dan buang ego. "

Blogger friends? - i ve met three of them, though not thru some big and fancy gatherings ya.

Kak Emila (Both of us were our first time too).
Kak Ida of richyreens.

All of them have been wonderful and great. I never thought that i would meet them. All happened without plan. hehe

I think i like to meet my blogger friends in smaller scale, then you can know them better and have some personal stuffs shared together. A bit of personal touch that is.

Hey blue, just be yourself, though at first it may feel ackward (lepas cam tegur sapa dalam hati kata "alamak!! apa lagi yang nak chiter" hehe).

yea - ini betul "Perhaps I should not think much about it."

Happy blogging and have a great day..


rizal said...

Alamak tertingal lepas komen panjang-panjang..

Thanks for the poem..

Sebenarnya, HSFT pun dah kena tag, ehh eh "gift" yang sama juga.

Oh! jangan lupa datang ambil award serigala di restnrileks.

Pak Bono is a wonderful blogger. Masa awal kami buat blog, dia rajin bagi sokongan kat restnrileks.

p/s : Oh Faisal Admar, so near yet so far.. i am catching up here.. hehe. :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Rizal, haha.. Yeah, I think about that too.. What should I say after the meeting?

The close I meet with my blogger friends was by YM. Neomesuff from Mundane (She is a mother of 2 but still ROCK!) YMing me (and it was the first time ever for my blogger friend added my YM). At the beginning, I kinda of don't know what to talk about, but after few personal touch, we are YMing till the early morning! Haha.. I should say that I am quite glad (very glad indeed) that it went well, and we have a good time. Well, at least I had :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Thanks for the Wolf Award Rizal! I will post about it later. hehe

I just noticed about you tagging me too. If I know better, I will added your link up along with Bonoriau and Jean Chia. Huhu

I think Faisal is being busy lately. I saw him less and less here. and his post in his blog also not as regularly as usual. I wish him the best in whatever his is currently doing~

Faisal Admar said...

oh man. now you update your blog pretty fast =p more spare time eh?

btw, thanks for the poem. i only met 2 blogger friends. suituapui and ted. huhu.

ok the first meeting was with suituapui. he is a retired teacher from sibu. he is crazy about foods and you could tell by looking at him hehe (no hard feeling suituapui if you read this!). he is a good cook and i believe a good teacher too as he travel a lot for giving out speeches and free teaching too. how kind eh? yes. we met at mamak restaurant in town. yes, penang of course and for some reasons i met him at 10pm with another fellow blogger aka my real life friend joseph. the conversation last till 12 as i had to go back and working the next day. we talked about foods, blogs, politics, places and also cultures. it was a great time to exchange opinions and we had a good laugh!

the 2nd meeting was with ted baker. a practical teacher who teaches at penang free school. teaching english ok? lol. lucky me he didn't use classical english in the conversation. i met him at old town cafe bayan baru branch. met him around 8.30pm and we stopped at 1am. lol. don't ask me why it took so long. we had too many things to talk about and some craps too. he is an intelligent guy to talk about lots of topics such as politic, life, biz or even fashion. now he has finished his practical and went back to kelantan. i hope to meet him again in the future.

that's all with my experience meeting with bloggers. trust me bcd, you'd like it. give yourself a chance and enjoy life. life is too short to be ordinary, remember? =)

coolingstar9 said...

It is very important to have friends in our life.
Friends can give us encouragement when we are down. likewise, we can give motivation to those who are in need of help.
After sometimes, friendship will be strengthened based on sincerity.
Let's create a friendly blog scene even our distance is far apart but we are still in this lovely planet. We are so far yet so near.
I wish you have a lot of caring friends.

bluecrystaldude said...

ARGH!!! DAMN! I LOST MY PREVIOUS COMMENT!! I really hate when that happen! Sigh*


Hi Faisal,

Well, you might not notice about it, but I have decided to close my other blog for a time being. You could read about it here.. Thus, I focus all my attention to this blog. I am hoping to post a new post as often as I could. Make sure to drop me a visit more often! :D

Wow.. you sure have a lot to talk about, since you are spending hours with both of them. Do you want to see them again in the future? Are you getting closer with them? Does the meeting change any of your perspective towards him?

