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Uniquely Singapore - The Formal Visits

The Introduction

For those who somehow missed my last post, I went to Singapore last week. It was under Engineering Exchange Initiative – Singapore Education Career and Visit 2009. The trip consists of 30 engineering students from different engineering schools and 2 escorting officers. We spent 6 days in a backpacker’s hotel in Orchard road called Fernloft hotel and were sponsored by Intel Corporation and under USM Students Affairs and Development Division and Academic and International Affairs Division.

For the formal visits, we went to National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and for industrial visit; we chose to go to Jurong Shipyard. Under personal programs, we separated into smaller groups, the members were solely depends on us; my group consists of 2 Malay, 2 Indian and 1 Chinese – the only multiracial group made (LOL) and we went to Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, Underwater World, Chinatown, Little India (and the famous 24 hours Mustafa Centre) and spent awfully lots of time in Clarke Quay. (The less formal visits will be posted in another post. I tried my best to keep this post short)


Nanyang Technological University (NTU):

The Formal Visits - Fun Observations:
  1. There are heat sensors in the lecture halls to minimize the electric usage
  2. NTU’s student union was given SGD2 million each year to run their activities - and they don’t even touch the money, they invested it and run their respective programs by using the money’s interest - and Malaysia's only received not more than RM1000 *Yeah!*
  3. Lots of their female students wearing lab coat longer than their underneath clothes – wonder what will happen if there is any chemical spill out
  4. Lots of Malaysian whether studying in both universities or even working in Jurong Shipyard
  5. While the Jurong Shipyard trip wasn’t much related to chemical engineering, but I enjoyed it anyway. When the last time (or the first time) you saw a ship larger than a shopping complex parking next to your bus? Jurong Shipyard is running a construction and repairing for large ships business
NTU'S Chinese Heritage Centre:

The Chinese Heritage Centre is a gallery in the NTU itself. I did not upload any pictures from NUS because we did not spend lots of time touring the area. Most of the times were spent socializing with other engineering students there. On the other matter, the pictures below were taken around the Jurong Shipyard area. There weren't lots of eye catching pictures (apart from super large ships in the making) and since I was relentlessly waiting in my seat for any accident to happen; any accident that will cause some bleeding due to external injuries; which unfortunately did not happen at all. They even had Safety Inspectors – a kind of police that gives summons to those who did not obey or act against their safety conduct.

Jurong Shipyard:

The Chinese Heritage Centre is a gallery in the NTU itself. I did not upload any pictures from NUS because we did not spend lots of time touring the area. Most of the time were spent socializing with other engineering students there. On the other hand, the pictures below are from Jurong Shipyard. There were not really eye catching pictures for me since I am waiting eagerly in my seat waiting for accident to happen, any accident that cause some bleeding due to external injuries; which unfortunately did not happen at all. They even had Safety Inspector – a kind of police that gives summon to those workers who did not obey or act against their safety conduct.

I hope you like my pictures. I will tell more about my informal visit in another post - the most interesting part of my 6 days trip. Can’t wait to see you again!

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Shinade said...

Oh Blue,
what a fabulous trip and opportunity. I love the pictures.

It's so good to be back again.

Shinade said...

I am surprised to hear that Intel has this kind of money to spend though. On the news over here we keep hearing how much trouble they are in financially.

They have layed off so many workers. It is quite a controversy. Because they are laying off American workers and hiring from outside of the country.

Now I for one realize that we are all truly one big world now and have to start living that way.

But, one thing that is so unfair about these practices is the fact that the visiting employees are paid a fraction of what the American workers are paid for doing the same job.

That's very unfair to everyone. All should receive the same pay for the same job.

Oh I am just so glad you are doing so well. If you ever get anywhere near me in the states please let me know.

I would love to meet you! well gotta' run and try to find the silly EC toolbar. They seem to have hidden it very well.

Hugs and smiles:-)

Shinade said...

Oh I first? Yipeeeee!!!

bluecrystaldude said...

Yeah! You're back! And won this post FC! What a nice comeback :):)

About the toolbar, just google it. I am sure it will pops up some relevant results - I tried to find on the Entrecard site myself when I wanted to install the toolbar to another laptop. Frustrated, I just googled it. I think EC should do something about it. At least put a link that could easily be found..

Anyway, about the Intel, I heard they gonna close (or some said merge) the two branches in Penang, Malaysia; which will affect about 5000workers here.

We did our best to get their sponsor since Intel has really high standard of requirements that we need to follow through. We even have to do some social surveys when we were in Singapore with special reports on several highlighted matters.

