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Batik Production

Hi guys! I am in a full swing this weekend. I am still waiting for your reactions on my last post, Life’s Greatest Lesson. Someone was complaining to me the post was ‘quite heavy to take’. So, I am trying to lose it a little bit by posting pictures from my Kelantan trip. I went there with my family and my brother’s fiancé during one of the weekend in between my industrial training.

Kelantan is a state in the north-east of Malaysia. It is an Islamic state, which makes it quite different from the rest of the states. They don’t have night clubs or cinemas there, and even the performers will be wearing scarf or tudung when performing there. Even though 95% of the population are Malay, I am easily impressed when I saw a Chinese talking in Kelantanese dialect.

Sorry for the blurry images. The weather is too hot for me to go outside of the car to snap the pictures. Plus, I was in a moving car at that time. LOL

I suddenly feel like being in Indonesia where all the citizens neglecting their races talks in a unify language; Bahasa Indonesia. Apart from that, Kelantan is famous with its songket and batik, and I have the opportunity to see the making of batik!

You have to be skillful enough to hand painting the design of batik

Since every batik was handpainted, the design is unique only to one batik

It was then brushed to give textures on the batik

Final touch was done

Some dyes that were used

Then, it was washed and left to dry

And ta da! They are ready to be sold!

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bluecrystaldude said...

Sorry guys, I have to disable Intense Debate and reinstall JS-kit. Due to some errors that had occurred in Intense Debate and the slow response from the forum.

Nevertheless, I still have all comments when I used the Intense Debate. I will paste them all here.

The winner for First Commenter for this post is Darklight. Thank you for your understanding


Dark_Light said...

Cuti-cuti malaysia, eh?

rizal said...

ahaaa.. tukar ker intense debate pulak? aku ingat hangnak pakai disqus.. Intense debate pun intense debate laaa.. janji buleh komen. Ni agak terkejut ni post HSFS dok chiter fasal batik. MAcam tak caya jerr. Haha

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Dark_Light said...

eh.. aku punya comment count as first commentor ke second? ahahah~~

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shandye said...

tak try mencanting batik ke haaziq? my auntie dulu penah ada share buat batik printing dgn her late husband. i sendiri pernah do a few. tapi just guna block printing la. yg freehand tu tak pernah. tak reti weh. haha... tapi stakat nk kena scrub off the wax before rebus that kain mmg selalu buat la. hehe...

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harlina said...

bestnye. cantik2 lak 2. aku pn skrg ni suke ape saje baju2 berunsurkan batik. hehehee.

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bluecrystaldude said...

first2.. aku tak sempat nak link lagi. tgh try2 intense debate ni.. ada prob sket. tak leh tunjuk comments count.. adeh

Recent blog post: Batik Production

bluecrystaldude said...

haha.. tak de ar. jalan2 beli barang untuk abang aku kahwin jek. hehe

Recent blog post: Batik Production

bluecrystaldude said...

Disqus okay k? I heard bout it, but never try one. Okay k?

Recent blog post: Batik Production

bluecrystaldude said...

Haha.. Batik pun batik lah. I have lots of things to share with you guys during my industrial training, but I don't have the time nor energy to do anything else. Haha.. penat lah kerja~

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bluecrystaldude said...

Yup, this is called 'mencanting batik'. I forgot the word when I am writing this post. Hehe.. Block printing pernah.. when I was in high school. :):)

Recent blog post: Batik Production

bluecrystaldude said...

Hehe.. Aku tak beli batik, parents aku beli lah. aku beli songket untuk buat sampin baju melayu tu je :)

Recent blog post: Batik Production

juLia d Bubbles said...

mase secondary school penah lukis batik. use the lilin cair for the outline,freehand lagi. then colour2. haha. suke2. still simpan that kain kat rumah.

Monica said...

Hey Haaziq! I've been to kelantan twice and I looked like an alien there! :-[ :-[ :-P

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Monica said...

very nice batik painting..I love!! 8-) 8-)

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nikillas said...

hah.!! kelantan..!! even walaupun aku orang kelantan, aku tak pernah pun pergi kedai batik itu.. hahahaa..

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Brian Kinney said...

That is not Contemporary Batik right?

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Rizal said...

Ahak, kerja memang penat.

Belajar syiok sebenarnya!!

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Rizal said...

ehh baru sedar yang ni silap baca. hoho. hang tukar dari intense debate ke js-kit.. dok bayangkan dari js-kit ker intense debate. lol!!

Recent blog post: Worst Comment Ever on RestnRileks

Rizal said...

disqus okay jer. Registered one. So, right now, i have a js-kit and disquss account.

But frankly, i love js-kit more since you can reward readers with Comment Luv.

I havent seen comluv on intense and disquss. :) May be i miss em.

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Monica said...

dropping ec here! Happy Thursday Haaziq! :)

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bluedreamer said...

hello blue dude just dropping an Ec here
have a great day

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Unknown said...


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