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Brit oOOoOo Brit

Come on! It’s just a new low every day with this chick…

So, here’s the scoop:

As we all know, Britney “Mother of the Year” Spears lost custody of her two sons for not taking care of her business. Brit-Brit completely ignored the court’s orders to take parenting and submit to drug testing. But little miss stripper-pole slept through the first two drug testing session - which were supposed to take place in her freaking house! They were bringing the test to her!

Anyhoo, that’s not the worst of it, people… Brit had her first scheduled visit with the babies today, and she slept through that too!

We’re told that when Kevin’s people came to B’s Malibu mansion and rang the intercom, neither the white-trash-wonder nor her assistant/cousin, Alli, buzzed them in! The baby-chauffeurs called everyone they could think of, but when no one answered they finally turned around and left, taking the boys with them!

Now, to be fair some say that the intercom was broken. But, other sources say that after hotel-hopping for the last three night in a row (and by the way, what the hell is that all about?) it was nap time for mama…

Um, we’re thinking it’s the second one…

Meanwhile on the brighter side, it appears that Britney may be taking things a bit more seriously these days. Before, it appeared as though she felt she was above the law.

In a last ditch effort of the judge overturning the order that she release her sons to former husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has obtained a drivers license for the state of California. Albeit, a temporary paper one, but still, she has one!

I say that’s all fine and good, but what’s that say about her effort to change? No one changes in two days!

* Britney was ordered to meet with a drug counselor and didn’t.
* Britney was ordered to submit to drug testing and didn’t.
* Britney was to ordered to enroll in parenting classes and didn’t.
* Britney was required to sign the judge’s order, and didn’t.
* Britney was ordered not to drive the boys around without a valid California drivers license.

Well, one out of 5 - yep she’s on a roll isn’t she?

[edited and copied from STARKED LA & CELEBAMOUR by red_blood]

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