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11th Hot Shit Awards Ceremony

By the overwhelming blog awards that Hot Shit Form Here has received for this couples of months, I decided to post a special edition of Hot Shit Blog Awards ceremony. Due to the hike of price oil and the cost of transportation, the prestigious ceremony will be held online (Save your money ticket fellas, or donate it if you want).

In a very prestigious stage (imagine it to be, what people called heh? Kodak theater something?), with a capacity almost reach 10 000 people, (not to include those people who are watching this online and from their own television. I would like to present you, the 11th (Don't ask why I picked 11. Just it occur to me it seems like a nice number) Hot Shit Awards 2008!!! Drum rolling please...!!

Perez Hilton: (Live from Perez TV) I am, the most famous gay celebrities blogger in the internet, would like to present you, all these amazing awards to our one and only (please read with a higher tone), the writer of Hot Shit Form Here, Bluecrystaldude!!!

Bluecrystaldude: Thank you Perez. I love your blog! (waving at him in the pink suit) Though I still hope that you will consider to comb your hair properly before goes on air. Thanks again Perez!

I would like to thank all of you who voting (just assume the awards are by votes) in for me.. Really, I am speechless (I should have stop right now, but suddenly I am not speechless anymore).

I would like to thank all my fans, who still have faith in me even though I am still cheating when I read my email (not read them throughly) or the fact that I still haven't got any concrete idea of wearing a sarong. Also many thanks for my vivid and always want more of Hot Shit Form Here updates (my visitor have exceed my expectation, it's now on the steady count of 5 thousands plus).

I would also like to express my gratitude to all the environmentalist who comments on my post about nature (Mother nature must be proud of us) and for those who commented on my latest post, about politics, God bless you. I am having a very negative feedbacks from those politicians I blamed on. People said I was very rhetoric by posting it online and not to confront them directly. No brainer here, could I, the most normal ordinary person in the country, meet the greatest, the most humble and the most honest (all of these are metaphor, if you too slow to get it) Prime Minister?? Hurm... (finger cross he do not read my blog)

Thanks also to my tonight glimmering red hot shirt, shiny metallic trouser, snake skin shoes and my Calvin Klien boxer, opstt, no. That's from my own personal cupboard. Thank you for making and forcing me to wear this hilarious outfit. For those designer out there who pity me, please, please come forward and sponsor me next time.

Before I finish my supposedly speechless speech, I would like to gift this People's Choice Award to my wonderful readers which are:

Hye | Waliz | Angelbaby | Sweetiepie | Akmal | Dann | Nisha | Rizal | Wow | Emila | Mangosteenskin | Mr Viruz | Bluedreamer | Cik Yati | Faisal | Etavasi | coolingstar9 | neomesuff |

Have a wonderful life ahead, and continue the read Hot Shit Form Here!


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AngelBaby said...

Wow! What a beautiful award. Did you make this award? It is so beautiful. Thank you so much. It will be an Honor to have this award on my site. Thank you.

Love and Blessings,

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi angelbaby,

you're welcome :D


rizal said...

wow wa weee... wonderful dynamic award.. ehem ehem...

terima kasih3X! (sorry such a short speech-but glitters in Anna Sui - ahak ahak ahak)

now, this makes me works harder laa..

neomesuff said... WOW!...for a 'newcomer' in your blog...i am totally honoured! oh..oh..m speechless..thanks! *grinnnnn*

bluecrystaldude said...

hi rizal,

haha.. glitters in anna sui?? hahaha...


bluecrystaldude said...

hi neomesuff,

new comer? Haha.. no lah.. I treat people equally. lol


waliz said...

hmmm...first of all i would like to thank bluedreamer...ooopppss sorry bluecrystal...(one of them should change it to pink or maroon)for this outstanding beautiful awards...
i feel very honoured and i would also to thank my mom, my dad, my lover, my record label and bla bla bla...hehehe


Sweetiepie said...

Hey!I really appreciate it.I felt great and happy now.Although you are busy with your studies but you still take your time to read my blog.Happy to know you as a friend.Thank you so much for the special award.:)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi waliz,

haha.. what's up with I change mine to pinkcrystaldude? Haha.. Not very masculine, I think.. hehehehe.. :P

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi sweetiepie,

Sorry coz I did miss out many of your posts.. But I will make it up to you :D

mangosteenskin said...

wah! another award! tq! tq! i love the award design.

by d way....juz to let u know "u've been tagged!"

F a r A said...

oh i just love digital artwork!
a nice one there mr bluecrystaldude!

bluedreamer27 said...

wow thank you so much blue for this wonderful people choise award gheeeh i love it
btw can i have perez hilton # haha just kidding
gheeeh i felt that i was in the kodak theater already
hey waliz you got mistake again haha
hey blue i didnt know your a gay well i maybe that makes you a special blogger do yah?
have a great day blue dude

ratu syura said...

That's a really awesome award there!! Great job!! :D

Etavasi said...

Wow nice beautiful award :D thanks :D very much i appreciate it :)

coolingstar9 said...

Thanks for the valuable award, have a nice week.

emila said...

Wow!!! thank you so much Haaziq!!! I didn't get a ping! I just noticed this! :-D

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