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Are you a Private Person?

Private Person
Yes, I am this complicated.

People have been bombarding me with questions on my personal privacy level;

Are you not afraid people will stalk you? (via foursquare)

Do you love your friends to know about your feeling and your problem? (on Facebook and Twitter)

Not you afraid if someone that someone will judge you from all your social networking update?

Dear all, even though I prefer to live my life publicly, I still feel like there are lots more that I keep private. Perhaps our definition of “private” is different, but at the end of the day you are going to be responsible on what you shared. Be wise and think before you write.

Question of The Day #6: 

Question of The Day
Question For The Day is BACK!
How private are you?

P/S: I am having a personal turmoil lately. Please someone slap me on my face!

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