I still have yet to decide whom I want to go out with. Hehe..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Coolingstar,

I agree with you Coolingstar. We are so far, but yet so near. I may have to travel down south to meet you personally, but instead, I only need a click of a button (and a fast internet connection) to read about your daily life. Isn't technology doing wonder to us? I sure think it is.

I wish that you have lots of friends too. And I am glad if I could be (if I haven't yet be) one of them :)

lilyto said...

true friends is hard to find, but easy to keep..
just appreciate them as much as they appreciate u..
easy isnt it?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi lilyto,

What a nice name you have here. Hehe..

I also think that appreciated friends worth the trouble. And I also like when my friends appreciate me too. That being said, I don't know why there are some people who don't appreciate their friends. How absurd is that? Perhaps they have too many friends already.. Sigh.. Human being is an interesting subject!

bonoriau said...

"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."

I'm really agree with this quotation. We always never never appreciate our friend and family when their close to us...ada pepatah kata dekat bau busuk tapi bila udah jauh baru rasa wanginya.

Hope our friendship will be forever.

bonoriau said...

Rizal thank you too for your GREAT support.

Anonymous said...

If u really want to know what type of ur friend.. Bagi diorang berhutang duit ngan ko.. Haa.. And.. U can see.. if he/she is a true friend or not..

Faisal Admar said...

erk whining about you typed a lot and when you posted the comment gone? lol. calm down pal.

yes i'm looking forward to meet them again. hmm, i don't judge people. so there is no assumption in the beginning though. hehe.

about the other blog, i read about it earlier when i clicked on your rss feed for that blog in maurica's blog.

worry not, i will pay a visit often =)

rizal said...

Pak bOno, thanks for your great support too.

What nikillas said - does ring a bell.. hehe.

Blue, having comment embedded below the post would do that sometimes (lost comments)..
And i ve realized that especially if your browser is opening too many pages simultaneously while clicking that comment button. I am not sure if this is a valid reason, but that what happens to me.

But, having comment form below post is fun - sort of wordpress style. hihi

zara said...

Hello there, Haziq. :)

Such a long time I haven't visit ur crib, hope all went well with ya.

Friendship is a sacred one. Cherish it. Appreciate them. And be sincere. Then, love them.

About meeting bloggers, I've met several, the first is always the best and what matters most is when each and everyone respect and appreciate each other..and treated you with sincerity. That will lasts for as long as you want it to be.

I will be meeting bloggers again, soon. Come! Let's meet! In real. Forget about those Qs..what to say, what to talk dont have much time to think what's next topic. Just go with the flow..

Let me know. Next weekend.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bonoriau,

And some said that a thing will never be missed unless it lost. So guys, cherish your friendship while it last!

To Bonoriau (could I call you Pak Bono like Rizal? It sound cool. hehe), thanks for a beautiful quote :)


Hi Nikillas,

Dude, I rather not doing that. I have a strict policy to not lending my friends any money. Close friends are negotiable.

Firstly, not that I am a stingy person. I love lending people a hand. Especially when I do have the ability to do so, and in this case money matter.

However, I also a person that doesn't like to ask for a repayment. If you borrowed my money, it is your responsibility to pay it back. I would not degrading myself for repeatedly asking about it..

I have lend my friends thousands of ringgit (crap! I hope my mum would not read this!).. Some were paid back, while others left untouched. I never see that person by the same eyes. Friendships are ruined, friends are neglecting..

Therefore, for not wanting to waste anymore of my friends for a silly reason, I decided not to lend anyone money anymore. Huh..

Have I made the right choice? I think and hope so...

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Faisal

Heh? you read it through Maurica's blog? Xpaham.. hehehe


Hi Rizal,

Yeah it is fun, but I prefer something like Kak Emila's blog.. Nice huh?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Zara,

For real?? Haha.. Where do you live? The idea of meeting you is fun (it feels like a blind date though. Hahaha), but my final exam is approaching. I have test Chemical Reaction this friday. Plus, next week I will have my Separation test and Process Control and Dynamic test. No, I am not making excuses. Haha

My final examinations will officially start on 6th November till 17th November. Anyone feels free to note in their calender. hehehe :P

Zara, I really am honored to be asked. No one ever ask me before. I mean, really really asking me. So, thank you for that. Where do you stay actually?

bluecrystaldude said...

