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Dirty Little Secret

This was supposed to be an ordinary day.
Friend A : Do you heard about the latest gossip? (in a very loud and disturbing voice)
Friend B : Oh, it's freaking hot story! How did you not know? (rather as an announcement)
My curious voice : Hey, Hey, what are you guys talking about?
Friend A : Hah! This fella is not updated yet lah!
My curious voice : Ok, just shoot me
Friend B : There are new hot pictures in our student sharing network! Here, I already downloaded all of them and even use this picture as my handphone's wallpaper! (sliding his Nokia Expressing Music phone)
My curious voice : My GOD! I know this girl! (and literally jumping in my chair) I must bluetooth them!
Do you understand the conversation above? I hope you do but just in case you misinterpreted this youthful dialogs, may I do the honor to make them clear to you. We just found out the next big thing to be proud off with our university, we also have the naked pictures being exposed in the internet! Yes, yes I know. Now, the modern trend has arrived in our university. Feeling proud of it? Why not?

Just as long it is not my explicit picture circulating in students storage, there should be not problem at all. - quote from an innocent student
I spent most of the lecture that day wondering whether the girl already know her pictures are in the hand of other four thousand plus students. What would she does after this? Can I still see her playing netball every evening from now on? Or she will be forced to stop her study? Only time can tell.

That is the problem when you are sending your personal pictures to others in a conscience of believing the best from everyone. Especially when you are in love with that person who may only use this for his/her own advantage. Love as we all know will not always end with a happy ending.

However, this also make me to think, what if you already sent your naked pictures to irresponsible hands? If I were you, I will have a water marks on those pictures which stated my url ( At least, you will be famous and earn hundreds of new visitors. Even lucky, thousands of them. I read about this technique in the Become Famous For Dummies book. You should check it out!

What if you just love your body so much that you are cannot help but to take your own pictures? (I done that couples of time too) If you have a hot body, why not you flaunt it? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I already made my point about this matter in Naked, nude, stripped and sex. Just a remainder, it was only my opinion.
"The fear that seeing naked people in some way harms children is not supported, however, by academic research. The small handful of studies on this topic in psychology and sociology have shown, instead, that children reared in an atmosphere containing family social nudity may benefit from the practice." -Mark Storey in Children, Social Nudity and Scholarly Study
One thing for sure is that when your explicit pictures or videos start being passing around, famous and important person will suffer the most. For example, Malaysia Health Minister has to step down after a sex video with his 'personal friend' was sold in the black market. (click here to read more) He was later apologies for his indecent behavior, but his political career has came to the end. Others like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, the video will only just help them shot to fame.

If your pictures are posted in internet, how do you react? Does it wrong to send your naked pictures to others? And whether the responsible person who posted those pictures in the internet is bad? How about people (like me) who help to distribute them to other friends? Moreover, what about self obsess person who just like to take pictures of their body? Some people said that these people are socially dysfunctional, do you agree with them?

Now, I need to rest my head down. I hope that you will answer those questions because right now I must reformat my thought. Not every day is like today. And this was supposed to be an ordinary day. *sigh*

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ratu syura said...

Wow.. that's a whole lotta questions you have there! :P Well, here's what I think of it..

I don't really think people who take pictures of their own body are socially dysfunctional. They could just be narcissistic. Or maybe just curios to see what they're body looks like in a picture. I personally wouldn't know how to react if my pictures were circulated around the net. I think I'd just die!

I also don't think it's wrong to send your naked picture to anyone. That's your right. But in this day and age, it could be a really stupid thing to do. As for people like us who distribute them afterwards..well, we're just human. it's already there on the net anyway right?? :P

bluecrystaldude said...

Haha ratu syura.. I think you are correct under certain circumstance. After all, they said sharing is caring right? :DD

I hope my pictures will not circulated in internet (crossing fingers). I also couldn't think (yet) how I would react and what my friends perception towards me :(

Sweetiepie said...

First I think the person who take their own naked pic should be responsible for that too.This behaviour is idiotic enough.No one is going to pity her.The society of people who post it on an internet site is totally cruel....:P
what do you think?

bluecrystaldude said...

Yup sweetiepie, the person who posted it on internet is definitely wrong. But how bout the people who distributed them? Sharing with their friends? hurmm

Myku said...

Wow. Serious questions!

I'm thinking that the girl was a little stupid, but that's all. The person who posted the pics online is totally in the wrong. But those who're distributing the pics are not. After something is online and accessible to everyone, you can't blame people for saying "hey, did you see....?" It's just human nature (as ratu syura pointed out).

Thanks for such thoughtful posts!

bluecrystaldude said...

hi myku,

Yeah, that what I thought too. The pictures are already there, to share it or not is depending on others morale responsibleness. And mine is not that high. :P

PS: I really love your blog!Thanks for coming

Princess_Sabrina said...

Hi bluecrystaldude..thanks for dropping by at my blog. Hope to u there more often..:)


Hye said...

Hmmmnnn.. I think one should be responsible not to have his or her nude body shot... because if someone just had taken your nude self, then it's your fault.

It's okay if my nude photo will be published in the Internet.. but you have to kill yourself first before you see me naked and taken a photo. Hehehe.

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