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10 Ways to Make Your Reading Fun!

If you were banished to a desert island, and you could only take one thing with you, would it be a book? A recent survey in the Netherlands: 43% would take their TV set with them, 17% the radio, and 17% a stack of magazines. But no one mentioned taking a book! These are the 10 ways to make your reading more fun! 

10 Ways to Make Your Reading Fun!

1. Start reading your book
If you've read some of it already, just start there. Buy or borrow a book from your friends.

2. Judge a book by it’s cover
Contrary to popular saying, always judge a book by it’s cover.

3. Take your time
Take a break if it's getting too frustrating or tedious. Especially if the storyline is too heavy, you might want to read it in stages and digest everything in one page at the time

4. Make it as a gift
Everything is more exciting dressed in wrapping paper and a bow.

5. Read it out loud
Speak in different voices for different characters, and voice their emotions. It may sound childish, but it usually works.

6. Book VS Movie
In my opinion, it's best to read the book before you watch the movie. However, if you've already watched the movie, you can picture the characters and scenery as shown in the film. That's always fun to do!

7. Choose your book well
You can choose your favorite genre; chick flicks, comedy, black comedy, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, biography etc. Suitable fonts, illustration, colors, type of papers.

8. Imagination is the key!
Let your imagination run wild.

9. Reading buddy
Find a friend that shared the same interest with you – you can share the reviews of the books, open up to different authors or genre based on your friends’ suggestions.

10. Encourage others
Your family and friends and try to cultivate reading habits from an early stage.

P/S: I am now reading The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson!

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