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Don't Blame Your Child and Go Watch Iron Man!

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Don't Blame Your Children

If you're one of my loyal readers, you should may notice that I was missing for couple of days. Truth to be told, I was involved in an accident (!). Unfortunately, I was still alive to rambling about myself in this blog. Well, that may be because my 'accident' was only involving a supporting wall in a shopping complex, my mum's car and myself. I was in hurried to watch the Iron Man and I definitely blame the wall to be built in such matter so that the parking space was very small and only suitable for a mini car.

My mum's car was scratched with yellow paint stained on it. Thank God my parents chose not to blame me. They said they don't want me to be traumatized by an accident. After all, it was my first car accident and it was not that bad after all. My younger brother had quite an unforgettable accident last year. Since then, he never ever use that particular road again.

A soothing word rather than an angry voice work well for me. I know when I have stepped outside the boundary and know when to use my cuteness to extend an apology to my parent. I frequently hear about parents that prefer to use a harder method of teaching to discipline their child, for those who taught on using that option, please make sure that the last thing you want is to make your child a worse person in the future. Several head up points (copy and edited) from Prevent Child Abuse America. Go and visit the site. It has many interesting tips for all.

Remember the purpose of discipline
It is to teach your child socially acceptable ways of expressing natural desires and drives. Discipline guides your child into adulthood. Not to be traumatized by it.

Successful discipline is geared to the child's developmental stage
Don't expect a child of any age to perform something he or she is not ready for. Take things slow and steady. Do not put any excessive pressure especially on the academic achievement.

Children need positive reinforcement
Reward your child for doing right with smile, hugs, attention, praise and thanks. Although for me, money is the best reward. I am pretty sure your children too in the same ship with me. LOL

Never hit a child
Hitting is not a useful discipline tool for your children. Hitting and other physical punishment are not effective because they teach a child that it is okay to hit people, make children much too angry to be sorry for what they have done. Plus, you can hurt a child physically and mentally.

Discipline is best taught by example
The lessons you teach your child come from what your child sees you do - not what you say. Child tends to make parent as his or her role model. You may be not rich like Donald Trump or perfect as Oprah Winfrey, but make yourself the best from what you have. One of my role models (I don't know why people usually have one role model only) is my dad.

If what you are doing is not working, change it!
Your best efforts, even those that worked in the past, may break down. Try to keep sight of your basic principles and adopt with the child development. The best way to do it is to spend more quality time with your child and observed what he or she latest behavior.
"The important thing is not whether your child behaves in the next few minutes or today or this week. The really important thing is how your child turns out 5, 10, or 20 years from now."

Go Watch Iron Man!

Robert Downey Jr. sure win my vote. At first, I was in doubt whether this not-that-old-but-looking-like-an-old-man could amaze the new audience (such as me, who do not read a single Iron Man comic). Nevertheless, his act and with the help of advance digital technology made me stayed put on my sit through the one hour and half hour movie (even though I almost freezing in cold in that cinema - note: Never wear a short while watch a movie).

As many people already review this movie, I rather not explain further. The bad thing is, as always, it portraits Muslim as terrorist. Other than that, the movie was good, enjoyable with wickedly funny speeches through out the movie, the casts were solid, plus you will see couple of funny robots too! That been said, to be fair, I will quote a piece of opinion from a fan of the Iron Man comic.
With a little tinge of shame and regret, my rare dalliances with the Iron Man character stemmed from a few one off comic books, as well as occasions during the teenage years of spending time in the arcade with those Marvel games, where Iron Man was one of my preferred characters because it came together with his incredible arsenal of weapons from repulsor beams to this gigantic cannon which accompanied the execution of some complex combo moves. There's something sexy about the red and gold suit of armour, and having an array of weapons at the disposal of a player, makes perfect sense for variety in dispatching your enemies. - imdb
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Faisal Admar said...

I agree with your point. Do not blame or scold your children. They learn from their mistake, of course. This is a learning process... in life. Your mom made a good step I'd say.

I never read Iron Man but will go watch this Friday =)

P/s: Psst, you have been tagged!

Akmal said...

you hit the jackpot! You see, harsh words, physical contacts, things like that should be avoided, especially when we are talking about teenagers like you and me. If I am not mistaken, there is a hadith to use can to teach in the earlier age, and to befriend the child when they are teenager.
About Iron Man, I am not a super hero big fan, but you don't need to be one to enjoy this movie. I don't enjoy Spiderman, but this one hooked me up! So many sarcastic joke in the serious, relaxing storyline. The visual effect, simply brilliant :)
Agak agak ada Iron Man 2 tak? hehehe...

mangosteenskin said...

owh... i hope u're okay. phisically, mentally and emotionally. :)

Ratu Syura said...