Oh Zara, sorry for not leaving the reply in your shoutout box. My internet policy block these shoutout box. I will try to leave a shout out tomorrow. Till then, I hope you are reading this comment.

Hey! You finally can comment me! hehe

zara said...

Really? No one asked you before? Hmm.. ok..noted. :D As your exam is coming real soon, it's better if you focus on it. We can meet later. Dont worry, I understand, as my exam is coming real soon too. This Friday the 17th! And that's one of the reason for my long silence. :)

Oh..good luck to both of us.

Where am I? Err...not within your reach, for sure. *wink*

But then again...hmm.. 18th is nice date huh? It sounds kewl if Neomesuff, Love-n-hate, Faisal Admar, and You, and me, can get's that? *wink wink*

bluecrystaldude said...

Hey2.. What have you got in mind? hahaa.. I am dying to know..

My expectation, yeah yeah, I know. I should have any, but I can't help it. Million sorry for that. huhu:

Neomesuff - a cool rocker mum
Love-n-hate - Intelligent
Faisal Admar - Talkative (Hahah!)
You - Cool~ (hehehe)

zara said...

I still have problem with ur blog. That popup still pops! Haiyoooo... I don't know what else to do. Only your blog I encountered such. Weird. And that is one of the reason why I didn't leave comment in here, because before I even finish reading your post, that grey rectangle box pops out and gives me grrrrrr. Yeah. Even till now. Betul2 menguji...

zara said...

hahhaa..what i have in mind..lemme see... errr.... ada laaa.. hahaha.. naaaa... a lil get together if possible while am around and within reach. *wink* But not sure if they can drop by.. if not.. perhaps I'll wait for my next trip...probably next year..if there is.

ym-id in my profile.

bluecrystaldude said...

So, you are currently in oversea (or over the sea? e.g Sabah or Sarawak?) Hey, I can reach oversea too you know. Hehehe..

Good luck with your exam.. All the best.. I am still waiting for you to update your dear blog. hehe

rizal said...

Betul - betul,

Macam Kak emila memang menyeronakkan.. hehe

Tapi, tu la..kena tukar ke wordpress. Wordpress does have some benefits..

I am thinking of changing to, but still using blogger platform..

aiyahhh tukar wordpress, meaning i ve got to work from zero again since i ve worked my meta to be in top google and yahoo search la kan. Not using restnrileks but key words like "rattan crafts, kraf rotan.. anyaman rotan.. and such few keywords.."

but currently i am losing my ranking, not even close on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd page on google search, for keyword - rattan crafts , rattan craft. I think mine is lost among those millions sites out there..

Thank goodness - restnrileks is still on the 1st and 2nd page on yahoo search.

It does feel good for restnrileks to be on the 1st yahoo search page competing with like 2 million web sites. keke.

I guess, i need to find other key words to be included too..

Anyway, what was initially started about just rattan crafts only, has finally made me friends with cool, awesome and great bloggers like you and such (still on the issue of friendship la kan.. so tak deviate.. hehe)

orait then, happy sunday <--------- see it get it right this time.. sunday.. hehe

Hafizd said...

thanks for the poem... well, not much to say, we need friends around us everyday to ensure tat we're not totally 'mati kutu' if going somewhere...

Ratu Syura said...

hey! i just posted up a post about my friends too and what better time to receive this from u! thank you so much!! it's been a pleasure having u as my blogger friend! :D nanti i'll just add this poem to my current post!

Farah Deen said...

Friends are gems, we can see ourselves in their eyes as they are our mirrors.

Thanks for the tag, I will get it done ASAP.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

First of all,

I would like to wish you a very happy birthday for you 3_ years-old (fill up the blank your self.hehe. I check your blogger profile, and it said 34 years old. I am not sure whether it is the right one or not).

Nevertheless, age is never a factor right? Hehe. I wish you a joyful, prosperous and bless year ahead. Oh, and you will meet someone special in your life - and get married. hahaha :P


I try googled those key words, and for "kraf rotan", your site is the top 1 and 2. Congrats2.. I think you already did great :)


I think wordpress is great, but I still don't have the guts to change Hot Shit Form Here permanently to its platform. Huhu.. At least not in the near future


Happy Sunday to you too. Enjoy your remaining day of rest and relax :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Hafidz,

How's your job? I hope you are doing well..

