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Killing Two Love Birds With One Stone

I have been twice tagged by mr_viruz at his In My Mind blog and the other one is from Noctural Blogger's Introspect. The second one is actually some sort of contest and somehow, I have been invited to enter. Truth need to be told, I never enter any contest online or what so ever. It always occur to me that my winning strike doesn't lucky enough to get me winning. Nor that I have enough courage to face the anderaline rush. Nevertheless, it's easier for me to answer questions rather than to make up the whole love story and than get embarrassed by it. So, I guess I will kill two birds with one stone. The questions are:

1. Would you celebrate this coming Valentines or not?
2. What do you like most about your partner?

3. What do you think does your partner like most about you?

4. How did you and your special someone meet?

5. What's the most romantic thing your partner ever did for you?

6. If you are single, what do you miss about being in a relationship?

7. And the final question, of course, what is your definition of love?

Before answering it, I just recently have a spartan fight with my partner. And after battling with other 300 war warriors, I end up with a bleeding heart. To recover my war like love story, I intend to built up entirely imaginary partner in love. [You are supposedly could not read the last line of this paragraph. If you do manage to read it somehow, please seek your doctor's advice]

My honest answers for those questions:

1. Of course, why shouldn't I?

2. She was my strength when I was weak, she was my voice when I couldn't speak, she was my eyes when I couldn't see, she saw the best was in me, lifted me up when I couldn't reach and she gave me faith 'coz she believed. I am everything I am because she loves me. [any similarity with Celine Dion's Because you love me song is purely coincident]

3. For all those times I stood by her (sometimes she's lazy enough to stand on her own feet), for all the truth that I made her see (usually related with shopping bizzire), for all the joy I brought to her life (and in rare condition, sorrow), for all the wrong that I made right (she always says I am a busy body person, but I received it with an open heart), for every dream I made come true (after all, she told anyone who want to listen, every single dream she had), and for all the love she found in me (sometimes I hide it in my secret pocket in my short, but she found that too!)

4. I met her at my ball, held in one of my castle in Malaysia. After she heard about the ball, she managed to sneak out from her evil step mother and two step sisters with a help from a tooth fairy. From the first moment I saw her stumble down the main stairs, I fall in love with her. Unfortunately, her has to go after the Big Ben struck 12. However, her Blackberry fallen from her dress. The rest was history.

5. Leave me alone for the whole week so that I could catching up with my buddies. How thoughtful of her.

6. If and only if I am single, what I will miss the most is all those complicated and emotion instability of my partner. I don't have any problem handling mine but not my partner. Thanks for the 'woman problem' that come faithfully every month.

7. I don't know exactly the definition of love, but I do know what everything that love is not. Love is not about chemistry because if it does, your partner could treat you like a toxic waste. Love is not blind, it just that when you are in love, you couldn't see everything clearly. You should not blame gravitation when you're falling in love. Love is not a seed. It is a root. Every time you taught you have cut all the feeling off with your partner, it always grows back. There is no such thing as 'sea of love', because if it does, I will always the first one to drown. Love is not sweet as candy. It tastes bitter sometimes.

Hope you have everlasting love to cater all the love rush this week month. Happy Valentine's Day.


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bluedreamer27 said...

wow you made the answers candidly
happy valentines day in advance my friend

mr_viruz said...

tnx for answering my tag blue dude you are such a nice friend

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

Haha.. Thanks. I was asked by sweetiepie to show my funny side. Not that I have angry side, sad side or mad side. But I do have a silly face (is that count?)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi mr_viruz,

Thanks to you. I am just wanna drop you a comment to tell you I have done your tag. But you beat me :D

elaine said...

Thanks for joining the contest. Your answers are really funny and creative. :)

waliz said...

hi blue...i cannot believe how u answer all those questions like an ABC...its so spontaneous and make me think whether its really happen or not to u...esp at no#4...sound like cinderella story to me...or u just make up the story huh? btw its nice and!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi elaine,

Thanks. I enjoy doing it too

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi waliz

Finally you're here. The forth answer should be the truth if only I have castle. Hehe


Sweetiepie said...

We should love like how god love us-never ending love am i right?Your definition for love is amazing.I do enjoy every post you write.:)Hope you have a wonderful valentine's day!

WoW said...

the way you answer these Qs make me think that you are love specialist hehe

AngelBaby said...

Hi, just stopped by to see whats going on over here. this is great and really good infor. Thanks!

Love and Blessings,

bluecrystaldude said...

hi sweetiepie,

Yup, you are right.. No one could ever challenge the love that God gives to us. Even though sometimes I feel like God doesn't like me, at the end of it, I knew that I was the one who make the trouble. haha

Thanks for your compliment. Love is definitely in the air :DD


bluecrystaldude said...

hi wow,

nice seeing you back from your holiday :D

Love specialist? Let dann carry that title. I don't think I have complete my master in love, yet. LOL


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi angelbaby,

Thanks for coming by :DD


mr_viruz said...

hey blue dude i have some thing for you at my IN MY MIND check it out happy valentines anyway

bluecrystaldude said...

wow! can't wait it! Thanks :D

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