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Name and Pronounciation

I got the inspiration to write this post after reading my dear friend Waliz in the Waliz Diary. One of her post is about her name. My full name is MOHD HAAZIQ. [noted the double As] A name that is suppose to means "intelligence" in Islamic meaning. I am not sure if I have managed to wear my name with a proud but I am definitely trying.

After almost twenty one years of living, I have noticed that somehow my name is quite hard to pronounce. Several of the wrong pronunciations and spellings are:
  • Hazziz
  • Haazik
  • Hazzik
  • Hazziq
  • Haa,aziq
  • Haaiz
My friends usually calls me Aziq or Haziq. And this is my name is Arabic:

My Arabic's skill doesn't take off well. Studying a new language always a challenge for me. Who want to learn how speak Malay? haha. Anyway, I really hope that my name won't turn into the "Blackest" name [read more? Click Related Post at the bottom of page]. Human shouldn't be judge only by its name! If you are a job interviewer, should you just ignore me just because my name sound silly? What if my name sound like "James Bond" or Jason Bourne"? Should I be hired? Oh wait a minute, what if my name sound "Asian"?


sorry. This is my edited post. I thought I were clicking Save As Draft button last night. Instead I must have pushed Publish Post button. Silly me!

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Dann said...

hey bluecrystal dude or shall I call you haaziq.
What's in the name? It's just an identity. The only thing that matters is a persons heart.

By the way harder your name to pronounce, the unique your name will be.. ;)

have fun..;)

Sweetiepie said...

atcually how to call your name?izit ha a ziq!i think that's unique and you should proud of it.I don't really like my name..but i am proud of it.:)

bluecrystaldude said...

hye dann, please just call me bluecrystaldude here. I wonder, does dann is your real name or not. hurm.. :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Sweetiepie, I do proud with my name. but sometimes, my lecturers (especially foreigner) pronounce it really funny even I cant really sure he was calling my name (!). :DD

When I was a kid, people pronounced my name like "Haaaaa.. Ziq...". haha. However, as I get older, I took a precaution step to introduce my name twice to my new friend. It does seems to work. lol

waliz said...

nice name u have dude...
last time i admired smbdy who got the same name as u...nobody knw ab him..hehehe

when i read yr post..u actually accidently provoked my memories back to him...sighh...i dont knw whr is he right now but i wish him all the best!

thanks Haaziq..errr bluecrystaldude:D

WoW said...

I suppose you must be proud of having a unique name (with double As). People usually either pronounce or write wrongly in any unique name but it's better to have that than those commonly used one.

bluecrystaldude said...

waliz, same name as mine? really?? I should meet him!lol. izzit your secret admire? hehe :DD

bluecrystaldude said...

WoW, I asked my mom why she spell it that way. She said because my dad don't like ordinary. haha. I am not sure whether she was joking or not, but my younger brother's name also spell with double Zs. hehe

Dann said...

hey bluecrystal dude..
Actually my name is logan, but my frens call me Dann.. It's been a long time that my frens calling me with that name. So I prefer to be called as Dann. ;)

Well, sorry for the inconvenience about the video. I apologize for that. Now I double checked the video and it's working now. Hope you will check it out..

Also, I had my BRAIN TEST. check it out.
My Love Hub. take care and have a great time ..;)

Akmal said...

hey thanks for your earlier visit at my place man.
so your real name is haaziq I see? that is one cool name man. but what matter is not the name. but how we take ourself forward. Hahaha,sounds like a counsellor no?

bluecrystaldude said...

Haha akmal, you should rename yourself with the double A or K like "Akkmal" too! lol

Thanks for the counseling. I hope I didn't have to pay for it. heh

Anonymous said...

nice name... mohd haaziq... :)

I have problem to pronounce my name on the phone... :) especially when I ordered or made booking...

the funny part was... the found my reservation through phone number because they keep wrongly-spelled me... :) winkwink

p/s: btw, my name is nurin qistina, I always go by qistina... coz all my siblings start with nurin :)

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