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Less Word Wednesday #2

>> Less Word Wednesday #2 >> Nerdy Professor


Did you notice that the picture is actually a man face looks upside down and masked with few other accessories?

This picture reminds me so much to my old lecturer from India, Senior Lecturer, Dr. Jyoti Prosad Choudhury. He is very very thin (and fragile) looking lecturer, who spoke with confident and you could see spots of saliva form at around the corner of his mouth. He wears belt up to his chest and locked inside his office every free time. But he indeed a good lecturer. He cycles everyday from his house in front of the university to our campus. The rumors said that he was even bullied by secondary school kids at his residential area while riding on his old bicycle. He went back to India last year. I really hope that he will found happiness in his home country. What about you? Do you have a teacher that has a very distinct characteristic like mine? Please feel free to share with us here!


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bluedreamer27 said...

hahaha hmmm i think i imagine now how he looks like he mostly simillar to my previous professor too hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

Hehehe.. He is indeed a good lecturer. He thought me Bioscience. You must be a genius to be a lecturer for that sort of course :D

Anonymous said...

Hmm... miss my younger days... with the professor and all... my Master's professor just looks normal... except with the extravaganza extra nagging... :) winkwink

I missed all my teachers and lecturers back then... during high school and college time... I missed them a lot... :(

I remembered one of them... my 'Lukisan Kejuruteraan' teacher... he was like 'the penguin' of batman and he barely finish even 1 'lukisan' at all... so, I slept almost in every class behind my LK board... :) luckily I got A1 for my LK... :)

I remember all of them... I send cards during 'Teacher's day' and even when to my old school just to have a simple chat of 'how r u doing??'...

I love them so muchh!! :)

axim said...

i think i've never leaned from an indian lecturer...

hmmmm trying to remember...


i dont think so..


nisha said...

OMG! Bluedude.. you have evoked some school days memories about some of our very strict but strange teachers! one of them who lived in the school campus used to keep a box in her house and said that she married Jesus and that the box contained his memories! very strange but true.. and we kept to our best while in her presence as she would screw our ears and beat us badly!! we studied well during her classes;)

Another very good example was the perfect teacher we ever had, who use to wear loads of make up but was the idol of our school because of her good English! i admired her too and studied well during her classes because she was perfect as a teacher.. the make up never affected our studies;)

rizal said...

hey blue,

i had the same exp. with nisha too.. a perfect teacher- wore loads of make up but she was actually good and kind. I think i ve mentioned her on your previous post. The one that looked like "Singa Betina" because of all her striking orange make-up with a dash of orange hair colour. But as i say, she was good and kind. She taught English too.

p/s : please pick your "thank you" award at my blog. :)

heppy jumaat (sebab sabtu ahad cuti - whoaho!!)

zackzara said...

I remember having a lecturer from India too, who taught us on Malaysian Constitution. An Indian hails from India and teaching the Malaysian of the Constitution. Heh. Albeit the Consti derives from India, that might explain why.

But the point here is...he's a good lecturer who treats us as his children and I, for once, never ever heard him scolding us or raise his voice despite our naughtiness. The sad part is..I will never heard about him anymore. He passed away few years back, the year where all my batch, if not all, had become a successful person. I missed him. Oh, his name is Prof. Hari Chand.

Faisal Admar said...

i got a great teacher who taught me english in my secondary school... she was the one who changed my english at the very beginning. even tho my english isn't perfect at least i know the basic ;)

bluecrystaldude said...
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coolingstar9 said...

I remember a primary school English teacher always like to carry a thin and long metal with him.
If any student naughty, he will use the stick to educate that student. It worked well.
Have a nice day, best wishes from coolingstar9

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