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Hot News This Week #3

News 1: Boy Eaten By Family

When we all thought that became a sex slave to your own father is the worst thing that could happen, just imagine when you're eaten alive by your cannibal family? That had happen exactly to a 7 years-old Czech boy, Ondrej Mauerova. He was rescued alive when a neighbor's TV picked up a footage from his camera filming Ondrej's agony. The neighbor's camera was supposedly captured his newborn child, but instead, ending up with live images of Ondrej naked in the cellar, beaten and chained.

He had been partially skinned after monstrous mum Klara, 31, caged him for months while relatives who were also in a sick cult feasted on his raw flesh, an appalled judge heard yesterday. The mum wept in a Czech court as her evil was exposed in a case echoing the Fritzl dungeon horror in Austria. Ondrej and his helpless brother Jakub, nine, were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables as they were ritually TORTURED, BURNT and WHIPPED with belts.

Cops swooped on the house next door and also freed a girl posing as an adopted sister aged 13 and clutching a teddy. She later turned out to be 34! And was one of the torturers. The story's getting weirder. The boys’ mum accused the woman, fellow cult member Barbora Skrlova for brainwashing her. She wailed, "Terrible things have happened. I realize it and can’t understand how I could have allowed it."

The court in her home city heard the abuse of her children was coordinated via text messages sent by a leader of the Grail Movement cult — who was known only as the "Doctor". Her sister Katerina was also involved. The abuse trial of the boys’ mum, another relative and their bogus sister Skrlova, who fled and was later found posing as a boy in Norway continues. Three others also face charges. (read the full story here)

News 2: When Teenager Pregnancy Become A Trend

The trend believe was started by the films such as Juno and Knocked Up, and was catalyzed furthermore by Britney Spear's younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears who is only 16 when she delivered a baby girl last week. Her now fiance (only after the world knew she was pregnant) was a 19 years-old college dropped out.

17 Girls at Gloucester High School are expecting babies during this summer vacation. This is more than quadruple the number the last year. The school only has 1200 students. I sure believe that before long, baby shower will be inserted in school's curriculum. After back from summer vacation, the new baby mommas will ask each other their new babies' name. The students will be more closed than ever due to the mommy bonding. How amazing would that be? (read the full story here)

News 3: I Lost My Husband, Home and Family Because I Lost My Weight

Caution, this is a very sad story but yet, inspiring for others. I read it so tentatively until I felt like watching one of those Oprah's shows. The character is real and it happen in the real world. Who might thought that slimming down from a dress size 26 to a slender size 10, won the Slimmer of The Year tittle only to ruined her life and family.

Melanie Slinger's weight problems began at 12, when her parents, a naval officer and a health worker were separated. She then married her childhood sweetheart at the age of 19 and continued to put on weight after the birth of her first child, Lucy, in 1985. Michael, 19, and Samantha, 18, followed in quick succession. Then, when Melanie's husband Jonathan, 45, an Air Force engineer, was posted to a remote base in Scotland, Melanie further struggled to cope with the isolation and thus continue to sought comfort by eating.

It took a humiliating incident to finally spur Melanie into action. She was so fat until the safety gear bar on a roller coaster could not got down over her stomach. A few days later, in September 2001, Melanie joined her local Slimming World classes. As she carried on losing weight, her spending began to spiral. She began buying things that she once could not bought (high heels, tops - up to 13 at once shopping spare, trousers). Her new found spending habits landed the family with £10,000 in debt.

She won the tittle of Slimmer of The Year. She loves the new life, feted like a superstar, pictured in magazines and the worst from it, she loves all the attentions. Then, everything else started to fall apart. Her husband even said, "We were happy when you were fat - can't you just put the weight back on." She later lost her husband, home and family. But later, in 2003, after Melanie met her new partner and she now lives in quiet contentment while trying to build up her relationship back with her children.

Moral of the story is, don't matter how much did you change your outer appearances, your inner self must always be as who you are. Do read this full story. It would be a nice remainder to us, and I am sure you won't regret it. (read the full story here)


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Hafizd said...

this is what we called 'the disease of the century' huh

thanks for the info..

i like news #1 - do u dare to even watch the scene?? it's not the SAW or HORROR movie etc, it's LIVE

pregnancy, this is common in Malaysia..why? There a lots of cases of Throwing out babies, Baby was left at Mosque etc..

News no 3, She should be aware of those addiction to buy thing dat she never thought before~ too much!! dah kurus le katekan~

Shemah said...

Masya-Allah... How can anyone eat their children?? OMG!! I can't even come up with a word to describe how sick that actually is.

As for teenage pregnancies, I have to admit, movies like Juno and Knocked Up only makes them feel like they can romanticize something which isn't supposed to be happening to these teenagers.

