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Not The Done Thing

I stumbled to one funny article from The Age Blog : All Men Are Liars about Not The Done Things. Here are some of the funniest of it. lawak in a sense, Straight, Funny and yet True
*sigh. Just a little reminder for all of us:

Contacting your mate's ex
I know a bloke who's a special for this. The tears haven't even dried after the break-up and he'll be texting and instant-messaging the girl because he wants to "be there" for her and "doesn't want to take sides". Phone calls, texts, emails, Messenger, morse code. It doesn't matter. It's not the done thing.

Crowding the trough
You're right down one end of the urinal, it's 40 metres long, yet some spanner comes in the brasco and stands. Right. Next. To. You. I mean, it's just not the done thing.

Cutting the opening batsman's grass
If your mate has started chatting to a group of women and he's made it known which one he's keen on, you have to respect that. He's done the hard yards, he's softened up the bowling attack, so you cannot swoop in and start working the same girl. It's not the done thing.

Inappropriate toilet use
Your friend turns up at your place on a Sunday morning and says he needs to use the dunny and proceeds to angrily splatter the bowl while your missus looks on disgusted. Really ... not the done thing.

Trying to root your mate's sister
Not the done thing.

Trying to root your mate's mum
Not the done thing.

You're an adult, solo male and you get in the back seat of the cab like it's a limo. Fair dinkum ... not the done thing.

Trying to root your mate's daughter
Definitely, not the done thing.

Treating the woman who cleans your office every day as if she is completely invisible, as if she is a non-person. Generally, not saying 'hello' to people you see every day, regardless of their job or role is not the done thing.

Picking your nose ...
... and eating it, after about age 14. Not the done thing.

Talking in accents to waiters
You're in Chinatown for yum cha and the bloke at the next table is talking in a 'ching, chong chow' voice to the waiter, taking the piss. Think it might be time to lean over and say, "hey, mate? Not the done thing."

Well, the blogger is from Australia. Which make sense if some of not the done things are difference from Malaysia. The five things I observed that not the done thing in Malaysia are:

Blocking the way on the escalator
When I am in Singapore, I have learned to stay on only one side of the escalator as the other side is for people who has much more important things to do than me to pass through me. Or in a simple word. They can't afford to waste a 30 seconds on the escalator. Blocking their way is not the done thing.

Cutting children's line
Even they are children, please, please, please, do not cut their line. It is same as you take they candy and ask them to go to bed. Not the done thing.

Crossing road without the usage of sky bridge
Did you know you can be fined RM300.00? Me neither, but my friend had.

Using "My Father is Rich" excuse
Yes, we know your father is rich. But using the excuse at every questions asked is definitely not the done thing. For examples,

Q : How dare you to lost my pen??
A : No problem lah, my father is rich

Q : How come you don't know the simple question?
A : Don't bother. My father is rich enough to find out for me

Q : Why you don't show up at our date?
A : I'm sorry, my rich father sent me a flower

err... ok, we get it. Thanks for bothering to answer.

Using the public toilet and not flush it
Owh God! I hate this. Words for the offenders, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR BELONGING! The ultimate not the done thing in Malaysia.

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Simon Says said...

lol.All of these are DEFINITELY true. but it does sound a little bit sarcastic. ;P

red_blood said...

hehe. I am sorry if you feel offended, but it is THE TRUTH am I right? ;D thanks for reading and commenting


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