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Age That I wish To Go Back To

Words that I used to scream ramble when I was a kid
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I was tagged by Rizal from his Rest n Rileks blog (a nice blog about rattan and all its "derivatives" Check him out HERE). So, I decided to fly my back to the future car (one of my favorite franchise film at that time) the around 1994-1999. I will be around 7 - 12 years old back then.

Five Reasons Why I Wish to Go Back to The Age 7-12

1. We don't have a digital camera back then
If we all have camera digital back then, I am pretty sure all our cute little faces will be preserved forever and we could always put that picture as our default picture to promote our profile at social networking. Aside from showing our ageless face, all the pedophiles will be crazy as they don't know which one is a child and which is a 70 years old grandma.

2. Give you a chance of being the most of ... everything
With your matured brain (matured physical also will do), you could be the strongest, cleverest and the most famous of all kids. Heck, you could also be the President of Kids under 12 association. (Never heard of it? Well, then you should invent it first before be the president. Don't worry, the kids easily fooled)

3. Kick the kid who once bullied you
Are you want to let him grow up to be a criminal? If he know that the world is full with people that stronger than him, he would not give the men species a bad name after all.

4. Brave enough to say Santa Claus does not exist (Could be changed with any of your local fairytale)
No one will be able to scare you from sleeping at night, you would not be afraid to go to the toilet at the midnight and no one will ask you to be a good kid at the eve of Christmas. You could give other kids a version of your own fairytale!

5. Remaking the memory and enjoy it while it last
In a serious note, if you are same with me, who lost most of his childhood memories due to frequent 40 degree Celsius fevers and have to stay in house for most of the time, you sure will enjoy and make the memory last forever. Nevertheless, just in case if your back to the future car malfunction, and you don't have childhood memory, you just have to live the future and appreciate what comes with it.

So, that the reasons why I want to go back to the age of 7-12 years old. As my pictures are not suitable for general viewing, please click the link below (it's javascript - won't take you away from this page :) I have taken out the javascript as one of my lovely reader could not view it. Oh! And please don't laugh!

My primary school - although I am not that handsome :)
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Standard 6 Pearl - more than 30 students in that class. Just imagine
how crowded it was
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One of the art made by my colleague
"Ice Kacang - All the ingredients will make it tasteful"
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mOEha Aziz said...


haaziq... nice name. well i dun want to turn back there... huhuhu... i've all already make peace with my memories...

1999 n u were 12, how young... i was already out of seminal fluid by then hehehe (too much of 'the activity' hahaha)

i'm sure the pedophiles eyes popped n rolling now...

rizal said...

salam..hahaha..nice one...suka pulak tgk..

hehehe..wah prefect rupanyer...patut laa dah besar nii semuanyer perfect..hehehehe

i like the part yang tak dak digital camera... that was so right.. it was fun i must say...

no.3 - hey i was once mangsa bully you know. i turn out all right.. and that bully - hmmm wonder what happen.. last check dia tak laaa so glamour seperti hamba ni..hehehe..

wahhhh tak tag orang lain kerr kekekekeeke... ehhh aint you supposed to put all the list jugak.. tak perr kan post panjang pulak nanti..hehehe

i give you an A+++ for the homework done..hehehe

Ratu Syura said...

Haha!! Yeah, kick that kid senseless! Kesian you.. But you turned out alright, kaannn?? Hehe..

mangosteenskin said...

sooo...haziq is ur real name. hehe.nice name.

i like ur writings. u r so good at putting ur thoughts into words. u remind me of my younger brother when u mention abt the 40 degrees fever. he's mischievous, rebellious kid during childhood, n get under my skin alot. that time, i think i hate him so much coz he's very hard to handle. he even threw mango at our late grandmother, juz becoz granny want to watch tv. not to mention what he did to me n my sister. but recently i asked him if he still remember how he used to be, he said he couldnt remember anything abt his childhood. i was suprised but then i felt so sorry to him. he once passed out becoz dad lost his temper n spanked him hard on the face. now i remember, he did change after that. he became a soft spoken and quiet boy.

btw, i've been here twice but still cant view the photos. really to see them la dude.

bluedreamer27 said...

if i was given that chance well i will no longer have mistakes in all exams that i will tkae in elementary iun highschool and no doubt i will become a valedictorian lol
what yah think?

Faisal Admar said...

Remind me about my primary school years. It was absolutely fun. We went to school made friends, learned new things, new subjects, we learned music instruments, we remembered all primary school songs even some of us still remember the old primary school songs until today, loved the canteen and loved teachers.

The fun became vague when we moved to secondary school. =)

You look so cute in the picture... hehe.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi moeha aziz,

hahahaha... I am not sure if I fully understand your meaning. Buat2 tak paham dah ar. haha


Hi rizal,

adeh! I forgot that it was a tag. Really really sorry. Must be due to the excitement of recalling those fond memories. hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi ratu syura,

haha. I think I grew up find. Can't be better than this :)


Hi mangosteenskin,

I am sorry to hear about your brother. I did go to hospital to check my condition. They said there are few conditions that will make you forget about something. One of them is medical condition. Other than that is when you're having a traumatizing experience. There also some people who managed to block his mind from remember certain things (usually bad thing that had happen)

Oh and I am sure that my writing is nothing to compare with your artworks. Nevertheless, I am flattered :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi bluedreamer,

Hehe. I thought that is called "cheating"? lol. I am sure you did well without changing anything ;)


Hi faisal admar,

Hehe..I love music class too. Especially when you're allowed to play whatever instrument that you want. I like to play piano (which sometimes later I realized I am suck at it :)

haha. I look cute? thanks *blushing*

neomesuff said...

the very one reason that i want to be a kid again is when we solve problem in a simple way by not thinking too much about, we have tend to consider of every aspect - complicated!

axim said...

dude,i like da most for the part that we dont have a digital camera back then..for myself,there's not so many pictures when i was a kid..huhu

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi neomesuff,

YEAH! I totally agree with you!

Less think + less responsibilities = kid

Plus, we could always relies on other to make a decision for us. Even if we had to make a decision, but it was a bad decision, we could always run away with it. Our problem is not as complicated nowadays :)

Nevertheless, as we grow older, we do learn a lot. It teach us to be more matured, responsible and reliable. In a simple word, it teaches us to be more like a man and woman we destined to be. I always try to enjoy my life the most. You should too :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi axim,

I also do not have much photos back than. Hate that part :(

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