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Why You Should Have Your Own Online Twitter Newspaper

Bluecrystaldude online newspaper

Have you ever felt like you’re too busy to read your entire Twitter followers link? Just create your own online Twitter newspaper! I just made mine at The best thing is you don’t have to do anything; just choose which of the three methods of feed sources that you want:

1. Twitter User
2. Twitter Tag
3. Twitter List

… and voila! You have created a very professional looking newspaper online.

Why you should have it:

1. If you're busy like me and you don’t have time to view all your twitter followers links – it’s much easier when all the links are compiled into one site for easy navigation
2. If you are having more than 2000 followers like me and using Tweetdeck, the speed of your timeline is 100 km/hr. You vision will get blurry and you will be having headache
3. Another way to attract visitors to your blog/site
4. The top contributors for your online newspaper will get a special tweet shoutout!

Bluecrystaldude online newspaper
A tweet special shoutout!

Rooms for Improvement:

1. Have a variety of themes instead of one default theme
2. Owner can actually personalize the layout (which topic you want to put on top and which topic you want to put on the bottom)

You can read more detailed explanation on how to create here. Anyway, I am compiling my friends’ below. Please feel free to check them out!

1. Lord Zara Syed
2. Benz Azuri Malik
3. Andyhowtt
4. LadyJava

Oh yes, this is another way to spam your Twitter followers! :P

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