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Life's Greatest Lesson (Part I)

Life's Greatest Lesson
I lay on my bed for a whole hour before decided to start typing a little story that has been running in and out of my mind lately. The weather outside is breezy with the sign of heavy rain is coming. After spending all morning attending Interaction Day with my juniors (will tell more on that later), I just spent the last two hours rejuvenating myself. Accompanied by a hot caffeinated drink, with my roommate is sound asleep, I have the perfect space and tagline (Hot Shit Form Here new tagline; Life and More) to share with you the life’s greatest lesson.

What is the life’s greatest lesson? I once asked the same question to one of my high school favorite teachers on this subject. I still remember what his answer was; “learn how to live, love and die”.

I have a bubbling question to ask him that night, but my dad already arrived to take me home from the tuition center. Yes, I took additional classes on night with the same teacher who teaches me in the school. There seems to be no point of going there, since he teaches almost the same thing in school, but I need to spend all the time that I can get with him. And he’s one of the unique people I ever met until this day. He moves quite fast for a person with a limp leg and has the ability to detect the slightest change in people’s voice. He gets personal with his students and taught all that he knows.

The subject was chemistry and he was one of the reasons why I am taking a chemical engineering degree. But he also taught me about life; the greatest subject of all.


He once said that what is important in life is to know your own self well. What do you want in life? How you want to live it? By knowing that, you have the ability to see all that matter in your life. You could do life changing decisions and live with it. You could be more true to yourself. And the most important is that is when only you could set priorities in life. The truth is, at a tender age of 17, I barely understand half the words his said. As years past, after skipping through all the awkwardness of teenage life, I am beginning to have a much clearer picture by what he meant.

The more you learn about yourself, the more you know what the best is for you. For some it’s about accomplishments, while for others, it’s about getting lots of money, building a family, contribute to society, being the most popular guy he can be, and the list will goes on and on. No one has the right to determine how you gonna live your life, but you have to consider others in your life. No man can live on the island alone.


With a slight human touch, the life that you have been living in will takes a different turn. Love is all that matters, someone once said. You cannot run from love, others uttered. While the best of life could be discovered in the circle of love, from time to time you will stumble upon a hatred wall that gives you a second though about loving others. And then will comes the cheating, jealousy, anger, insensitivity towards other and not to mention hatred itself.

The simplest way to handle this conflict is to look into own self and ask this question, what is that you looking for in life? Check your priority list, comply with your moral compass and peek into your spiritual guidance and hopefully you will arrive to the answer. Seek your closest one for helps if you failed.

In the second part of this post, I will narrate to you about death - the final part of Life’s Greatest Lesson. Sorry for the long post. I have been looking for the right comeback post. And I hope this will do it. Stay tune for more!

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Mariuca said...

:* :* :*

Mariuca said...

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Yay, ok can read post now! :* :*

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Rizal said...

arghh tidak marzie.. tak sempat nak mengechop!!

Mariuca said...

Love is all that matters but sometimes just love is not enough. Great comeback post from u Blue! :) :* :* :* :*

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Mariuca said...

ENjoy ur weekend, it's a long one for me cause my B is on leave Monday yay! 8-) 8-)

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Mariuca said...

Hehehhehehhehe terlambat sikit Rizal!

Rizal said...

Agree with marzie. This is one great come back post.

I do hope you find what ever it is in you are looking in your life. Challenges will be met in finding your own life principles. But, such challenges will only make you stronger.

Listen to others, take those good advices and make em part of your life principles.

One thing, i am certain you will find what you are looking for.

Happy weekend and looking forward to read the 2nd part.

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bluecrystaldude said...

Hehe.. Sorry Rizal. I will link your FC for my last post today. Tak sempat pulak first week baru start klas ni :)

bluecrystaldude said...

COngrats Marzie! Which site do you want me to link here? :D

Recent blog post: Life's Greatest Lesson (Part I)

bluecrystaldude said...

:* :* :* I can't wait to start my classes next week :) I am looking forward to the next weekend. I planned to watch Harry Potter with my friends!

Recent blog post: Life's Greatest Lesson (Part I)

bluecrystaldude said...

BTW, you have reached 400 comments here! Congrats! The big 4!

Recent blog post: Life's Greatest Lesson (Part I)

Mariuca said...

Hey HaaziQ, how about MPG here today? Thanks so much and yay me!

Rizal said...

no problem Blue. It is just good that you ll be back now again.

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Rizal said...

amboi marzie, promote2 guna CL nampak. hehe.. nak jugak promote ni.. lol

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Rizal said...

Speaking of HArry Potter, i am looking forward la wei.. Jom jom carik wand..

Wingordium Leviosa.. lol!!

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bluedreamer said...

hmmm so interesting to hear this from you blue
lets just say that everything happens with a reason... so no matter what bothering your mind... just go ahed and loiok forward to a better side...
happy blogging bluedude


Brian Kinney said...

Why sorry for the long post? I don't think blogger only prefer short post furthermore your post usually packed with good points to be thought and considered.

Life is like a stool as I always said which has 4 legs and that 4 legs stand for health, love, wealth and faith. Can you imagine how a stool can stand without one of its legs? No.

I feel happy when love is around me. Feel comfortable and I feel energetic. Very energetic and I can stay focus in anything I do. In fact it gives me courage to become more successful and strive for the best in everything.

I'd totally agree with your teacher about life.

Can't wait to read the final part which usually never my favorite :)

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bem69 said...

Welcome back, been lurking here for ages heheh.

I agree with your teacher's perspective in life and love especially how when we emotionally negative at times, it all begins with us. I read somewhere, I think its Stephen Covey's principle, that how you respond to events has a big impact on how life treats you.

Great comeback post. Keep it up :)

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abdul syukur said...


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