Well, I'm glad you're still alive and kicking.. Or else you wouldn't have been able to claim more awards.. :P

Eh, I tak tgk lagi Iron Man!! Maybe I'll go check it out this Saturday.. :D

mOEha Aziz said...

salam haaziq...

alhamdulillah that u r ok... :)

very true... we ought to stop blaming our children... still, i'm not very keen with the idea off not using cane... i do question this part of western ideology... i used to attend their masses n one of their very frequent sermon is "if u spare the rod, u'll spoil the child" yet they asked us to spare the rod... how confusing... still, i might b wrong..

yeah, iron man... watched it already with kak lily n the gang...

Nor Shazwina Shahnaz said...

mcmanela bole accident ni... iskk..

neomesuff said...

huuuh..the very the not easy to raise kids nowadays, when most of the time they test our tell me about it how to raise kids...kene banyakkkk sabar..

eeek..every reviews are positive reviews...ok lah..m not a big fan of ironman heheee

Farah Deen said...

ah, first accident is OK. that's the only accident you will remember forever and ever!! LOL that's fine, always in an accident, thank God if you are fine and nothing bad happened. even if the worst happen to the car, you can always get it fixed!

so, you enjoyed your iron man show. great. i am not really into movies as such, blimey, i have stopped going to the cinema after my second girl was born!!! ouch! that's almost 2 years now.

Faisal Admar said...

I've watched Iron Man just now. I loveee... this movie a lot. The Gumira village was the irony part. Glad he survived till the end.

Will make my own review tomorrow hehe. Pretty tired tonight.

WoW said...

I agree. Parents must not only feed their children but at the same time must instill good moral values, proper guidance etc to them. It's definitely not a easy task!

Enjoy your weekends & Happy mother day!

FarA said...

the technology is superb. but, the mukadimah of the movie was freakingly long.

i watched d movie with my gfs and i was constantly yawning *seriously* waiting for when-is-this fullymodified-suit-going-to-save-the-world and counter-all-evils.
(the scene: when the hero was caught in the dry desert with the ugly suit) sangat lamaaaaaa.

(sangat impatient)

axim said...

The important thing is not whether your child behaves in the next few minutes or today or this week. The really important thing is how your child turns out 5, 10, or 20 years from now

i'm really agree with this satatements...we are what we've been teached rught?

by da way,thank u so much for use ,y link for reviewer..appreciate dat..!!

tq bro.!!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi akmal,

I totally agree! The storyline is quite simple but the dialog is marvelous. If there will be Iron Man 2, I will be at its premier. lol. Robert Downey Jr is amazing as always. Such a great actor!


Hi mangosteenskin,

Haha. I am very much fine. Thanks :)

MADReaLJL said...

kecik2 boleh la pukul sket2.. dah besar2 jangan

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Ratu Syura,

Thanks for your awards (4 of it!). Love it :)


Hi moeha aziz,

"if u spare the rod, u'll spoil the child" haha.. Love your point. It's true though. My parent is very influenced by those west culture. Not that I blamed them in anyway, because they still choose what they believe in. And they still practiced our ancestor's values, they just more selective in what they believe :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shazwina,

haha. Tak taw ar camne leh eksiden. Must be too excited to watch Iron Man :)


Hi neomesuff,

Haha. I am not a big fan either. But now, I think I am one :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Farah Deen,

Haha.. I am the opposite of you. I NEVER EVER go to cinema two years before. Honestly, my parents are not into this cinema thing. They said it was dirty and you could be infected by hepatitis.. hahahaha


Hi faisal,

Haha.. read your review. Oh and I love you put Robert Downey Jr's video too :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi wow,

Thanks! Happy Mother's Day to you too.. ;)


Hi fara,

LOL.. I was freezing cold at the second half of the movie. I tried to make movement so much until I spill out my popcorn onto my friend's lap. hehe. So, the first half of it was quite okay for me

The scene after Iron Man escape is much better though.Love the scene when Tony said, "Oh please, this is not the worst you have seen" <-- when Gwyneth Paltrow saw Tony try to open up the suit. LOL

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi axim,

No problem at all :)


Hi madrealjl,

Hehe. thanks for your comment. I wish you luck for MU tonight. LOL

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