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Ghost and Election

Music Monday #2 >> Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody >> Paris Hilton - Paris For President

I was wondering what the best fit is for my Music Monday. So, after doing some soul searching and mind blowing calculation, I found the solution for my dilemma. In coherence with the two most current event, Halloween (31st October) and US Election Day (4th November), I decided to choose two entirely different songs. My first song is Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody in Ghost soundtrack. Have you seen the movie? It’s about her fiancé’s soul that trapped as a ghost and has to warn his fiancé about the danger she is in. Fiancé, death, ghost and of course, here come the Halloween, are you catching my drift? Anyway, it’s dated back in 1990, which thankfully, I was already born. Love the movie, love the music.

My second choice is Paris for President! No, you read it correctly. I wonder what will happen when we all vote in favor of Paris Hilton as President, “your commander in bikini”? But I must admit, her ‘policies’ does sound promising. That being said, relaying on Paris for the country and world in her hand is purely stupid thing to do. You betcha! It’s hot.

Listen to Paris for President here:

Paris for President!
At the pomp chillin’ with the martini
Paris for President!
Your commander in bikini
Let me tell you ’bout my policy
To stop the player hating on the USA
Initialize nuclear nonproliferation and ratify Kyoto today
You can ride in the motorcade in my hybrid pink escalade

Paris for president!
Not another oldie cliché
Paris for president!
You can get married if you're straight or if you're gay

If you're gonna put lipstick on a pig
Make sure that it matches your skin tone
You can trust me with my finger on the button
Is a vocabulary don't
Trading in the cabinet for a walk in closet
Hey! (hey!)

Paris for president!
America should put me in charge
Paris for president!
Look at bush it can't be that hard

Simon Cowell he might be a little mean
But when his old kicked his bucket
I'll put him the courts to clean,
Then I'll paint the white house pink and move it to Malibu

Paris for president!
A proponent of clean energy
Paris for president!
The real maverick in D.C

Water boarding is torture and global warming is totally not hot
I'll make a department called the fashion police,
Boost the economy with all of the new jobs
Make over lady liberty in Donna, Tommy and Calvin Klein

Paris for president!
Get your cute little butt out there and vote,
Paris for president!
Dispensing beauty tips and hopes

Paris for president...
Paris for president...

Watch the video of Paris for President:

Click below to hear song of Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody:

Watch the video of the soundtrack Ghost:

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Do you like my choice this week? Can't wait to see the result of the election! See you guys next week!

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bonoriau said...

testing testing

bonoriau said...

woooww 1st comenter ...GREAT song for GREAT day...VOTE for Paris..heee

phatelara said...

OMG Paris!!! Lol!! to be honest, Haaziq, I didn't even watch or listen to her lol.

Unchained Melody is such a beautiful song! Love it! :):)

Mariuca said...

Hi HaaziQ! :)

Paris entertains me with her rich lifestyle but not so much singing-wise he he!

But best kan kaya raya mcm Paris! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I'll never be FC here la huhuhu!!

bluecrystaldude said...

Wonderful Bono! You are the FC winner for this post! Congratulation to you!

For the first winning and *I hope* many to come! ;)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Debbs,

Haha.. I think her *music* aren't too bad. Perhaps that is what they mean by Money can Buy Anything! You can even buy a good catchy song so that your lack of singing skills would not even matter.. Cheers to high life~

Hahahaha... Isn't it the truth?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Marzie,

Hehe.. This is few songs that leak for her upcoming album.. And it also as a counter attack towards John McCain for using her pictures without her consent in one of his advertisements. Oh, and it's in conjunction with her new reality series about finding her 'best friend' or something..

She really has entertainment values isn't she?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Marzie,

LOL.. Just not your luck I guest :)

shaxx said...

LOL! That's funny!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shaxx,

Hehe.. Awesome right? Hehehe

Monica said...

I love the movie and the song!
as for Paris, I didn't listen to her :-D Paris for president!? LOL!!!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Monica,

Paris' policies sound promising!

Let me tell you ’bout my policy
To stop the player hating on the USA
Initialize nuclear nonproliferation and ratify Kyoto today
You can ride in the motorcade in my hybrid pink escalade


LadyJava said...

hhehe.. love the song by Paris.. lol.. what a great funny choice!! terhibur i...lolz!!

and.. I love Ghost!!!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi LJ,

Hehehe.. Quite catchy isn't it? I already added this song in my mp3. LOL..

Oh.. I wacthed few times already Ghost. One of the best romantic movie ever!

Anonymous said...

Paris for President..!! Yeah..!!! Hahaha.. And wait what will happend next.. huahahaha...

E-Tavasi said...

Wah... Nice Song Hahaha...
Sure i will vote for Paris lah
Paris for President...
OMG Sexy President

Rozella said...

HAHAHA Yeah, I say vote for Paris!!!!

EastCoastLife said...

Happy birthday, dude!!

coolingstar9 said...

Paris is the lady not only man talk about. Ladies also like to follow her news. Paris surely has some values.
Two video worth to watch, let's cheer.

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