Thanks for spending sometimes to comment me here :)


Hi Ratu Syura,

Wow.. I am glad you love it. I will check your post later this day :D


Hi Farah,

That is really nice for you to say. I hope I will be your real gem someday :)

bluedreamer27 said...

hello dude hope you count me as one of your true friend
have a great day dude

Monica said...

Nice poem!!! ;-)

rizal said...

Terima Kasih Blue.

Mekasih3x!! Untuk Ucapan itu.. Haha.. i ve got to reply back comments to few blogs yang buat wishes.. hehe.. a bit kelam kabut.. Whoaho!!..

Thanks for the well wishes ya.

Point ke Dua itu,

Hehe, i am targetting few malay and english key words as well. Google Analytic is great since you can see how many people are doing the search based on those key-words.


Point ke 3 itu,
I agree. I thinking exactly the same.

Point ke 4 itu.
Happy Sunday too you too. Happy restnrileks.

izzahismail said...

thanks for the poem ;)
hey2,i always wonder how it will turn to be if i meet my blog-mates.haha.

u have a good monday ;)
friends are essential.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

Thanks man! Have a great day yourself :)


Hi Monica,

I am glad you like it. And many thanks for your first comment..

I hope to see more of you in the future! :)


Hi Rizal,

Well, if I were you, I will treat wishes of Happy Birthday as how famous I am. Hahaha.. Yeah, silly and childish, but I still do it every year. LOL. That is one of the way to know whether my popularity is deteriorating or not. Hehehe :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Izzahismail,

Yeah.. Must be weird huh? Hehe.. However, in God's will, I am sure I will meet my fellow blogger in the future. You can't never say no without trying it right?

Have a lovely Monday to you too.. I just hope that I will not having my Monday Blues... *Sigh* and *yawn*

Sweetiepie said...

I won't be back blogging without your support and Thank you for stopping by to drop your sincere comments.Although we are just a blogger friend,I am grateful to have a true friend like you.Nice poem!Thanks again!

Faisal Admar said...

ala. i saw your rss feed in her blog. remember she created you a cute baby rss feed? from there i knew about your other blog and simply clicked on it. then i read about the closing. got it? =)

hmm, there will be a penang blogger gath in mid nov. axim texted me earlier on. wanna join? ;)

Mariuca said...

Haaziq! I have a special award and Friendship poem for u at Mariuca's, come pick it up later! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Poem tu sama la like this one, but the award is new he he! :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Sweetiepie,

Hehe.. Thanks Sweetiepie.. I remember watching one of your old picture with a background of Langkawi Underwater World. One of the many reason why I made a must to visit there :)


Hi Axim,

Really? Huhu.. I am not so sure whether I fit to Axim's circle or friend (or Axim himself to be franked). I have an unconfirmed Sime Darby's annual camping, during my semester break. I will let you know whether it clash or not with your plan :)

BTW, usually when I am not in my University, I rather go back to Johore or KL. That is the only time I could back home. Sigh.. However, if the Sime Darby's camping is cancel out, I will be in Penang as a Research Assistant to my lecturer. Hehe.. Then, perhaps I could attend the gathering

Thank you so much for offering though. I will let you know if there is any changes of plan


Hi Mariuca,

Thank you! I will check it after this. I love awards you know. hehehe :P

Anonymous said...

Commenting over your blog is similar to YM as well... I can see both you and Zara bonded in a conversation... :) hahah!

Friends are something precious in our entire life... they are like angels who will help you and guide you all the way through... Without them, you might feel lost and lonely....

**Thanks for being my friend, Haaziq!

Rozella said...

Very nice poem. :)

twinks said...


Very nice poem btw,
As per blogging, I haven't met any blogger in person, however, I reckon its a nice idea.

As per the friendship matter, For me friends are one of the many treasures in life. Friendship is accepting one's strength and embracing one's weaknesses.

Have a nice day.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi love-n-hate,

Haven't seen you here quite a while. hehe.. Yeah, I am having so much fun replying her comments! (since my college's internet block all shout out box after 12pm)

I am glad to have a friend like you too :)


Hi Rozella,

I am glad you like it :)


Hi Twinks,

Thank you so much for your first comment here. I will add you up in my blog's link. Yeah, it seems a good idea to see the real person behind those writing right?

ArMs said...

Thanks for this post man... I really appreciate it. I'll do the tag soon;)

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