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The most current hot issue right now is politic. I am very much pissed when people said that youth now are not interested with politic. Actually, we do. However, not to the extend of politic talks day and night. Especially when it was about political parties that are knotted with old and arrogant people. Youth are more eager to see more young politicians to have a say in the government. And that is exactly what we have done.

We tend to observed the characteristic of the contestant and how they appeal to each individual. Even in an unique case where an old woman (Maimun Yusuf, 89 years old) who contesting for the parliament seat are not far from youth grasp. Some determined young men even built a Facebook page for her. I can't help but to feel proud that most of my friends are very interested to watch the general election results being announce. One of them even said that the feeling of waiting and the level of excitement is equal if not exceed as you're watching a football match. How cool is that?

These are what I have observed for this year elections:

Posters = More plastic waste
Plastic degradation will takes about 40 years. So, if a politician used 10 000 posters, it sums up to 400 000 years of decomposition. I don't think politicians will live that longer. Do they?

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Recycle when it still usable
The last general election's poster and flags (4 years ago) are still hanging high. Even tough some of the faces already faded (as their manifesto) and the flag color already wash out by weather, you could always use it again for the next general election. Just make sure that you are not using someone else posters for your campaign.

Please insist your kids to wear a sunglasses when they are out
You could see the faces of the politicians all over the billboards. The question is, how come they do not even bother to wear a make up or put up their best face before putting up the billboards? There are several reported cases that underage kids are mentally affected (crying) after seeing those scary faces. This will definitely burden their parents especially when they were stuck in traffic jams. Just imagine, one or half and hour fill with cries and honking sound. How merrier!

Newspaper is not for news
Every single damn main newspaper has political motive advertisement all over it (mostly all of them are from the current government party). In every 2 pages, there will be a full length advertisement of what they have achieved and some of their memorandums. If you're lucky, you will find one or two real news in the sports section (sport celebrities who asked to wear political motive shirts is not a news)

When newspaper is not enough, you could always turn to radio
To rest your eyes for sore sight billboards, you could always tune on radio. Bored to hear those loud and explicit lyric in the radio? No need to worry anymore. You could hear all the good things that have been done for you. The aim is to make you feel guilty if you're not voting them.

Always blame democracy
not me 1: hey! I win! Thanks to democracy.. not me 2: It's ok, I am lost. That is part of democracy..
Does this reason is actually valid? Please think about something else. Such as, "I do not do my job when I was elected". Want to hear something like this? Dream on brother..

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Internet Heaven
When your main newspaper were spammed by the government ruling party, a youth like me always always fulfill our curiosity by surfing about it online. To spend most of my 'priceless' reading time (as you may recall, most youth are lack reading), I am prefer to read blogs, independent political views and opposition's sites. I have to admit, not all of the content there are correct. But at least, it makes me to think twice about certain things.
Malaysia update: Malaysia has its 12th General Election yesterday (08/03/08). The Government collision (Barisan Nasional) has suffered unexpected lost. 4 of its ministers and 10 deputy minister also lost their parliament's seat. They even failed to win 2/3 of parliaments (Malaysia is using British election system) and just win the simple majority for the parliament.
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And Abdullah Ahmad Badawi still doesn't want to step down from his thrown. Even our veteran leader Mahathir Mohamad, who ruled for two decades before handing over to his chosen successor Abdullah in 2003, accused the prime minister of "destroying" the coalition and suggested he should quit. "I think he should accept responsibility for this. He should accept 100 percent responsibility," he said. "I am sorry but I apparently made the wrong choice." Mahathir is straight to the point as usual.

UPDATED by Bluecrystaldude (12 March 2008):

Karim Raslan in his article, WHEN VOTERS SHOW WHO'S THE REAL BOSS in The Star (Wed., 12 March 2008) said that one of the the reason for Barisan failure is the youth's vote.
"It is obvious that the ruling coalition has underestimated the impact of young voters. Close to a million new voters (Malaysian voters consist about 10 millions) took part in this election. Their passion and conscientiousness in discharging their duties as citizens have put previous generation of voters to shame.

The Barisan has simply failed to win them over. To put it simply, the young Malaysians who voted last Saturday are a different proposition from their parents and grandparents. By talking down to them with gross disrespect, the Barisan is simply reaping the bitter harvest of excluding the youth from the political process through draconian laws like the Universities and University Colleges Act."
Meanwhile, Marina Mahathir in her article also in the same newspaper, THE VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN said the major lesson from this election is that "power rightfully rest with the people. It's all in that little piece of paper very five years."

