Love you guys!

Video Premiers !

I watched the latest Avril's video clip for her new single title Hot. It was awesome! she really looks beautiful in dazzling as ever! DO watch it. (and the song ain't no bad either!)

and daa daa.. Britney's new video also being premier too. with her skimpy cloths trademark, she is really crawling out there to reach to her fans. i am not against her though. after all her "almost lost" (the trial is still on it course) custody battle with x-husband, K-Fed, and her disastrous MTV performance, she deserved a glimpse of the fans. Gimme Me More, Gimme Me More! Here she comes :

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Ron Russell said...

I live just up the road from Britney's home---the girl is a real flake and fake. Her family is just the same. I once met her mother--kooky,kinky and krazy. 8-)

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