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Anger Management

(UPDATED: Shortened this post. It is indeed a little bit too long even for my standard. LOL)

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Okay, finally I am back online. Your level of laziness is literally multiplied by a hundred time when you know that your holiday is arriving to its ends. Of course it was getting worst when I am too mixed up with my bad mood about SOME of my subscribed blogs, readers, odd visitors, my self, my parents, politician and human worldwide. I am not actually sure why my anger/dissatisfaction (I am not even sure what it is but it is mostly anger) is building up fast inside of me. Finally last night, after watching an interesting match between Spain and Germany (in which Spain won) for EURO08 finale, I dreamt about scolding and screaming at several people who do not have any connection with my reality, but just because they were at the wrong place at wrong time to be in my dream.

I was in a restaurant having my meal with my parents when something is not up to my level of satisfaction and thus, I spilled out my anger towards them.Yes, I know it isn't healthy for my physiological state - finding a way to solve my problem in semi conscious mind instead of facing it in reality but I also feel quite relief after I woke up. Oh my, I should start making appointment to see one of my readers, which also a counselor, Waliz to spend countless hours and money just for talking 'to a friend'. No offense Waliz.

What Is Anger?

Anger is "an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage," according to Charles Spielberger, PhD, a psychologist who specializes in the study of anger. Like other emotions, it is accompanied by physiological and biological changes; when you get angry, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, as do the levels of your energy hormones, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. (blah blah blah - I just copy and paste).

In a normal words, anger is when you feel something boiling up inside you and you feel like wanna punch somebody. In case you are an alien from outer space, this feeling (or what they say, emotion) is a normal for an average person. However, it is becoming a problem when you can't control it and it affects your daily routine.

What Cause Your Anger?

If you want me to list out 100 things that will trigger my anger button, I be well passed 150 by now. To summary the very long list, I think what really make me angry is reoccurrence of human stupidity. I know it is a very strong word to use, but it is true. Whether it is other people stupidity; translation: when one person made a stupid decision and others will have to suffer the pain, or when people are taking advantages from your own stupidity; such as cheated on you in your less knowledgeable field. It is a natural thing for ordinary human to make mistake due to its own imperfections, but, we should all learn from the past and try to avoid it to reoccurs again.

Identify Your Source Of Anger

These questions might be helpful. Do you express anger in a way that overwhelms you and others? Do you get angry more often than most people you know? Do you get angrier than is necessary? Do you use threatening language or gestures? Do you get angry enough to hit, throw or kick things, people or animals? Do you seethe for hours? Do you hide angry feelings from others or try to suppress your feelings? Do you use alcohol or drugs to calm your rage? Do you experience physical reactions such as muscle tension or a racing heart when you get angry? Does expressing your anger usually leave you feeling better about yourself and the person who angered you?

When Victoria Beckham Smile | My Little Black Pot

I think Victoria Beckham is very pretty, but she seems to think that
smiling is not fashionable. So, I decided to lend her a smile from one of
my favorite TV series character to her. Check my other blog to
find out who he is - Bluecrystaldude

Anger Management Tips

The problem is not anger, the problem is the mismanagement of anger. Mismanaged anger and rage is the major cause of conflict in our personal and professional relationships. Domestic abuse, road rage, workplace violence, divorce, and addiction are just a few examples of what happens when anger is mismanaged. Here are some of the anger management tips (partially extracted from to help get your anger under control:
  1. Take a time out
  2. Do something physically exerting
  3. Find ways to calm and soothe yourself
  4. Once you're calm, express your anger as soon as possible so that you aren't left stewing
  5. Think carefully before you say anything
  6. Work with the person who angered you
  7. Use "I" statements when describing the problem to avoid criticizing or placing blame
  8. Forgive the other person
  9. Keep an anger log/list
  10. Use humor to release tensions
There you go. Please, please, please, make this world a better place and easier for you and me. Oh, and please do not try to underestimate my intelligence by posting unrelated and general comments that only show you are not actually read my post. I know it usually very long and will take your valuable time to read it, but it already took mine a lot to make all those posts. I really have many things to take care off towards the end of my holiday rather than handling my anger problem yet in my dream again. Thank you.


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FarA said...

am i the first? oh yeah!

1. oh the big abless hulk. sgt gemuk!
2. oh the beckham finally smiles. yes i agree she seldom smiles. hm hm.

whoa. the anger management tips really must be applied to an easily-angered person. hm hm. no offense to all easily-angered person
i cool off in a night or two. then i'm the old me who enjoy others company :)

and dear mrbluecrystaldude, chill k :) eat lots of ice cream, lots of chocolates and then jump into the pool and swim back n fro, then u mkn lgi bnyk2 aiskrim dan coklat, kemudian u lompat masuk kolam dan berenang2.
trust me, u feel great after doing so :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Fara,

Damn! You are early. haha. I just thought want to leave this massage in my comment box, but just notice you are already here. hehe. Thanks for the ice creams and chocolates things. I miss that tips because those are not healthy foods.. Yeah, right (I forgot about it actually :)

Anyway, this is supposedly my comment:

"SOrry for the long post. I just noticed how long it is. :P"

shahril aley said...

mak oii panjang nye entri ni
boleh jadi doktor psikiatri la bro
i'll practice mana yang patut la
am a hot temper gak

AngelBaby said...

