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Prison Break's Spoiler!


Prison Break - Why The Company Kills

Nick Santora talks about Michael’s tattoos and why The Company kills…

1) The tats are a HUGE process — expensive, time consuming, there are production issues, etc. Since the tats haven’t been a big part of the story this season, we just can’t afford to show them alot. But I’m pretty sure you’ll get a glimpse of them here and there this season. We know fans like the tats, we like them too, it’s just a very involved process.

2) Killing characters shows how serious the threat is to our heroes. If you think about it, it just wouldn’t make sense for the company to have someone in their clutches and then just let them go, or to just beat them up a bit … nope, the company kills. That is the threat to all of our guys all the time. If they mess up, they will be killed. Period. Without it, we don’t feel there will be the right stakes and/or tension. Fans have every right to disagree, we just like doing it this way.

[red_blood] said: seems like someone's gonna pay the price for Lincoln's failure. AND i personally think the person will be Sara even though i prefer none of them will be killed. [perhaps just cut some fingers or earlobe. ewww...]


season 3, episode 04 [GOOD FENCES PROMO PICTURES]

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