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Durian - The King of Fruits

Durian The King of Fruits

The king of fruits, durian is thorny, smelly and bright in color. It’s very popular in the Southeast Asia and in Malaysia, it’s no different; passerby will even stop their cars immediately if they see durian stall along the road. The thorny fruit seems hard to resist. Me? I enjoy eating it, but not really a big fan of it. Your body will feel hot after eating few of it.

Some Interesting Notes on Durian:

  • Emit a distinctive odor (some considered it offensive)
  • Durian is banned from certain hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia
  • To reduce the smell of durian in your car or house, people usually put a few slices of pandanus (pandan) leaves in their car
  • Usually after eating durian, it’s good to drink plain water in the empty durian cases to reduce your body heat
  • If you want to know whether the durian is ripe enough to eat, we easily smell at the bottom of the stem. If it emits a strong smell, than it is good enough to be consumed
  • There is a typhoon called Typhoon Durian
  • Singapore Esplanade is nicknamed ‘The Durian’

The King of Fruits Durian

Durian Dishes:

There are few Malaysian dishes can be made from durian fruit such as:

  • Sweet edibles candy such as dodol
  • Flavored durian food such as ice cream, milkshakes and even moon cakes
  • Pulut durian – glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk
  • Fermented durian can also be eaten as a side dish and is called tempoyak

Oh and check this beautiful pictures of durian in Faisal Admar site!

The King of Fruits Durian
You have to use your body weight to put enough pressure to open it

There you go. Have you tested durian before? Do you enjoy it?

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