If I am not mistaken, the money was taken under their educational development program (in plain words; their social service to the community) and I even heard they will get tax reduction by sponsoring us. I am sure they have to do their best to reduce the financial worries that surrounded them. And I do hope they will succeed

Well come back Shinade! I really missed you! Oh and I will add your picture and link tomorrow ;)

penanya (?) said...

their police officers sume hensem2 n cute2~ jarang buncit2.. huhu

d2z said...

esok aku lak pegi lawatan industry..hehe~

YAN^S said...

roomate enjoy.... tak ajak....

bintang said...

Just wanna add..the EC Toolbar can be found at their's located four button to the right of our dashboard button.
I guess nobody cares about it..LOL!

Adawiyah said...

Assalamu'alaika Haaziq,

Gosh, I'm so jealous. But you're so luck to gain such an experience. You got to see large ships. It's been forever since I last saw a large ship before my eyes. By the way, it's interesting that they have heat sensors in the hall to save electricity. I think all homes should have this feature too. =D

Adawiyah said...

Alamak. Typo error up there. I meant *lucky. Huhu~

anilrah said...

bestnye. please upload more pictures in your next entry! hehee.

lilyto lilo said...

nex post ltk gmbr bdk len gak
tp xde soping2 ke?

Anonymous said...!!i've never been to singapore till now...sob3..wat attract me the most in ur post is the fact that NTU’s student union was given SGD2 million each year to run their activities and we only received not more than RM1000...huahuahuahua~so poor huh??

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Penanya,

Really? Tak perasan pulak. Hehe. Tapi kalau dekat Paris and London lagi best. The officers their are riding horses :)


Hi d2z,

Tak balik cuti ar ni? Hehe.. Baik giler.. Aku sok kena pergi Genting Highlands plak. Sime Darby panggil. Huhuu. Baru ingat nak cuti~ :(



Jum pergi Genting sekali YAN^S! Hehe


Hi Bintang,

I noticed the Entrecard Blog link, but I never thought of finding the toolbar there. LOL.. Anyway, thanks man for letting us know. I am sure this will help someone who's in the search for finding the useful toolbar. (no sarcasm here) Hehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Adawiyah,

Oh, I think lots of houses now already installing this heat sensor features. It's kinda creepy for the people who don't know though - you must be thinking that someone is in the room when the light's on, and just to see your cat's mingling in it. LOL

For few (super rich people), they even install their toilet like those in shopping complexes - if you move from the toilet bowl, and it flushes itself. I think it's a good way to reduce your electric and water bill :)

Oh, and don't forget that you could also install solar energy panel to heat up your water heater. You will see the vast different after you're using it. Water heater consumed quite a lot of the total electricity in my house.

Now, you could concentrate to reduce your air-cond usage. If only those solar energy could cater the electricity needs of those your-must-have-air-cond-in-every-rooms-if-you-don't-want-to-dehydrates-during-the-day air-conditioner. LOL

Gosh, I love topic about Energy and Environment :):)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi anilrah,

Insyallah. Hehe.. Arap2 sempat lah upload more pictures after this. Esok nak pergi KL dah. Next week dah start lecture as usual. sob.. sob.. cepat betul masa berlalu~


Hi lilyto,

We actually went to lots of shopping complexes there. After all, Orchard rood is just in a walking distance from our hotel. Hehe.. Oh boy, you must go to TAKASHIMAYA complex. They have boutiques from LV to Burberry to Polo Haus and Cartier and even

Yeah, it's quite similar to Pavilion and KLCC in Malaysia, but when you look the prices there all in Sing Dollar and without converting you will see all the goods there are quite cheap. It makes me feel like I should (must, required) to go and work outside Malaysia. LOL


Hi kuropii,

Oh, I forgot to mention that the SGD2million was came from mostly their alumni society. Its university alumni quite rapid in giving those extra money to the university. And it worth mentioning that the student body there are have quite a powerful voice - they were consult in every University's decision making as the Dean of Students there told us

Plus, I am sure you will be excited to see sort activities they run there. Impressive!

anilrah said...

best gile. aku pn lom tgk pix korg g singapore. ko org pertama. errr. banyak ke org jual buku 2nd hand yg best2?
kalau banyak, ko g sane nak kirim. hahaa.

aku impress gile ngan jurong shipyard 2. (erm teringin!)

callister said...

sounds like u having so much fun and gained few experiences..
betul ke policemen sana encem2?

fara said...

ahah yes yes. shopping + edu visits are very vastly apart.

ps: i want one more solo picture of u =p

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Anilrah,

Aah. Banyak jual buku best2.. tapi mostly paperback ar. so kalau compare dengan Malaysia memang jauh lagi murah lah. 6-10 SGD dah dapat dah. Hehe.. Tapi aku tak beli buku aritu. Beg xmuat woo... LOL


Hi Callister,

How are you doing? Your fever is getting better? Haha.. I also xsure lah policeman dia ensem2 k tidak. Diorang smua dalam police patrol cars with windows tinted black :)


Hi Fara,

LOL. If you noticed, my lips was swelling. I have ulcers in my mouth at that time. Must be due to dehydration while walking in the city's hot weather

R4Z0RG4D3 said...

hoh...aku wonder la ko g mane...rupe2 singpura..bes x weh...x penah aku sampai sane lg ...heheh...