State your opinions on this matter:
  • Are you interested in politics?
  • Do you think that youth lack of interest in politic? Why?
  • Do you agree with my observations above?
  • Who do you think will be the President of United State? (Would it be Obama, Hillary or McCain?)
P/S: I put all the pictures of America Presidential election campaign because my country politicians' face are not suitable for general viewing. Thank you,


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neomesuff said...

ya..they were trying so hard campaigning thru the normal news if they knew dfeat-big-time coming hehe

1. not really interested, more to whoever lead the country must maintain peacefulness
2. youth is the main decision makers on determining the right govt, of coz they're interested
3. As per normal//hehe//always agree with u. like the kids w sunglasses..cute
4. I like obama..but i guess mc cain will win, hoping my guess is wrong ;-)

Sweetiepie said...

This was the biggest shocking news ever in our election.I can't believe the opposition could won so many seats this year.As a citizens we should interested in political matters that could personally affect our future.I don't think youth nowsaday are lack of interest in politic cuz most of the youth today are educated.They have the power,the brains and the capability to deeply understand the political. Hmmm!I am sure obama won't be the america next president.:)

Akmal said...

Cool stuff man.
1/ Whoever thinks I am the no-politic-nerdy, please think again :D
2/ Youth do have interest in politic, but on the surface only. Not many dig it for real, so some might only know what's being shown, not what's hidden. In this GE, I bet you knew that there are so many hidden stuffs, especially when...well, you said it, the newspaper, tv and radio are all broadcasting unequally. Well, that's a prolem too, we need neutral news sources. Observation wise, youth and politics are seasonal. They are into politic only in times like this.
3/ Hey monsiuer, I couldn't agree more :P
4/ Ahah! I think hillary's chance are thin compared to Obama and McCain. But gut keeps telling me that Obama is going up. Anyway, time will tell:D

Have a nice day dude :D

WoW said...

This 12th general election was the most significant and probably the most 'sexist' election of all times throughout the history of Malaysia. People of malaysia regardless of their race, religion, gender stood up unitedly and delivered an unambiguous message via their votes to the ruling party of the day that they have lost our patient towards the govt and they are no longer tolerate some of the policies executed by the govt. It includes a few high profile court cases involving prominent political leaders and bizman.

The message is clear. We want a clean, transparent & efficient govt among others and anything short of that,another tsunami wave will definitely come and hit them once more in the next general election.

It's a heavy lesson to take but this is supposed to be the way in a so called mature democratic society . There must be check and balance so that whatever major or minor decisions decided in the Parliament or in the State are for the benefit of the people at large.

"Malaysia Boleh, Rakyat Boleh"

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi neomesuff,

Haha.. Yeah that's right. I don't remember the last time the campaign was so intense through the media.

Thanks for comment. I am prefer Obama too but Mc Cain is not a bad choice (though he's a bit old. haha :)


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi sweetiepie,

I hope my blog has back on working for you :D

Yeah, good point. I have notice that most of educated youth are interested with politic. Not quite sure about others, but they should be... The country future is in their hand right?


bluecrystaldude said...

Hi akmal,

nice seeing you here.. :D

Media mainstream inequality always has been a problem in our country. I just wonder what if our media is more open and let the opposition party to advertise too. Must be more merrier!

I am prefer to hear both side of story before choosing any one of them. So should you!


bluedreamer27 said...

its great to see you back blue dude
hows youre week? gheeeeh
thanks for giving this comprehensively nice political post
btw blue have you got my messge in myblkoglog?

waliz said...

hi BCD....i dont have to write down my opinion because wow,neomesuff, sweetiepie and akmal already said for me...thanks guys...hehe..the only thing i want to tell u is YES..i do hope Obama will be the next US president but Hillary wont just give up just like that...politic man!

Fazer said...

yeah government was unfair.
their should give some media space to opposite party.

well media fucking lie.
they even afraid to show up What Mahathir said.
I already watch once a video from youtube of "Siapa dia Khairy".

btw i do agree.
youth are also interested with politics.
just look at the persatuan mahasiswa(i can't recall the exact name"
they also want to participate in GE.

oh blame on our pm.
he shud resign
paklalalaalah , paklah lala he's always sleeping.

Hye said...

Hi there Bluecrystaldude,

I think it's "Politics", not "Politic". Anyway, I am interested in politics, but because I often get disappointed with the things happening around the government, I lose hope and interest. Things are getting worse everyday. Youth do care with the government... but the reality is the government no longer cares for the youth. They (government)seem to care but in reality, they don't. They are only after their own benefits. I dunno if this happens in your country, but it does in mine ;D

Hye of Space of Reality

bluedreamer27 said...

hello blue just dropping by to say have a great day

rizal said...

hmmm... tak mo cakap apa2 lahh.. i guess all things that are needed to be said,have already been said..

good take on the issue..


Hye said...

Hi Bluecrystaldude.. how are you? No updates? Still busy? Anyway, just dropping by to say Hello and have a great weekend ;D

Hye of Space of Reality

bluedreamer27 said...

hello blue just dropping by to say have a great day have a great day

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