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Facebook Places and Foursquare


I have been using Foursquare since few months back and I love the application. Foursquare basically is a basically a location based application where you can “check in” places where you go just from a click on your mobile phone. You can also connect your Foursquare account to your Twitter account and Facebook account for adding up maximum annoying updates to your friends.


In amidst of complaining from users where the Foursquare easily crashed, people cheating on places they don’t go, but still checking in and privacy issues, Foursquare is still ahead other competitors such as Gowalla and Yelp.

Facebook Places

Facebook Places on iPhoneNot Available in Your Region

Then, came along the Facebook Places; it’s available on iPhone on Wednesday. Excited as always, I updated my Facebook application through my Application Store on iPhone and tested it out. The new Places icon is situated by defult in the middle of your page.

I clicked the Places, but unfortunately it is still only available in U.S. at the time being. Anyway, from the internet, I found you that you can tap on your location from the list, checking in, tagging your friends who are with you and add a status update. It sounded way much easier than depending on the third party (such as Foursquare) to update your Facebook account for you.

My Verdict

I am pretty sure people who are Facebook and Foursquare addict like me are gonna love the Facebook Places. However, since it is still not available in Malaysia, I guess we have to wait for it a little bit longer. Are you joining the Foursquare? Planning to use the Facebook Places? Or do you prefer to not let others stalk you by knowing where you are? Do drop me a comment! Have a nice day!

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