As for that amazing "Oprah" story, I think success can change a person. Whether its your career, studies, life.. senang nak lupa diri ni... Too bad for her that she couldn't control herself. :(

nisha said...

Hi dude.. thats extremely inhumane of his parents and those involved.. really very sad to hear about this one:(

I had written about news2 in my celeb blog;)

As for news3.. i think whats inside will always remain intact.. cant change ourselves from within no.. but at times doesn't the world seem mad? because sometimes people appreciate you when you change, sometimes they just don't want to accept your changes!

Thats a different thing when you land up into a dept of £10,000!!;)

E-Tavasi said...

Eeee the news 1 so scare.. :(

I like the News 3 :) that is a nice story :) i like it.. the husband do not know anything hehehe..

AngelBaby said...

OMG, How could any mother do that stuff to her chil?? Then to find out she did this to two of her children. Now she says she was brain washed, yeh right! Likely story she knew what she was doing. I hope they put her away for a long, long time.

The woman who lost weight should be true to herself and maybe she was. The only thing that had stopped her before was probably her weight. You never know!

Love and Blessings,

mangosteenskin said...

OMG! the first story is just like a horror movie we saw on TV. Life must be traumatic for the boy and his brother.

expecting teenagers? whatever, as long as they're responsible to what they've done and try to be responsible mothers to their children (lebih baik dari buang bayi kan!).

last story, err...there's 1001 way how marriage can tone apart. This is one example. hm this story can be made into a movie! starred by renee zelweiger? hehe.

Ratu Syura said...

The world is indeed getting crazier by the day! When last time these news are unheard of, nowadays it's almost becoming the norm to expect such evil and out-of-this-mind stories. But I like the 3rd story. Thanks for sharing them all! :)

izzahismail said...

omg! how scary the world can turn into.not the world,the people!!

aha,this lil fella.not a good example. and let just hope that she didnt turn out to be like the big sis.

wah,because of fats,she lost everything. sheeesshh.

Anonymous said...


newsNo1-possess or inhuman?? elders or parents should protect the younger ones... but can the young ones rely on them??? yucks2...sick ppl...

newsNo2-definitely not a trend but become trend by accident off course...LOL. great things comes with great responsibilities...

newsNo3-they loose some, you gain some... in this case, u loose some, u loose everything... poor her... :(

p/s: good catching up with what world up to nowadays...tq for sharing...

Farah Deen said...

you sure have lots of interesting things to weite don't you? :) I heard about this sex slave sometimes back and I was speechless myself. Humans and animals- sometimes animals have more realistic feelings, don't you think? and that lady who lost her family because she lost weight? wow! I thought it's otherwise normally. LOL

Kim said...

absolutely shocking !!!
this story is chilling :0
you have a great blog here BlueCrystal...
and some great posts !!!

BK said...

Reading story one sent chills down my spine. How could something like that possibly happened. All crazy things happening in the World.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Hafidz,

Yeah, I totally agree with all of your opinions. However, in Malaysia, not only there are people who threw their own babies, there are also children trafficking. Whether internationally or locally. They sell the babies to rich parents who don't want or cannot pregnant. It's terrible for the kids to not know their biological parents. It is inhumane too!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shemah,

I love love love to watch films that are different from ordinary. I actually like Juno and Knocked Up. The soundtrack music, especially for Juno are mesmerizing, the actress is awesome and the story just moving and different from usual romantic comedies genre.

The problem with movies that talk about something taboo (in certain culture), is that young and immature kids will think that it is okay to do the thing. They know the consequences of their action, but they don't feel too bad about it.

It sometimes looks like "Oh, I am pregnant, so what? I could take the responsibility." (without knowing what exactly its meaning). Sigh..I hope I won't be one of them :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Nisha,

People always want to change, but they sometimes don't know when to stop. It also depends on your scale of perfection that you want. Sometimes we think that we already perfect, but others don't think we are. It also works vice versa.

The sad thing about the woman in the 3rd news is she lost herself along with her weight. In the end, you have to chose how do you want yourself to be. No body could change you except yourself :D


Hi E-tavasi,

Thanks for the comment, but what do you mean by "the husband do not know anything"?? Could you explain further please?

Faisal Admar said...

Boy eaten by family - This is insane. I have no idea about our world anymore. The more advance we are, the more insane we can be. Since the oil price increase I have no doubt the crime will be worsen as well. I hope the family will get right punishment and a proper care for the boy should be done by the government to make sure he is fine and out of fright.

When Teenager Pregnancy Become A Trend - Not a good news though. Teenager suppose to study and be prepared for their future. There is no predictable future so they must be ready for all consequences including jobless. Poor baby when they are born in incomplete environment. Marriage is very important of course!

