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Fashionable Teacher

After a week haven't post any new thing, with a blink of an eye (make it 20160 times - an average of 1 or 2 blink in a minute. And that is only one of your eyes). As you may recalled, students life is not that easy. Especially in this Asia region. It's more towards academic excellence rather than self developed stuffs like other region are doing. If you put in more simpler words, I need to read more than any average student in Europe or America to pass my examination.

Nevertheless, a week of 3 major tests, Arabic listening test, Arabic oral test (I am pretty sure if an Arabian listening to what I have said, he will die in laughter) and a tedious assignment from an arrogant engineer (he's not gonna read it anyway, but we still have to make it more than 10 pages) I felt like my soul has been drained out of my body.

So, without being able to think clearly, I thought I wanna write something about a very bad attitude, selfishness. As it's an attitude that is bad (I hate selfish people!), there would be no good things that I will say. It would be a post like any usual teenage-outrages-mood-swing blog. But then, my primary subject has finally slowly realize that he's selfish. Just when you thought the fish is on your bait. Thus, I just have to buried it in my countless draft box. Will keep in mind of doing a post similar like that in the future.

Next, I feel a very high urge to write about what I called gender discrimination. People always fumes up when we talk about gender discrimination and instantly assume it was done to women. Do you know that I have found a case cases about a structured and founded organization to marginally discriminate men? They even have a secret treasurer, secretary and of course a men-head-hunter leader. Interested? You have to wait for a little longer, as I am quite sure that after my shocking revelation, my room will be a lucrative target for them. God bless me.

So, after much ado, I finally decide to talk about a more laid back topic. (as you may notice from the top picture) Fashion! Or specifically teacher's fashion. I know some of you already broke into a smile, thinking about the old looks of your old teacher. Afraid no longer, because here we will talk about it in an open manner. Forgive me if you're one of the teachers discussed here.

I remember one of my English teacher (who has a PHD in English literature) only wears sari every time she in class. She is a good teacher but we miss out most of her lectures due to the distraction cause by her waving sari. It might also due to her soothing and incredibly slow voice like a mum reading a bed time story for her child. She should be a psychiatric.

And then, there always a rose among the thorns. A good looking, well groomed, and a perfume addicted teacher. She wears different perfume each single day and never wears twice the same clothes for a month! (Seriously, I have been to her house and see for myself all her 3 closets) She always sported with the latest handbag, the latest lipstick or even driving the latest car. Plus, you could hear (even though the class is like a fish market) her 4 inch heel footsteps from three classes down the hallway. Just enough time to settle back and wait like an obedient child sitting perfectly in his chair.

The point are:
  • Does a teacher need to be fashionable?
  • People (usually old and not popular) said that if a teacher is fashionable, it will distract the attention from what she was supposed to do (teaching) to her. And that is unethical. Is is true?
  • What about a fashionable male teacher? Does he will distract female students (and some of the male students)?
Most of the university students I interviewed said that they are more interested in a class of a young spirit lecturer (not exactly in the age sense) and less in the plain and boring lecturer (no brainer here) . I personally more prefer a teacher with a character. No matter it is he/her sense of fashion or the charm in their personality. In my opinion, a fashionable teacher would not give a much problem towards more grown up students. However, that being said, they still like a person who teaches them to be more understandable, as they said, young spirit teacher.

Thank you for waiting for my update :D


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Emila Yusof said...

I remember my art teacher, she was fashionable. She taught well too. I passed with flying colors. Then, there was this chemistry teacher. She was fashionable too but she kept her voice to herself. I failed!

neomesuff said...

hehe..okay what with this chemistry teacher..mine was the sari-swinging-waving kinda teacher, but very loud and likes to throw chalks to pupils who dont listen when she teach. I did not excel in tht subject hehe..chalks was thrown several times to me hehe

I was in an all girls school,so teachers fashion is always the 'talk'
but for me fashion may add some colours la..but like u said, the 'young spirit' one..are the favourite

Sweetiepie said...

A teacher doesn't need to over fashionable.A well groom is important.I don't think it will distract me from concentrating the studies.Wow!young spririt huh?What is that mean?hehe

Regina said...

Hi there!
I am just passing through by way of "bluedreamer's blog"! Very interesting blog you have here! Nice to meet you, come visit my blog sometime!

Faisal Admar said...

For a teacher, I don't think fancy outfit will suit them. It surely distract students for being focus. Enough for a teacher to be neat and clean. The most important thing is a smile on the face and positive attitude. I still remember I had many teachers in the past but only few glued to my memory. Not because they were cute or fashionable but they were sweet, responsible and had positive attitude.

Only my opinion =)


rizal said...

I dont mind so much about the fancy outfits, though it may stir the atmosphere for some brief moments. Once you get to know them better, things like characters and personalities do count. Then, we will see them pass beyond the outer looks. I had this one english teacher who coloured her hair orange and had these hot reddish orange outfits most of the time. We called her "Singa Betina" bcoz of the colours. But then she proved to be such a sweet chap that we really miss her now. As they say "dont judge a book by its cover"-cliche..

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi emila,

lol. I wonder what if I that become your chemistry teacher. MAYBE you will open a site about chemical molecules and its products. Hahaha..

chemical molecules in the color version is beautiful you know.. hehe. And I am quite sure that DNA sequence will become an art one day. :D


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi neomesuff,

haha. You make me wonder what about teachers in all boys school. I heard most of the teachers there are women. and for the all girls school, the one of few male teachers are the hot favorite. Is it true?


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi sweetiepie,

a Young Spirit teacher must be supporting, has his/her own style, very charming and attractive. To sum all of this is he/she must has a way to win heart of younger students. lol..

That is my own definition lorh.. :D


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi regina,

Thanks for your visit :D



Hi faisal,

Yup.. Responsible and positive attitude do count :D


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi rizal

hahaha.. Your english teacher must be HOT (in the color sense :)

hehe.. But to call her a "singa betina", she must very very Hot. I laugh when I try to imagine her. hahaha


neomesuff said...

well hehe...women teachers is certainly more than far as i know for the last 30 years... remembered during my time, first two years in high school, we had this one cikgu pelatih, a cute guy, and the girls go gugu gaga over him, sampai he oso nampak freakout hehe..and i think he survived the 'attantion' but im not among the gugugaga girls laaa. Than there was this, bald-borouy teacher, and he has to b the teacher of our chess clublah ( which i was the AJK - and he just failed on giving us ideas for the club - tak function langsung )..and he is also 'the talk of the town' also lah cuma the girls did not go gugugaga over him hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi neomesuff,

hahaha.. I guest it depend on the look. Anyway, I have a Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skill) male teacher. He has been woman site for longing eyes and admiration. However, he tends to get a little too close with male students. lol. I am not saying he's gay, maybe he just more comfortable with male students. Much because he is traumatized of female students' extreme behavior. (Flirting in the class has become normal occurrence!) lol..


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