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i have watched GOOD LUCK CHUCK. of course not 'legally'. Does it shown in Malaysia anyway?? i cannot believe it when i read about this movie's review on internet! They gave dreadful comments! the most decent i can get is this:
The director is first-timer Mark Helfrich, a film editor who has graduated to the next level. As is often the case in hit-and-miss comedies, the timing is off on too many of the jokes, which is why they aren't funny. This is almost always the director's fault. Plus, he has Cam [Jessica Alba] walk into a few too many objects. That sort of thing might work once or twice but overuse makes it tiresome. Good Luck Chuck doesn't shy away from nudity, except where Alba is concerned. There's plenty of naked flesh in an early montage during which Charlie starts exploring the benefits of being cursed. If Apatow is spoiling us, there are always movies like Good Luck Chuck to bring us back to the reality of the situation: most filmmakers in Hollywood are lazy. They would rather spit out formulaic stuff spiced up with a little sex and nudity than take the effort to make something that works on multiple levels. There are some great ideas in Good Luck Chuck. One would think the concept of a man not being able to have sex with his true love would open a vast ocean of comedic and dramatic possibilities. Yet the final screenplay is as devoid of real emotion as it is of real characters. At least Jessica Alba's legion of fans will have something to smile about. If nothing else, Helfrich has shown her in the best light. If only there was something worth seeing here other than her.
i have been always love Jessica Alba and she is a matter of fact is smoking hot in this movie. Even though she may not exposes [nakedly of course] her lower part of body through out entire movie, i still find her attractive. [big help comes after the glimpse of her breast, though ;P]

Honestly, the movie is quite funny, but not in the sense of Knocked Up's funny. Indeed, i think there is not even 1 funny line spoken! But the sexist remarks by Charlie's plastic surgeon friend, Dr. Stu [Dan Fogler] are definitely winning over me! Both Dane Cook and Jessica Alba are great in this movie ... they had me rollin'. Like I said, if you don't do the sex jokes well, then this isn't for you, but pretty much any college-aged (or college-minded) person will laugh their ass off at this movie. TRUST ME! i definitely will watch it over again with my male buddies anytime soon.

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[red_blood] rate: 3 out of 5 stars

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faisal admar said...

this is hot haha

Hitesh said...


great so there was someone else too stupid enough to watch a Dane Cook movie like me..............

this was the first Dane Cook movie......i saw....and then i saw a couple more....and then i decided i'm going to put him in my list of "NOT TO WATCH A SINGLE DAMN MOVIE OF THIS ACTOR"

the list already have..... Paris Hilton in it.......

i do agree that it was a funny movie .....but only in bits.....and mostly he is having S** ........which was funny but stupid kind of funny.....

though watching Jessica Alba was a relief and only good thing abt the movie......she is so haut


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