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Doing A Favor

Finally. Back to my college and will soon start all over again as a student in my daily life. The months of holiday have actually done me good to face yet another hectic, hormone rising, non syllable words dashing, throat torturing (from the lecturers, of course) and yet another interesting life. After all, student's life is when we spent a big chuck of our dreams and soul. Not to mention the couples of stupid things that we done which we later applaud it or regret. Some of it we done in the name of helping ourselves and other, just to help our friends. I will rather talk about the latter as it would not sound like am all about myself again and again. But don't worry, I will put my personal touch in this post too as I know my life experiences will change your life and the way you will see it. Well, at least 10 seconds (or may be less) after you read this.

Will you do your friend a favor? You should answer the question truthfully and a "Yeah right" is the best answer. It could be the longer "Yeahhhhhh..." follow up with the shorter and end abruptly "right." or the shorter "Yeah, right" and hopefully the more honest version of it. I am not sure if you are getting this, but most of us (a normal person who actually has a real feeling, minus the politicians - yeah, right) will have to endure with this feeling and more guilt that came along with it. You sometime will feel guilty after you agreed to help your best friend to hold his hand through out a monstrous-dentist-appointment that he was afraid damn freaking out, just to noticed that your red and swollen hand the next morning or when you are helping your friend doing something personal until it comes a little bit more personal than you expected. And what they called the term nowadays? Oh yes, "Friend With Benefits".

What I am trying to say is, we all have tried so hard to be the best friend he or she ever had by helping them to do lot of things and yet in some occasion we will feel unappreciated. To make matter worst, we, ourselves also sometimes forgot to acknowledge the helps from our dearest friends. Just a thanks or a friendly hug would mean a lot better for you and your friend. After all, just keep in mind that they may be have done something that isn't so pleasant for themselves in the name of doing a friend a favor. "Will you do your friend a favor?" should be changed to "Are you appreciating your friend's favor?" It is a must done thing to do for a stranger managed to walk into your life and became from a stranger to an acquaintance and then become a friend, and finally in doing so you will keep he or she for the rest of your life.

What are your the most worst or best favor that you have done to your friend? For me, the top five favors are:
  1. Checking for my best friend who was also my ex-girlfriend the show time for a romantic movie in cinemas, so that she and her boy friend will have the night for cuddling with each other when watching this movie.
  2. Did I mention that when I was in one of the cinemas websites, I was infected by spyware? What a bummer. (The site was later being blocked by Google)
  3. Spending a dreadful hour in dentist with my friend I told earlier. He did not rightfully say that he was going to a dentist. He said he wanted to visit a doctor after we back from spending another hour earlier in a coffee house slipping cups of caffeine - which I later learned that he wanted to reduce his nerve activities before the dentist appointment.
  4. As a regular offender for this favor, I always keep in my mind to not ever doing it again, but I fail every single time. The big favor is - accompany a girl friend shopping.
  5. Letting your friend copying your answer during examination and ended up getting busted. As all of the students in my primary school class knew who the only person in loves Sailor Moon so much that you wrote the questions asking for the answer on a paper with drawings of a full frontal Sailor Moon's character on it. That would be my friend of course and not me. Then she later left the paper laying on the table after the exam just to get picked up by the teacher.

So, there you go. Top five favors that I think I won't try to do it again in the future. I am sure hope you don't. Anyway, please share with us some if not all, favors that you have done just in the name of friendship and let us all appreciate it together (and having some laugh in between). Have a great day,


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Shemah said...

That one you listed No.1 is pretty brutal la weii.. LOL!

I can't think of the worst or weirdest favor I've done for a friend. I guess all the favors I've done for my friends, weren't ever so bad.

Hmm... lemme think about it (maybe I forgot) and I'll get back to you on this one k? :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi shemah,

Haha.. The first one is also the most recent favor I done to her. Tsk Tsk

izzahismail said...

no 5,aahhh, the lecturer just told us about how a student let his friend cheat and end up getting half of his full mark.

you have a good day ;))

Hye said...

Good luck on your studies Blue, invite me whenever you graduated so I can joined the party ;0

Take care,

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Izzahismail,

Haha. If I remember correctly, I pass that exam :)


Hi Hye,

Well, it won't be too soon. I have to complete my fourth year first after this. Thanks for the comment. Nice seeing you're back here :D

Anonymous said...

Hey ya bluecrystaldude,

No1 - not acceptable in any kind of circumstances and overtime you will end up suffer with major heart problem... so, please stop dear friend. If you ever think of getting back with her, there's like -75% of chances... obviously!

No2 - see... if you didn't start no1... obviously no2 won't happen in the first place... :)

No3 - how cute!!... can't say more... so, can you accompany me to my next physiotherapy?

No4 - no comment... it's still your call my dear friend... :)

No5 - me myself once been in your shoes... hate it! :( and this was not a favor... :P

My worst or best favor ever to a friend... hmm... hah!

My dear friend wanted to commit suicide... and she got caught red-handed. She told her mum, that was me for me, the settings! the rope... her mum end up give me free counseling and even called my parents and social service... haiyakkk!!! Till now, her mum still have the idea that I'm the one with the all the problems in the world and not her very dearest daughter...

One can only smile... when it comes to friend-stuff-and-favor... :)

Akmal said...

Hello bro.
Gee, man, you did those five? You are'admirable'? Hahaha.
I think being the hand that gives is commendable, and being a thankful receiver is another story. You help with what you can, be happy with it. I guess somehow that is just how it goes. You be who you are....and help people around ya (yeaaaarrrrrite)

FarA said...

hoh ure back in college!! i belommmmm lagi~~~~~~~~~ x)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi love-n-hate,

LOL. About No 1 and No 2, she is just my best friend now. We actually having a very good time together. Hehe

Mak ai.. Hahaha.. Is it that serious? Wow. What about your mom? Did she knew about this?


Hi Akmal,

Helping people does make me happy. Although sometimes it didn't feel right at all. haha. Anyway, thanks for coming. Good luck in your new campus man :D


Hi Fara,

Enjoy your holiday till it last. Hehe

Shemah said...

Anyways, I'm here to pass you the Magic Lamp of Luck tag! Have fun!

Farah Deen said...

number 1 shocks me buddy! LOL maybe she's not just a friend huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey ya again bluecrystaldude...

no such thing as best friend between boys and girls... LOL... especially when it comes to ex-girlfriend... :)

if you do have the feeling for her, better not to proceed with the 'friend'ly thingy... :) save you from more heartache!

about my not-so-much favor...I'd issues to convince my mum about the 'setting'... my dad as well...

but they know me better... :) pity mummy, she quite shocked when she heard about the 'setting' in the first place... LOL.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shemah,

What is that? A tag? hehe.. Will do it later :)


Hi Farah Deen,

LOL. I hope we are just friend. I don't want to suffer the same mistake again. Opst. hehe


Hi Love-n-hate,

hahaha.. Well, if your parents knew about it, it's okay lah. Can't imagine how your mother reacted after she heard about the setting. hehe

Oh, we really are just a friend. We call each other from time to time and meet if there is a free time. One thing I haven't done with her is double date. Haha. Thank God she is in KL and me in Penang :D

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