Faisal Admar said...

see i told you... its hard to be 1st commenter lol.

it has been a while since i went there last. jom venice dec!!! lol.

E-Tavasi said...

Wow nice trip.. i always open late e-mail muhaha
aku lah tukang komen paling last
Chinese Heritage Centre looks good to visit..

Mariuca said...

Hola!! I'm here Blue!!

Mariuca said...

Wah lovely pictures Blue, u oso can take good pictures I see! ;)

Mariuca said...

Blue, are u gonna have one last post for us to chop away? Hope so he he! ;)

Mariuca said...

Looks like u had a blast Blue, where to next vakasi? ;)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I love posts full of pictures and information that is new to me ... this was fun to read!!

Super photos :-)

Shinade said...

Hi Blue,
Oh I am always just so energized whenever I stop by here.

It is just so hard to hear that of all companies Intel would be hurting so bad also. Wow I mean without them where would we all be in this mad world of PC'S?

Oh I am so sorry to hear that the lay offs will effect your country as well.

I hope we Americans can get things turned around over here quickly so that we can once again help others more.

Oh but this is one of worst economic crisis' in our history. It is going to take a long time I am afraid.

As for solar energy Obama is really pushing for that and all sorts of alternative energy.

I hope that eventually every household might be given a tax break if they go solar.

For us that would be the only way we could afford to install solar even for some partial relief.

Well we just have to keep going on and always remember that this too shall pass right?

As for me I purchased my telephoto lens today. I will get it in about 7 to 110 days. My hands were shaking the entire time I was making the purchase.

But, we are being encouraged not to horde for that will just cause even more of a problem. so a lot of us Americans are going on and trying to put some money out there into the economy.

At least that last statement makes me feel a little better about taking money out of our savings account...LOL!!!

Wow see energized. I've got to be moving on. I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!:-)

Shinade said...

Emmmmm....that would be 7 to 10 days and not 110 days. Bye:-)

izzahismail said...

ehy.sudah lame i tak smpi sini.been busy.
blog i pon da berhabuk.

i can't wait to go to singapore! :)

Mariuca said...

Oh Blueeeeeee, when is ur new post coming out? I am eager to chop, dah lama tak FC here! :):):)

EastCoastLife said...

Can't wait to read what you have to say about Singapore. :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi All,

I am so sorry for not being able to keep updating Hot Shit Form Here for this week. I was attending Sime Darby's Scholar Development Program (a compulsory yearly program held by my scholar) at Genting Highlands from 30/1/09 - 1/2/09.

Unfortunately, my lectures start on the same day after taking the Chinese New Year holiday break.

So, this week will be one of those days where I can't really do anything apart from staring at my books and finishing off assignments and preparing myself for the upcoming tests. *Do wish me luck*

I will be updating Hot Shit Form Here again during this weekend. Thanks for reading!

P/S: I will continue do the my EC droppings

Shinade said...

Oh Blue,
you don't need to explain anything to us. We all love you and we know how hard you work.

As for me I was a little under the weather this weekend and my real life girl friend is having heart surgery today.

I was away all day yesterday with her while she was having tests done at the hospital.

So you quit worrying and just focus on that degree!

Shinade said...

hey if you get time today drop by and listen to Walter's welcome home tune. I bet it's one you've never heard!:-)

AngelBaby said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you learned allot.

I have something for you at my site.

Love and Blessings,

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hello haaziq! how are you? it's good to be back! :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

btw, dear, you've just been tagged on Have You Ever Tag! Come & join the fun, k! :)

LadyJava said...

Aiks... I can't believe I did not comment on this post!!

Uniquely Singapore is right!!! Ahh I missed my homeland lah..

Blue... you must be busy eh??? Shall wait till the weekend to see who won the FC!!

Monica said...

I love all those pics; nice shots!

bluecrystaldude said...

Thank you all for commenting this post. Which reminds me, it's time for another Singapore post! My laptop was infected by spyware. So, Google block my picassa and certain sites. But I am clean now and back in the business. *just hope I have enough time to post another post later* :):)

Have a nice day!

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