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Fav icon
The small thing on top of my blog at the internet tab. This could only be seen when you're using Mozilla Firefox. I never find this icon is useful in any way for my blog. Nevertheless, I still put it on

Archives Page

I sorted it by months and categories. Of course, only some of the categories I listed there. Truth to be told, I am not giving the deserved attention when I labeling my post. My tags are not consistent and sometimes misplaced. I will make sure it will be more organize after this start from this post

Back to Top Icon

As I tend to write a long post (my bad), the main page will be stretched further down and you have to cursor up and down many times (although I only put 3 posts in the main page). To ensure the longevity of your mouse, this icon will take you straight to the top most of my blog

A word derived after intensive viewing a documentary about American culture, entitled Gossip Girl (or in its short form, XOXO). It was said rumored that Gossip Girl is one of the Al Gore most talked project, to solve climate crisis. Although it was still remained unclear how the documentary will be much helpful in any way. OMFG! will be shown besides the blog name (only in my 'Addicted to' blog roll) when the blog has an update. This will be a new trend by fellow bloggers, even though their choice of words are not as green nor pink as mine OMFG!

Tab Viewer
It consist of Popular Post, Join Us NOW and Top Commentors tab. It was a form of appreciation from Hot Shit Form Here blog. The highest commentor currently is Bluedreamer. Thanks man! Oh, and don't forget to join my line of readers by subscribing to my email subscription. It is a free service! Subscribe it now!

Where to comment??
I just realized that my comment box is quite weird. Some of my readers couldn't find it when I changed to this layout. So, just in case for those who still searching my comment box, it was at the top most post in a dialog box. See, everything is easy in Hot Shit Form Here! (Please check with your doctor if you couldn't see my Shout Out Box)

For all my blog additions and helps that came along with it, many thanks too:

Have a great day!

Updated: I misspell "archives" and it became "achieves". haha. Thanks Emila for pointing it out :)


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Emila Yusof said...

Cool! I have a star for favicon too! BCDude, I think you misspelled the archives.

bluecrystaldude said...

OMFG! Thank you for pointing it out Emila :D Haha. Mekaseh2..

rizal said... style..ayoyo.. canggih manggih...

hebat hebat...

ni yang jealous.. tapi rizal cam tak larat nak nak godek2 blog rizal jadik canggih manggih camni..hehehe

bluecrystaldude said...

haha.. bukan nyer canggih pun.. biase2 jek.. dalam takde keje nak buat.. hehe.. Jangan harap ar kalau nak buat bler dah balik U..

FiSHY@iKe said...

Wah! Cool things you got here dude! Erm, sorry I didn't reply your comment earlier, I'm caught up in the exams and presentations, adoi, so little time yet so many things to do. Anyway, thanks for the idea for the article of mine. I'll try to implement it in the future posts. (entah bile nak posts entah, ;p) Take care dude!

FarA said...

a star!
mine's an F. =p
and oh the omfg! im stressing the F there. omFg. weeeee!


bluedreamer27 said...

oh see!!! you are much creative than me dude trust me hehe
have a great day and nice additions to your blog

E-Tavasi said...

wah so creative this :) blog :) i have star to beside my address :D hehehe...

Here i like to ask about blogrolling :) is that good to use ?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi fish@ike,

No problem man! Good luck for your exam :D


Hi Fara,

Hahaha.. That is my new favorite word! Love it. LOL


Hi Bluedreamer,

Geez.. Thanks dude :)


Hi etavasi,

Blogrolling is the best man.. It's really help for me to notice which blogs already updated. The bad side of it, we have to manually insert the blog link. Quite a task when your blogroll is reaching hundred

Anonymous said...

Geez.. Thanks dude :)

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