Great ideas for managing your anger. You can also find someone you trust to vent to about whatever is bothering you. Letting them know first that you need to vent and it is not about them. Make sure that they won't go back to the person that you are upset with and tell them what you said. They need to understand that this is just letting off steam. This helps allot.

Love and Blessings,

rizal said...

anger.. ehhh angry??

lately, i feel so much anger too.. feel angry all the time..

good post..

i am trying to cool my self too..

and my laziness is multiplied by a hundred time too.. :) which explains the so quiet "restnrileks"



izzahismail said...

when i get angry,
i choose to keep silent.
otherwise,i'll just simply word out harshly.. not good.

you take care. ;))

i miss blogging but trying to catch up with time

Farah Deen said...

wow- you really could write long entries for your blog. Anyway, to be frank, you have great insides to a lot of things you write and it is always fun to read your thoughts.

Anger..hmmm..I get angry really easily but I cool down fast too. I think, if you are unable to control and manage your anger well, then, you sure deserve anger management therapy. I dont think those kinda therapy is famous in Malaysia though, but I am sure a lot of Malaysians need it. hahahahah

so, counting down your holidays? Where are you studying currently?

Hafizd said...

hihi..bley jadik doc psychiatry dah nih...well, thanks for the tips. want to add some; if u are in angry state, please take ur ablution (wudhu).If God Will, it will reduce ur angry and make u feel calm...

Akmal said...

Hello BCD,
I am kinda cool, not easily get heated up by any kind of situation; unless it is something I really, really, really don't like. At this point, I am very edgy with that the causes; be it people or things.
Usually when I am angry, I'll go for a literally cool off; bath. Sometimes, I'll resort to sleep. I am not a expressive person, but anyone have their own anger threshold right?
And I think sometimes I can be pretty annoying as well hahaha :P

ArMs said...

If I'm angry... I'd watch funny youtube videos;D or go play bula sipak haaha...
btw,thanks for dropping by dude!

bluedreamer27 said...

oh great anger comes unexpectedly depends upon the situation you are in to
anger may also have its classification there are anger that can easily be relieves but theres also that being kept within that stay for a very long time

i hate to be angry but i admit sometimes i do get angry

anger makes too much stress right

by the way blue i dont know how to make an embed code for my poll gheehj how i wish i can

neomesuff said...

Wo! has been a while..and this time is about anger management, definition, identifications... find someone to talk to, to release..then me go chill out...

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shahril Aley,

Well, I guess I need to take double major; Chemical Engineering and Psychology. Although I think I more prefer an old woman to be my psychologist. LOL


Hi Angelbaby,

You're totally right. I also forgot to add that step in my post. A best friend is a worth a mountain of pressure. Haha. That's my dad told me. But, of course, he/she also could be the helper when we need them :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

Are you pouring your anger on canvas? Damn. I hope you do. haha. I always fill with feeling but to translate it on a canvas is totally in different level. Hope you're not angry anymore :)


Hi Izzahismail,

I always thought that girls always keep their anger down their sleeves. Is that true?

Well, have a great day. I am sure miss you here :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Fasrah Deen,

Haha. I have a lots of anger too, just a typical Malaysian right? We getting angry with evrything form almost anything we could think off; food, bills, traffic jams, air pollution, noise, amount of works, etc etc..

I have a lot of ideas, but just couldn't find the time and words to describe it. Hehe. I am not a genius though. Just a normal man with crazy ideas.

Oh, and I am currently studying in USM. hehe. And you are lecturing in what college?

bluecrystaldude said...


Hi Hafidz,

Of course! Religion is the best way to soothing your angry soul. Nothing works more than a simple remembrance of who we actually are :)


Hi arms,

LOL. Bola Sepak (football/soccer) is a good way to release tension too. In fact, I don't actually feel anything after doing some sports except a tired feeling. hehe..

Thanks for dropping by man! Have a nice day :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Akmal,

Sleep is great, cool bath is awesome! LOL. Especially when you're taking a long bath in your bath tub. I like the feeling of freshness after that. Anger management should definitely add these steps in their method!


Hi Bluedreamer,

In my personal experience, when you're unleashing your anger, your stress will go away too. I think may be because I am too a little secretive about my anger. I rather shove it down rather than let it goes. But when I did let my anger burst out, I feel much better.

Of course, you shouldn't start screaming at a total stranger or to innocent friends. If not, you will regret it later :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Neomesuff,

Yeah, it has been a while since your last visit. Being busy? hehe

Oh, me also love to chill out. I usually love to chill out with my buddies (although they seems don't like me much. tsk tsk)

Ron Russell said...

Boy did I use to get angery---suddenly one day I asked myself why. I was just irritated at all the dumb people in the world--no one knew as much as me. Then I found peace. 8-)

Ron Russell said...

couldn't get properly logged in on previous post. One of the last times I got angery was the day I caught this fish---the one before got away, my wife began laughing, damn--I almost threw her into the Pacific. 8-)

Debera said...

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