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Blogging Nightmare

It feels like forever for me to get settle down. I already forgot how the 'fun' of house moving was. Anyway, I will try to online more this week. Back to blogging. Blogging is fun, especially when we are blogging about things that we love. Personally, I even have a feeling of anticipation for what other bloggers will blog about. Sometimes, you will bump into a surprise while others will come out as your expectation (not that it is a bad thing to happen though). By abiding to the expectation, we could find the safest way to describe our feeling and let it flows smoothly into others’ mind. That being said, blogging too will sometimes lead you into some terrible experiences or what I will call, blogging nightmare.

Thus, I would like to list out some of the costs for terrible experiences to other bloggers. Although it will be based on my own personal experiences, I am sure some of us had been in the same place as I am. This is the top five terrible experiences that will happen to many innocent and ignorant people out there. Please do not feel bad if your blog is in one of the categories listed, we just want to have a pleasant blogging experience here.

1. Music
Everyone loves music. Some prefer a softer balladic music, while others love the hard kicks of metal clashing, drum and guitar. For those who are putting a music player into your page, please make sure it is in the user play mode, which means that it would not play by itself. Just imagine while you are surfing the internet in the early hour, in your own room, enjoying the night (or morning), sound of its creatures and the tranquility that come along with it and then suddenly a loud banging sound come out from your computer. To make the problem worst, you are wearing a headphone at that time and your last heart attack was on the week before. Please turn your music to user control function, and if you don’t want to, just put a soothing sound or music. No one will doze off while reading your site, trust me (the music is the last factor that will cause the readers to doze off)

2. Font Size and Color

In case that you don’t know, human vision is limited (and yes, women have more parallel vision compared to men). How hard we are trying to concentrate to countless lines of words with an extremely contrast font’s color against its background, the eyes sometimes could not take it anymore. Please use a normal font size and not every word should be colorfully colored, please, we could read by ourselves, do not try to take away that ability from us.

3. Spamming

Chat box and comment box spamming are not that bad, but you do get annoyed to see the same person post several times, especially when the comments are about advertisement of their sites or goods.

4. Advertisement
I remember that I had joined a forum on this topic matter. Some said that the advertisement will divert your attention from the text, while others said that it was very annoying especially when you put an animated advertisement. In my own opinion, I think that there is nothing wrong with putting ads in your site. The reader would not certainly be going to read your post for a full 5 minutes (or at most, 10 minutes) straight. They want a few breaks in between those long texts. Not only you need to rest for 15 minutes for every hour of TV viewing, you need to rest your eyes too after a long read. The most annoying part of this is the pop up advertisement. You feel cheated as you are forced to click on their ads (and not getting pay for it) and some of them even direct the page to other site as soon as you click on it. Not a great way to great your reader, doesn’t it?

5. Unconstructive Comment
Sending hurtful comment as an anonymous is not okay. If you are going to say out loud your feeling, please be braved to face the consequences after that. A matured thinking should always be followed by a matured way of expressing it too. It would be wonderful to find some constructive comments about the related post from time to time.

I have a lot more to list out, but it will makes my post too long (one of the few nightmares for some). So, please tell me about your own bad experiences while blogging. I am sure we will have a good laugh off it and take extra caution next time. Have a nice blogging day!


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Hafizd said...

one more thing....the connection during posting comment or entry..

it is such a headache when the traffic is congested with users. therefore, the comment might loss and the mood of commenting is dozed off consequently.

the other thing :

- anonymous comment
- too many widgets
- etc

rizal said...

I agree on music. Boleh buat terkejut tetiba mendadak jerr keluar lagu, lebih2 lagi bila buka 3-4 blog secara serentak. Kelam kabut skrol atas bawah semua blog nak cari yang mana satu. huhu

Unconstructive comment? Had my share of experience on this one. Earlier, I was being ridiculed for setting up a blog on rattan. Ohh my, such mockery. Had this anonymous said "bla..bla..bla..ohh great..couldnt come up with a better idea on your blog..Rattan?..idea basi!! What will be next on your post? pak cik pasar mlm use rattan basket? My cat sleeps in its rattan basket?..bla bla bla.. People are moving forward in this age not backward.."

I just replied , "Thank you"

Luckily, i didnt give a s%$* about that.

One thing for sure, blogging means.. you are open to this kind of remark.

Akmal said...

