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Top Entrecard Droppers - August

This post is supposed to be on 1st September. But since my task as a college student is dragging me down, I settle it here. I am sorry for not being able to comment as always in my Addictive's links (you could see it at the right side of this page). Anyway, I have another test tomorrow, Environmental Engineering and Management, my favorite subject, but minus the tonnes of facts to be remembered. Which bring me to wonder why can't we have an ABC type of questions in university?

Back to the topic, this is my August top Entrecard droppers! Thank you so much. I rarely advertise in other blogs - some people do not even except my ads as my name is sometimes deems as inappropriate (you could always recalled why I called it Hot Shit Form Here). Plus, I like the hard work of visiting other people sites and them return my visits, rather than they arrive to my blog from clicking my advertisements. Nothing more sweet than your hard works. So, I would like to express my gratitude for these consistent droppers by credit them with 250 EC for top 3, 200 EC for number 4 till 6 and 150 EC for the rest of the top ten. I am more than happy to know that my friend is the number one! Continue reading to know who received it...

  1. restnrileks
  2. Michael's So-Called Life
  3. Stud Kickass: The Webcomic
  4. Picture to People
  5. My Little Black Pot
  6. Cape Town news
  7. What a bald guy told me about technology!
  8. Sonnie's Porch
  9. The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing
  10. Blogs To Note
I hope you will continue to drop here more in the future! Do let me know if you do not receive my token of appreciation. I am looking forward to see you guys in the top 10 this month!


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Schanzerx said...

Thanks for the 150EC. I keep on dropping by.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Schanzerx,

You are most welcome :)

neomesuff said...

ABC, takleh goreng heheheh

rizal said...

yee haaa...

thank you.. thank you.

thanks for the entrecard credits.. banyak tuu..

lepas nii.. kalau rajin nak jadi top comentators pulak.. huhu

p/s : restnrileks a bit slow and lag buat masa terdekat ni.. so minta maaf banyak2 laa yer.. :)

bluedreamer27 said...

starting from now i will drop and drop with your EC so as for me to be included their in top 10 haha just kidding men what important for me is i visit and comment in your blog and thats what blogging friends are for...hehe
have a great day

waliz said...

hi dude...hows exam going on? i already abandon my entrecard eventhough i feel sayang to remove it from my blog...u stay cool and wish u all the best in yr exam!

coolingstar9 said...

I have just joined E-card, thanks for your good words on recommendation.
Hope one day I can be one of the top dropper, drop and drop.
Of course, I will drop and comment and read your great blogs.
Wish you score well ( A+ ) in all your examination.
Take care and always happy, healthy.

bluecrystaldude said...


Hehe.. I think you commented this comment at the wrong post :D


Hi Rizal,

I am waiting for you to bring your A game here. Hehe


Hi Bluedreamer,

You said it man :)

But I am more than happy with a handful daily visitors to my blog. I am not taking advantage for your visits, don't worry about that. LOL


Hi Waliz,

Thanks! I already took the test. I am not sure how the results will come out, but I hope for the best. Anyway, the tests is actually kinda a mid semester examination :)


Hi Coolingstar,

I am sure hope you do :) Thanks for the wish! I really need it. Hehe

rizal said...

Hey blue,

i will, i will.. i just hope that incik Faisal Admar will take a leave for few days.. hopefully on the days when you post several postings at once. hehehe..

then baru la boleh ada peluang.. keke

rizal said...

ohh lupa pulak..

thanks for the credit. :)

semoga blog ini terus maju dan diberi rahmat, hendak2 di bulan puasa ini..

AngelBaby said...

Not a bad idea!

I have tagged you so come and see if you want to join in, OK?

Love and Blessings,

Mariuca said...

Hi BCD (is it ok if I call u that?)! Congrats to ur Top Droppers, perhaps I'll see my name on the list one day? Happy weekend! :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Rizal,

LOL.. You may negotiate with him! May be he will feel generous with you.. Hehee

You are welcome! You deserved the credits :)


Hi Angelbaby,

Will visit you after this! Thanks for tagging me!


Hi Mariuca,

Well, my friends indeed call me BCD (as my nick name is too long).. I am hoping to see yours this month as well! :)

Mariuca said...

I think I'm gonna call u Haaziq instead! Happy weekend! :D

bluecrystaldude said...

No problem there! :)

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