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More Awards

Wow. Today already 1st day of May. Can't wait for my family vacation later this month! So, for the month ended 30th April, Hot Shit Form Here received another 5 awards much to my delight. With this speed, I hope Hot Shit Form Here's Awards Gallery will become true. Thanks again for all these wonderful awards. Words cannot describe my happiness.

I haven't finish yet the tag from Rizal. My internet connection just being repaired this morning. I am sure will do it as soon as possible. Plus, I will give an award this month. The design not finish yet, but I am sure hope you will like it like the last one. It already 4.30am. I am very sleepy but wait, I can sleep all day long because tomorrow today is the Labour Day. Happy Labour Day!

Just click the link below! (it's javascript - won't take you away from this page :)

First, I received this no 3rd Hottest Blog award from Bluedreamer

Then, Hye decided to share her no 1 Hottest Blog award with me

Angelbaby also kind enough to give me this
Outstanding Blogger award

Apple of My Blog award from Bluedreamer

Last but not least is Compasion Humane Outstanding Nurturing Award
shared by Angelbaby


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FiSHY@iKe said...

Happy Labour Day! (although im not a labour, :P)

rizal said...

no prob about that tag laa blue.. take your time.. but make sure by the time you post it, that tag better be bom badabom ba bomm laa kan..sebab amik masa lama... hahahahaha :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi fishy@ike,

hehe.. I am not a labour too. But still, Happy Labour Day to you too :D

Thanks for your comment! Hope will see you more



bluecrystaldude said...

oh hoo.. arap2 ar bes.. lambat tu bukan ape.. sebab nak g carik gambar tu yang susah.. hehe.. gambar tym kecik2 dulu kn dalam filem.. my scanner not doing so well.. So, terpakse g carik kat laman web skola dulu.. hehe

waliz said...

i am sooo jealous! i need a vacation too!

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