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Forgive My French

Language is the most interesting (and damn hard) subject to learn. At a "tender" age of 20, I already learn several languages such as English, Arabic and the latest is French. And of course, there is my mother tongue (why they don't call it father tongue?) language which is Bahasa Melayu (or Malay language or Bahasa Malaysia. Whichever they call it now). I always wanted to write a post in Malay but I am not confident enough with my ability to construct beautiful sentences that will captivate my readers (I never had an "A" for my Bahasa Melayu subject in school). So, just hope that the day will come soon.

Language may sometimes misinterpreted. The ability to diagnose a language must be achieved with a full consideration of its culture and where the place of language is spoken. How we portraits our ideas into words, to make a sentence just to form an understandable argument. It's a hard process to learn a new language. Sometimes, your tongue just couldn't handle it. As my Indian friend once said, we need a short tongue to learn Malay language, a shorter one to learn English, and a longer one to learn Tamil's. Can anyone tells me how to grow your tongue LONGER?

So, in the midst of my struggling to learn French, I flip up my ultimate guide into the French language, which is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French On Your Own, and it stated that there are ten reasons only why you should learn French:

  1. You love Colette's romance novels.
  2. You'd like to root for the Montréal Canadiens in French.
  3. You loved Les Misérables so much that you decided to read the original version in its entirety—all 600 plus pages.
  4. You want to avoid ordering francs with mustard and sauerkraut.
  5. You never know when you're going to run into Catherine Deneuve.
  6. You want to impress your date at a French restaurant.
  7. You love French movies but find the subtitles too distracting.
  8. They won't let you onto the topless beach in Martinique without it.
  9. Two words: French Fries.
  10. You want to meet St. Exupéry's “Little Prince.”
Note: I only know what the heck he's talking about start from the number 6 and higher. So, which one is my reason for learning French? It's not even there! I wanted to learn French because of its beauty and for the art of the language itself. I wanted to feel good, sexy and could make anyone drooling in my presence. It's the same feeling when you wish to learn British accent so that your partner will mistakenly think that you're as hot and as sexy as Jude Law. Or when you have the urge to learn Chinese so that you will be master in kungfu. Or when you though that if you speak in Korean or Japanese, you will be automatically beautiful (without any clear gender line) and your partner will somehow become irresistible-dolly-cute.

Oh, and it may be because I will be having my short holiday there. I will be going to Paris for 10 days (or more) with my family. My flight will leave this Sunday, which means I have to go to Kuala Lumpur either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I am not sure whether I will bring along my laptop, so just in case I am not, I just want to tell all my readers that I am won't be updating my blog until I am back to Malaysia.

This year has done plenty of good things for me. Nevertheless, when it comes to my study, it was one of the most busy, mind breaking, hormone building year. I am looking forward for the half of this 2008 year! Have a great week, and happy holiday everyone!!

à bientôt (so long),


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FarA said...

oh digital art! x) it's been a while since ive last mixing around with my cs2 (hvnt update to cs3)
being a linguist is utter cool. but if the lidah-too-keras-to-learn-new-words, sticking to english, bm, and the dialects; i guess till forever.

ps: send my regards to the male hotties in Paris. jgn lupe ;) and if u stumble upon the ooh-la-la designer boutiques, snap some pixs!
what a request from me.

oh i melalut ody in this comment box.

E-Tavasi said...

Wah enjoy your holiday :) learn chinese will be master kungfu ??? hmmm... :D

mOEha Aziz said...

salam haaziq,

my mumma always reminds us this "just dun let no one to kill u in any ways"

i had never been able to get A also for my bahasa. yet, what do i care. i might not b Pak Samad yet i'm moeha aziz. proud to b one... :)

Paris? hav fun haaziq...

rizal said...

wahh paris.. sounds fun. The closest that i ve got to Paris is thru "The Devil Wears Prada.."

Hahaha.. I thought your BM komen on Moeha's blog is bagus apa. Excellent i must say (mimik gaya British - sambil hisap paip di tepi tingkap) hehe. I have yet to improve my english and Bm as well..

ohhh b4 you go :

Je voudrais un cafe' au lait, sil vou plait.. Merci.

I still need to finish my french yang tak habis habis.. hahaha

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi fara,

Haha.. Will do.. Weh, my friends said France is full with beautiful men and women. The catch is "most of the men are gay and that is why women feel beautiful". hahahaha...

I am sure I wont ask every single men there whether they are gay or not (hurmm.. Maybe I should do a poll there..erkk)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi e-tavasi,

wah, you already put a "-" in your name. hehe.. Just noticed it now.. :)

haha. Aren't you good in kungfu?

bluecrystaldude said...

Salam Moeha Aziz,

"just dun let no one to kill u in any ways" .. Ape maksudnye hek? Does it means that don't let anything hinder you from your success? :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

Haha.. I am having no guts to read that comment twice. hehe..