I Lost My Husband, Home and Family Because I Lost My Weight - Be yourself no matter what. Didn't she misses her husband? I doubt. Sometimes we just wish to turn back time, but it is impossible :)

Adawiyah Juzailah said...

Astaghfirullah hal'azim... The poor boy... Eaten alive? What is becoming to the people of this world? We are supposed to be civilised but there seems to be a number of rotten apples out there!

Sex before marriage... It seems to be normal nowadays and even a fad to be pregnant. It's so sad that teenagers nowadays lack spiritual understanding. Even Muslim teenagers are also doing it. They know Islam prohibits any form of relationships before marriage (especially the sex part) but yet they are SO ignorant.

As for the poor woman, she lost her fat and her family. She should have realised that inner beauty matters most. In my opinion, one should slim down to be fit instead of pretty. It is better to be fit than skinny like all these almost-clothe-less supermodels who are a bad influence on our generation.


penanya said...

i'm not really good in English. then, i would like to comment on this post in malay.

wahai kalian. sekadar mahu berkongsi, dan memberitahu memperihalkan tentang berita-berita hangat yang diutarakan oleh penulis (bluecrystaldude
) ini, saya mendapati ia kesemuanya datangnya dari negara-negara barat. tunggu!

bukan saya mahu mendiskriminasikan kewujudan fenomena barat dan bukan bermaksud saya seorang yang kolot tidak tahu, jauh dari pergerakan arus kebaratan lebih-lebih lagi yang melanda hebat di negara2 membangun seperti Malaysia dsb.

ya. saya suka berhujah panjang. bagi mereka yang gemar membaca, teruskan. bagi mereka-mereka yang merasakan diri sudah cukup tepu dengan input-input kononnya boleh anda jauhkan diri dari perkara yang termaklum tadi. produk gagal sebenarnya.

1) kejadian yang dikatakan menjelikkan sering kita lihat dari kaca televisyen dan sumber2 tanpa batas seperti rangkaian web dunia ini. maka jika diperhatikan dengan lebih tekun, mudah untuk diimprestasikan dengan berkata "wah, ini menarik". dan jika ditekunkan lagi melalui hati dan akal, barangkali akan beristighfar juga kita meskipun jarang kita melafazkannya.

2) di negara-negara maju,kita boleh sebutkan kecanggihan dan kemudahan yang jauh taranya dengan negara kita. sebenarnya, melalui penceritaan bapa dan makcik2 saya di luar sini, mereka sebutkan negara maju itu begitu kompleks untuk didiami. di mana, penghuni2 nya hidup berlandaskan material tepu untuk kelansungan hidup. dan kemudian terdapat segelintir dari mereka yang sedar kononnya, mereka cuba untuk menyedarkan penghuni yang lain demi menjaga keselamatan dan kesenangan rohani. lebih itu kita lihat di negara2 maju lebih ramai pakar psikologi berbanding di negara kita. dan mengapa?

3)lihat saja pada rancangan2 televisyen dan lebih mudah Youtube kini. yang diproduksikan dari negara-negara barat. tekanan2 yang melampau dari kehendak materialisme dan modenisme memaksa mereka untuk melakukan perkara2 yang jika dipandang lansung menunjukkan kebodohan dan ke-tiada-maruah-an mereka yang dipandang oleh kita jauh ke hadapan. err. lagipun, saya tidak peduli itu semua kerana bagi saya kadang-kala perilaku sebegitu mampu mengubat luka.

4)yang menjadi persoalannya, tekanan2 yang dahsyat sehinggakan mereka melakukan kekejaman yang melampau itu. yang kadang kala tidak mampu diterima akal. jauh dari pemikiran yang kita anggap ke hadapan itu.

5) walhal, kehendak material menyebabkan mereka kadang-kala memikirkan di luar dari tetapan batas pemikiran akal manusia. lantas mencampakkan mereka ke lembah kesulitan dan menjadi gila, paranoia dsb.

6) baiklah. saya mahu berak. sanggup menahan kerana ini. celaka

p/s; cik bluecrystaldude, saya juga bakal chemical engineer. salam perkenalan

bluedreamer27 said...

@ news 1 - oh my holy S**t i felt pity for the victim
gheeh how their them to do that.....what their main point doing that???
gheeeh even that boy survives that terror expirience it will marks forever thats so bad>!!!

@ news 2-- i certainly agree even here in the philippines pregnancy are
getting more dominant in younger ages even at the age of 15 could you imagine that!!! i hope this may give them, a lesson

@ news 3 ___ good but sad having a perfect shape body was almost everybody's dream but losing of someone you love was absolutely a nightmare.... you gain some you lose some right?
oh should i say she lost some she lose some hehe

@ your blog--- hehe tomorrow is my sched for the interview portion have a great day my friend

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