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This section is about the blogger life. The ups and downs and everything in between. Bluecrystaldude experiences were diverged and fill with obstacles. Nevertheless, he still living fully his life

In this section, Bluecrystaldude rambling about all matter that happen in his enclosed surrounding with a twist of his personalities. The subject of matter might be simple as your everyday life, but the color on top of it just the beginning of something much interesting inside

Here you can find all the tags that Hot Shit Form Here received. However, if you're one of the lucky bloggers that had been tagged by Bluecrystaldude, don't stress yourself out if you failed or forget to do it. He is the most humane human being ever alive

You could see Bluecrystaldude write about friends, friendship and everything that related to it. The beauty of friendship is always cherish the friendship itself

Occasionally, Hot Shit Form Here will received awards and token of appreciation from other blogs. His awards gallery already accumulating more than 30 awards which could be seen at the blog main page. Oh, and he sometimes invented awards to his loyal readers too!

Movie Review
Bluecrystaldude enjoy watching movies. He doesn't really review the movie the same way other reviewed it, he might change it into a subject to be discussed

Hot News This Week
Is a new section that contain news that caught my attention every week

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