My Big Problem in writing BM in blog:

1. Tak tahu nak bahasakan diri sebagai apa.. Saya? Aku? I? Bluecrystaldude <-- tak Melayunya. hehe.. or, Haaziq
2. Tak tahu nak guna bahasa pasar ataupun dalam bahasa Melayu penuh. Kalau (Sy/Aku/Haaziq) nak tulis dalam bahasa Melayu yang penuh, kalau baca balik dah macam tengah bercakap dengan maid Indonesia plak. hehe

Oh, and I only understand what you're French saying a little bit only. hehe. Well, don't blame me. I only managed to learn those basic and needed words/sentences for traveler only. After I back from holiday, I am sure will learn more of it :)

P/S: "sil vou plait" is? hehe



My big brother just had an accident. He was supposed to fly a day after us (since he's working). From what I heard, his condition is quite bad. Scratches on hand and leg. We will be going to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Hope he will be ok and join us in Paris... :(

Farah Deen said...

That's interesting, we do share something here-languages!

I too love languages and in school, i took up Arabic as well...but I don't really fancy the language as much as I thought I would. However, in university, I took French and Japanese (which I still love till now). The best way to master a language is to speak the language. My sister speaks French too, so, I have her to practice :) Another advantage of my language ability is that, my dad speaks the Indian language, and I could too! Hubby knows Jawa, but I don't understand a word! LOL :)

Have a nice weekend dude....
btw, where abt are u? Penang?

katunX said...

enjoy your time in Paris dude...

send my regards to Paris Hilton..

oh, ok..

she's american..

neomesuff said...

hahhhhhh....has been here for a while and yre going to France!...jeolousssssss

WoW said...


ont un agréable voyage et n'oubliez pas mon cadeau! haha

(have a pleasant trip and don't forget my gift haha)

au revoir

Faisal Admar said...

haha interesting post. i wish i could speak in many languages but i just can't!

i'm pretty lame in languages. i learnt mandarin before, but that was it. end up i don't remember anything now instead of some greetings lol. after all chinese in penang speaks hokkien! bah!

french is pretty hard as well to cope with. bet spanish is easier? i don't know. when i was in germany, i grab some words too... but its not as hard as i thought. but still... hard! lol.

hmm thinking of writing in malay? i once have consider about it too. but since some of the readers are chinese and from other countries, i keep my blog in english mode still. even though my english not as good, who cares? lol. by changing it into malay language only might attract only malay readers and narrow my visitors. not a good option i suppose.

thats all by now... enough crap :P

BK said...

Learning new language is fun and yet it can be very challenging. Through learning new language, I found that I can also learn a thing or two about the culture behind the language. And I also found that talking to people in their language could make it easier to build rapport with people. Have fun! : )

bluedreamer27 said...

hey what i know about french is their french fries and their french kiss haha just kidding men

coolingstar9 said...

It is good to learn more languages. Learning French is good for you to interact with France people.
How to make a tougue longer, may be can use artifiical one, I do not know any artificial tougue available.
Wish you happy, healthy and have a nice day.

AngelBaby said...

Ok, I am impressed so go ahead whisper something french in my ear.
Wait that didn't come out right. So go ahead and speak some French to me, not in my ear though.

Love and Blessings,

wan wma said...

i also never had 'A' for bahasa Melayu. But i had an 'E' for English! Muhahaha...

xxeemm said...

I didn't score for my BM too. *blush* But very jealous of your French and trip to Paris. However, according to Joseph Gordon Levitt, only french ladies are sexy.


bluedreamer27 said...

hi dude im done with your tags about the pictures hehe hope you like it too
have a great day

bluecrystaldude said...



Hi Farah Deen,

I am in USM engineering campus, Transkrian, Seberang Prai, Penang. hehe. I am doing my 3rd year chemical engineering here :)

Where are you?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi katunxx,

I don't see Paris Hilton anywhere around me, but France's TV can't stop airing about her (Even her sex video on the national TV) Geez.. And they even dubbing her voice into French

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi neomesuff,

hehe.. dun be jealous. I am dying to see your play :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi wow,

The price there is unbelievably pricey when converted to our currency. Damn low exchange rate!


Hi Faisal,

Yeah, that's on my thought too (about writing in Malay). I don't want to marginalized my foreign readers who don't know Malay, and if I want to post about the same thing in different language, I guest I only need to install Google Translation in my blog. Nevertheless, I would like to know about my Malay writing capacity :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi BK,

Thanks BK :D


Hi bluedreamer,

Haha.. Me too! lol


Hi coolingstar,

Haha.. is there any artificial tongue available???

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Angelbaby,

haha. I will try not to say it while I laugh :D


Hi wan wma,

hehe, no sweat :) I never been that good in English too :D


Hi xxeemm,

They are smoking HOT and Sexy!! hehe.. Most of them :) It feels like you're in a fashion show or something..

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hahaha.. slmt brkja ziq.. :P

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