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My Jar of Peanut Butter

Finally, the dread full, tiring, soul quenching weeks have come to the end. Truth to be told, these couple weeks were the only time I really squeezed my brain to focus on my studies. I still wonder why I came for the 6 months of lectures if I only learn something towards the end. After all, the lecturers were pay top dollars and when you don’t get anything back from them, it sure the hell waste of money.

Anyhow, I am not going to talk about how the education system sucks, but instead, I am going touch on the subject of “knowledge” and my desire for “food” especially during the study week. If you don’t know what it feel like, it quite the same when woman is pregnant. Crave for food and sometimes, for something that quite extraordinary – has anyone has a craved for unicorn? Well, I craved for peanut butter!

In case you haven’t notice, the more you are learning about something new, the more you realize that there are still lots that you do not know anything about. In the end, it will end up in a circle of craziness in search of knowledge. Some people just surrender half the way, but I just end it up with food, lots of it.

Since my college library does not allowed students to bring in food and since it’s ridiculous even to think that we could survive without food and water in the 15 degree Celsius building, which is considered cold in Malaysia since the relative temperature usually around 30 degree. Oh, and it’s getting colder by each level – how cool is that? It is an implementation of dry adiabatic lapse rate!

So, as uncreative as we are, we found a way to sneak in food and canned drinks. When I was still wondering how the hell I could bring in my peanut butter jar into the library, some of my friends already start stuffing their pockets of baggy jeans and sweaters with packets of food. With all the food in their sweater, I swear that one of my friends amazingly manage to look like Santa Clause!

Bizzy Girl

Since the peanut butter jar is too big and it’s look kinda weird when you are quietly licking your spoon of full with peanut butter *yummy!* while others are studying, I settle with packet of M&M and some canned coffees.

What is up with food and study? Well, I am not sure if there already a scientific finding out there about how these two are related, but in my semi professional deduction, when we crunching our teeth together, our mind are stimulated by this action. It then will divert our mind from getting sleepy – a common syndrome while studying. The calories and energy is the plus.

So, go and grab your book and a spoon of peanut butter and start reading! Make sure you do exercise after that though. You don’t want to look fat after this entire hectic end, do you?

Have a nice day! I am going to start packing to go home! Yippee~

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phatelara said...

Sedapnya tu!

phatelara said...

Haaziq, I can totally relate to your cravings for unusual food during exam week. Kadang2 tu feel like eating rice at weird hours even, which is bad but we still did it! Lol!!

My dear, you can try alternatives to peanut butter, such as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Reese's Nutrageous or Reese's Pieces (mcm M&M's but kat dlm ada peanut butter). RM2.50+ per packet of yummilicious peanut butter candies! :)

phatelara said...

Oh ya I think food is related to studying because when we eat food that makes us feel good (such as you and your peanut butter), it helps us study better. :)

Mariuca said...

Alamak miss again FC huhuhuhu!

Mariuca said...

Ha ha ha cutenye ur fren looked like Santa lol!

Mariuca said...

YUM! I oso laik peanut butter, sometimes I like the creamy one, sometimes I prefer crunchy, ikut mood! ;)

Mariuca said...

Yahooo!!! Exam dah habis, hope u did well and now u can RnR! :):):)

~mista [s.h.a.n.d.y.e]~ said...

my studying food would be those yummilicious oreos of couse... and loads of peanut butter spread on some crackers...

yeh... i also wonder why the rest of the semester seems meaningless when all i really focus on is the last three weeks of the exam week.. kan?

somebody ought to do a research on that...

Von Charlie said...

hey blue dude,
yah la..i just realized that it happens to me too.especially when studying for my case its a chocolate jar with that gardienar roti.hahah.studying sure exhaust your energy more rapidly.thus,eat to replenish!cheers.:D

shaxx said...

can i use pineapple jam instead of peanut butter?

LadyJava said...

Yeay... you're a free man!!! lolz!!!

I love peanut butter too.. you know the one with the crunchy pieces.. yummss!!!.. but i hate exercise lah.. how??

bluecrystaldude said...


Congrats on being my first commenter! Do you like how your link looks? If you don't do let me know :):)

Reese's? I don't think I ever heard about it. But since I don't easily remember a name, I cannot be sure. Thanks for the recommendation though. I am sure will open my eyes wide the next time I went to store :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Marzie,

I sometimes love the mixed one with jam.. But it too sweet for my teeth to eat it often. After all, as we get older, our teeth also grow up with us. LOL

FC? You can try it later :) <-- I wonder for how many times had I said the same thing? Hehehe...

Keep on trying though ;D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Mista Shandye,

Wow! 3 weeks before exam? You must be really hardworking student! I only start mine around a week before exam. haha..

What can I say, I am easily distracted!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Von Charlie,

My favorite chocolate jam is Nutella and I love to drink hot chocolate! Very soothing~


Hi Shaxx,

LOL.. Pineapple jam is delicious too. But I want the homemade one. You can taste the texture of the crushed pineapple in your mouth. Yummy~

I suddenly feeling hungry right now... huhu


Hi Lady Java,

You should start walking.. The best exercise ever <-- I just read in Men's Health magazine. Anyhow, a simple but consistent exercise is good for your health :)

Shinade said...

