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Alternative Fuel

My friend and I were given the microphone and asked to be the MC (master of ceremonies) for the 3rd Malaysian Chem-E-Car Competition 2008 organized by The Institution of Engineers Malaysia and collaboration with School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia. The event took place last Saturday (26.1.08). The theme for the competition is Future Alternative Fuel for Sustainability".

Minus all the haywire, the competition went as the plan. 16 groups competing this year. What us Chem-E-Car Competition all about? The main purpose is to search the alternative resources for our car by using chemical reaction. Pretty impressive right? Wait until you hear what reaction do they used. Most of them are using electrolytic cell, others are using hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and electric generated by using lead reaction. The most interesting method (and the winner of this competition) is using fermentation of palm oil by bacteria. As we all know, Malaysia is the largest palm oil exporter in the world. Even the judges were impressed. How environmental friendly is that?

Facts about the competition:
  • 16 groups from 7 universities in Malaysia participated
  • the cheapest price for the model car is around USD 0.30 (!)
  • The most expensive model car is USD 253.59
  • The best car was selected not based on the furthest or the fastest from the starting line but the closest to the given length. And the participants were not informed the length the car required to travel until the morning of the competition
  • Most of the car applied the corrosion application as the stopping mechanism
  • 3 model cars fail to move as they having a technical problem (the reaction not occurring, gas leakage, etc)
  • The closest car to the required length was another 0.60 meters
  • There was also a poster presentation competition
  • The winner will be competing at international level

Some of the model cars:

The moves to find an alternative fuel should be applaud. With the high oil price, I have faith that we can find a new fuel that is cheap and for world wide use in this centuries.

P/S: I try to keep my post short. LOL

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WoW said...

wow, innovative and creative way of substituting the current petroleum. I hope to see the govt is serious enough in this matter in viewing of the exhaustive source of petroleum and to invest substantial amount of $$ in the R&D so as to produce an alternative which is cheaper , environmental friendly and non-exhaustive in manner.

bluedreamer27 said...

wow this was such an informative article i dont know that malaysia is the largest palm oil exporter hmmmmmmm i was thinking to post TOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MALYASIA
this coming feb hmmmmm will you help me for that my friend.....

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