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A Victory Post

Running man

(picture of victory lap will be posted later)

So, today I come to office early and start to type a post for my blog.

Yes, it has indeed been a while; I was gravely caught up with my works more than I predicted. I am like a working machine, but with a stomach and mouth full with ulcers (literally).

Anyway, my first financial year has officially over as June came to an end, which means my blog deserved a victory post. More post will come later!

Apart from the usual slaving hours working, I managed to squeeze my time by joining couples of programs; volunteering for the mangrove planting program at Port Dickson, joining our company’s family day and participating in the #twtupkaseh; a charity event for the orphanage at Kg. Melayu Subang and Kuah, Rawang. All will be explained in excruciating details later.

A post to kick off a new week, a new financial year and a new hope of reviving my otherwise dead blog; please be excited as I am!


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