Hi Blue,
I too crave peanut butter a lot when I am stressed. But, it's loaded with fat so we should both be careful.

I love your new look here too!!:-)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shinade,

Thanks for the advise. I feel the same too. After eat too much carbo, I really like to exercise a little bit, usually jogging :)

Glad you like the new look. How about the loading rate for my blog? Is it getting faster or still slow as always? Anyone?

Akmal said...

Exam is history yeee~~~haaaawwww~~~~!!!
I think I got no problem eating anything light during heavy reading. Especially when it comes to the understanding part lah. I don't usually eat when I am reading the book line by line; which is, I have to admit, bloody boring, bloody exhausting, bloody sleepy and bloody everything! :P
Work as a reward for yourself also, in a sense :)

~attahrel~ said...

ni keja ang ek..nnt aku repot kat pak(or kakak manis)guard bawah tu...suka2 ati makan sorg2...haha

Anonymous said...

sedap wei makan penat bater.. sedap hinggat menjilat botol.. haha..

TH said...

I love peanut butter. It goes nice with bread!

Faisal Admar said...

Haha I wonder why some of them leave few comments in a row? Is there any comment competition? ;)

I love peanut butter too and not to forget my favorite Golden Churn butter with bread! The salty taste in it really melt my heart and make me horny! Ops! Ignore the latter one :P

To me, if you keep yourself awake with food and water they will help your brain breathing smoothly. In other word, it produces some oxygen to your brain which is good for the studies (eh do I get the fact right? haha!).

But no chewing gum please. The 100% damn artificial.

Anonymous said...

"In case you haven’t notice, the more you are learning about something new, the more you realize that there are still lots that you do not know anything about. In the end, it will end up in a circle of craziness in search of knowledge. Some people just surrender half the way, but I just end it up with food, lots of it."
hahahahahaahah!!same!!i like to eat when im studying....
peanut butter~ i luv peanut butter~i could eat 1 whole jar...kekekeke...
y dun u juz sneak in the peanut butter???buy a smaller jar la

izzahismail said...

hey,good to hear that you're finished with exam.seriously, i gained weights during exam was just too tiring that you felt like stuffing all the foods you have in your locker.
and because too tired of reading,you went out and have fast foods. couple of times during 2 weeks of exam.aaah, i need to reduce the weight again.

you,happy holz!

Hafizd said...

for me, it comes in season.. if i feel or craving for it, i'll definitely find it out somewhere..

well, last time during i was in boarding school, peanut butter used to be my routine breakfast everyday.. now? i prefer cornflakes + snowflakes + plain yogurt + a little bit raisins and cold milk... cant help my self...hehe..

good luck with ur exam~

Monica said...

Yay! you're back! :-D

I love peanut butter too..oh no, now I'm hungry.. LOL!!!

phatelara said...

Haaziq! The image you made for me as FC looks great. :) Thank you! :) Hope you're enjoying your holiday so far. ;)

YAN^S said...

hahahaah no wonder.... u were licking the peanut butter jar like nobody business..hehehee happy holiday

Milkberry said...

Ooo I think ppl crave food when they're studying because the body uses energy for you to use your brain so then it makes you crave for food to be used as energy I think. Something like that lah.

Anyways speaking of peanut butter, Dean & Deluca (do you have it there?) have amazing peanut butter flavors! Dark chocolate peanut butter spread and white chocolate peanut butter spread. OMG Sedap!!

Oh yeah, I tagged you on my blog. Hehehe :P Plus, good luck for exams!

Milkberry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fara said...

oh yes, super antartic library and no food allowed (-_-")
UTP has dat concept too.

excessive studying leads to hunger!

coolingstar9 said...

What you say is true, there is no ending for absorbing knowlege.
Schooling time is the golden time to build the foundation.
Until now, I still learning, it is ready fun.
Again, wish you success in whatever thing you do.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi everyone!,

Sorry for not being around these couple of days. I really not feeling well. tsk tsk.. Will get back to you soon :):)

Wishing all a happy weekend! :D


BK said...

Hmm you part on the knowledge reminds me of a quotation that is quite similar to the one you wrote, "The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know." :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi BK,

Yeah, I actually thinking about that quotation too while writing this post. But since I forgot the exact words of it, I just wrote it in my own words. Thank you for sharing with us :) :)

Shinade said...

Hey there Blue,
I am not signed in on Twitter so I am missing you there.

I can't seem to get my drops done with Twitter going.

I keep wanting to pop in and see the latest tweet.

I hope you are feeling better!!:-)

Monica said...

Hope you're getting better every minute, Haaziq!

Shinade said...

Hi Blue,
Which one do you want? The one with the tree or just the clouds?

Email me at and I will send it to you.:-)

Shinade said...

It may be tomorrow though because I have to get my photohunt post done and I am tired.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi haaziq! im sry to drop & run like this. but there are still so many blogs to visit. so i am gonna make this quick!

i've just purchased my own domain! please change my url in yr blog to In short, please omit the .blogspot from my old url!

thanks! Hv a great weekend! :)

A Great Pleasure

Mariuca said...

Dropping EC here today HaaziQ, have a good weekend. Busy with open house ye? ;)

katunX said...

kalau boleh aku juga ingin nasi ayam ketika belajar di dalam perpustakaan..


saya langsung tidak belajar di perpustakaan...*sengih*

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