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No, This Is Not a New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

Lots of New Year resolutions have been unreservedly all over the Internet. Ranging from losing weight (favorite of all time) to getting married and/or have a baby. If you read one by one, the resolutions usually assembled few things:
  1. Personal consciousness (self improvement)
  2. Family theme (family oriented goals)
  3. Friendship that never ended (yeah, right)

The truth is, I have been experiencing lots of ups and down in the year 2010. I am officially a chemical engineer graduate, working in a property company, moved and renting alone two different houses in just few months, new car, newly found self boasting confident (note to myself: will tune that down in 2011) and met lots of new friends.

Monkey 2011

I considered myself as a social person; I enjoy meeting new people, with my adrenaline is pumping up to its highest velocity when being in a new and foreign environment. Between the first “Hi” until the series of conversations that followed suit, my mind is easily turned on by this kind of surrounding.

Nevertheless, in 2010, I learned a lot about friendships. In times, you will learn how to choose your friends well. If you’re not careful enough, the old friendship will be weaken by times and distance. A sentence that used to be funny now has becoming an awkward moment in conversation.

In the end, you are left with those who are still being around you; new friends and the old one who stayed. Just hope that those who left are the one who will have your back and care about you.

Happy New Year 2011

With that, I would like to wish all my friends, Happy New Year 2011! May this rabbit year will be joyful and fill with meaningful friendships. Be grateful too. Some people predicted the world will ends next year. Erk.

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