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Yesterday, I bought some water-colors, brushes and a drawing block, so that I could at least make an effort to do the ATC organized by Rizal from his Rest and Rileks blog, which remind me that I actually forgot to ask Rizal what ATC stand for. I am no art person and obviously lack the knowledge of certain art abbreviation. Though I understand what he wanted me to do. Anyway, as a shy student (or you could call me, famous - I don't really mind) I always surrounded by my friends, mostly future engineers who alienated by any form of arts. Thus, I was asked a lot of questions about why I bought those art stuffs. One of them even quoted a lecturer’s words, “Engineer is no joke, man”.

Do not worry as I am sure I did not break any engineer’s ethics. There is nothing wrong with the fact that an engineer loves art or the police love to teach kindergarten kids. For me, it is just like you how much you love to eat peanut and butter. Both are made from a different source and had a different taste, but you could not live without one of them. Everyone has a job whether he loves it or not and we for time to time do seek for another way to escape from the world insanity. Due to the time hindrance, we later call it as a hobby. For me, I love to see, hear, touch and sometimes make any form of art.

Combine it with my passion of human being interests (psychology, appearances and mind), I made a few ‘art works’ just for a laugh. Caution: Please ensure that your kid is away from the screen as some of my works are very offensive and has a high level of sexiness (and ugliness). Thank You.

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The latest one is the really ugly beautiful Kanye West The Model (picture down below). Yes, I hate Kanye West but love his songs. The point is, your character will always be defined by your job. If you are a counselor or teacher, you are supposed to be friendly with kids, good manner, and should have the ability to control people's mind. If you are working as a policeman, you have to be punctual, a good and law abide citizen. If you are an artist, you must be have a style of your own, believe in yourself and keep wearing some weird unique accessories. It is the same with engineer, you should be able to understand complicated diagrams and done the work precisely.

My point is, other people perceptions should not stop you from doing something that you like. So, what you like to do for your free time? Something that is totally off from your career? What your colleague's perception towards it?

To see the original pictures properly, visit here:


P/S: Long gone the day when students said collecting stamps, fishing and cleaning up the house as their hobby.

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AngelBaby said...

I think you are having allot of fun with your art! What I want to know is what did you do for this person you are doing the art work for? How did it turn out? Do we get to see it? Let me know, OK?

Love and Blessings,

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Angelbaby,

I am not sure I will be able to finish the art. But I will give it a shoot. Anyway, thanks to Rizal, at least I will do the drawing and coloring more often next time.

Thanks for comment, have a nice day :D


rizal said...


as they say in BM "kayuh pelan2, pasti boleh" hehe..

hey, it is good to hear that you are preparing for the ATC. Hip hip hoorey!!BTW, ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. Sort of like a business card for artist- which we trade to each other. It is commonly known as a handrawn art card, but can take forms like collage and others.. and understandably not be sold. It is a mini glimpse of what you are in terms of art. :)

Dont worry about getting mix up with the "future engineer" thing. hehe. Mr.Zari too is an architech by day, and an illustrator by night.

I, myself, is a by product of Industrial/Product Design and early this year only started venturing into the whimsical world of illos. Mangosteenskin is a biotech or argiclutural something if i am not mistaken, and yet she is great with her illos.

The point is, it is good to find your otherself and see how it turns out to be.

Maybe you will like it, may be not.. at least you can say.. "ahhhhh been there, done that. :)"
Well, doing all these illos, we (me and mangosteenskin) would like to call it as OTAKU(Japanese) - which means, more than a hobby, less than an obsession..

So, hope you will find your OTAKU blue, and i am sure you will be a great engineer to. Trained as a future engineer, i am sure that will come in handy, being analytical-you might put those in art, "hmmm kenapa tak cukup balance..not enough can i make this more dynamic..shoud i go symmetrical assymetrical balance,why my work doesnt have a WOW factor, too soft? too strong?" hehehe..see, who says an engineer cannot find his/her artsy flavour.


looking forward to see that ATC of yours. go go cayukk!!

heppi friday..heppi bloging..have a great day.. huhu

Akmal said...

Hello BCD,
Hey, nothing wrong with having hobbies that have nothing to do with your study :) Mine? Photography is on top of the list, of course. People call us DSLR die hard fan crazy, you know what I mean?
But hey, who say doctors can't take photograph? Go here, and you'll know what I mean :)
Can't wait for your ATC card :)

Hafizd said...

waaa... i'm into victoria becham's smile... muhahha... love ur works so much...can't imagine how funny the look when the body and the head doesn't match at all~

Anonymous said...

wow!!! you're one talented future engineer... :) winkwink

1st, do you have a lawyer dear??? ahahhaha... all the 'art' that you've been producing... quite impressive, funny... and cute!!! I can't stop laughing and it's 5.50am in the morning... okay...

2nd, who said that engineer can't do art?? you're one talented engineer with art touch... fuyyo... it's a hard to get species... engineer with soul gituhh.. :)

3rd... speaking of ATC... i can't wait to see yours too... do blog about it.. okay!! :) winkwink

bluedreamer27 said...

lol i like how you combined those pictures dude

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

Thanks for your comment, encouragement and extra information about ATC. I really appreciate it.

And now I just need to find time to do mine. Haha. I really hope I could finish it in time :D

(Really impressed to know Mango's real job/specialized in :)


Hi Akmal,

Is the author of the site is a doctor too? woo. nice pictures he got there. Well, I guess it is true what I heard that doctor has a hand for art (especially for surgeon). hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Hafidz,

Haha... I am glad you like it. I just having fun with my laptop. Although I find it hard to get the perfect picture either for its head or body :D


Hi Love-n-hate,

Awww.. I am blushing (flattered too!). Hehehe.. That is so nice of you :D


Hi Bluedremer,

Thanks man! Hehe

Faisal Admar said...

Agree with Love-n-Hate, do you a lawyer for editing those pictures. Lol.

I can't wait to see your ATC. Who knows someday I might join you guys...

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