Hello BCD,
Spot on! Anyway, I used to put music widget (note: Auto Play) on my site if you remember, and had one of the reader commented on it; too freaking mendayu-dayu haha. Anyway, I stopped that already. Guess the reader is there essentially to read.

mangosteenskin said...

hi dude,
ya, i've put some autoplayed music in my blog not very long time ago. just for a short experimental period. but then i realize kdg2 org bloghopping pun smbil2 dgr lagu kesukaan masing2, tp bila terbuka blog yg ada music, bunyi yg dikeluarkan jd bercampur aduk.

about the unconstructive comments. some people use this method to attack somebody that he/she don't like in real life, and say something bad or rude just to release anger. no matter how u hate a person, i think it is an immoralized way to touch other's personal life, physical appearance, etc and use bad words on the person's blog. my advice is, if u hate somebody and want to influence other bloggers to hate this person too, u should make a special post in your own blog, or make a blog just for this purpose.

bluedreamer27 said...

lol your definitely right dude haha
i hate those hings too
oh i have an autoplayed music in my "a scene to remember blog" thanks for informing i will soon change the setting to it
by the way i just subscribe with you blog so as for me to be more updated

Emila Yusof said...

Great tips, BC Dude!

When a loud bang first hit my ear, I was startled. But over times, I got used to the situation and will always be prepared to tune down my speaker's volume. I guess they're okay.

Well that spamming is really buggering me. Have more than 6k spam comments! Imagine! Semua jenis ada!

I don't mind the ads either long as it's not the chain type, lepas keluar satu, keluar dua, lepas tu keluar tiga...!!

I had so far 2 or 3 hurtful comments and believe me, they get to me. I would think and mope about it for more than a week and finally, to make things better, I deleted them! Haha!

FarA said...

very true indeed.
i've another nightmare.
although some of us are blessed with superfasthigh connection to the net, but err.. 7 - 10 LONG post (or could be more) in one single page?

erk. not all are patient! i once hopped a blog with superlongpost and superbigimages with super 15 posts +_+" (i actually counted) nightmare! scrolling ang lagging. *geram!*

exceptions to super bloggers tho. n i realised great bloggers always keep the number of their post to the minimum, based on their style of writings :) oh and im now commenting one of em :)

axim said...

music-i hate page that will play music while we are trying to read its content...very annoyed me..!!

Font size and colour-for me kalau nak guna kaler jangan lebih dari tiga..kalau tak akan distracted sangat!!

advertisement-i've no problem wif this as long as that page contentnya best!!!

comment-so far i just accept all comment either it hurts or not as long as its not huniliate me..

mOEha Aziz said...


nicely done... i do agree with the music.. i almost had a heart attack once.. hehehe

Faisal Admar said...

This is my comment about My Blogging Nightmare:

1. Music
I had this experience before. I love ear soothing song, this include Boroque, Vivaldi, instrumental songs, country and some ballades. One of my friends asked me to peak his blog and read his latest post. It was full of words and I had to struggle with his My Chemical Romance’s song. Make the matter worse, there was no button to shut it off. Duh! End up I just simply closed the blog and told him that his blog was cool but the song sucks!

2. Font Size and Color
A lot of people use small font for some reasons and I don’t have a clue. Is that supposed to be artistic or just simply multimedia dumb? About color, some people love colors I know, but since their background is black they will put rainbow colors on the font to make it contrast with the background. It makes my eyes sore of course. People should learn multimedia before set up their own blog I suppose? But they will give reason like, “Hey it’s my blog, go away if you do not like it”. Ok fine… I lose. Closed.

3. Spamming
Guess you know what happen to my chat box right? My idiotic colleagues always spam the chat box with no reason. In the office they will simply tease me of using English in my blog. Ah come one… I can’t speak English with you in the office, so why not I write in English? It’s true that choosing friends is important but what happen when you don’t have a choice? Gees!

4. Advertisement
Advertisement is annoying when it goes to other people’s blog! Enough said.

5. Unconstructive Comment
They are using anonymous or other nick without a link and leave a stupid comment for some reasons – jealousy and truth hurt. My advice: get a life!

Anonymous said...

Hey bluecrystaldude...

Agreed with no1, no2, no3, no4 and no 5!!

I did no1 and no2 before... :) and no1 not only annoyed visitor to my blog... but annoyed me too... :) sorry...

About no2... I have so much free time kot... :) LOL.

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Hafidz,

Yeah! That too (anonymous commentators and too many widgets).. Too many widgets will slow your page loading. I just hope that mine is not too many :D


Hi Rizal,

WOW! that was really one of the kind comment! haha.. And I thought I read the worst comment from Hafidz's blog. Damn...

You know what, I actually really impress with the capabilities of rattan usage. I won't be knew it unless from your one and only blog. Haha.. Seriously man.. Congrats :D

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Akmal,

Haa.. I remember the song too! But it thinks it still acceptable because it has a soothing music. (if I remember correctly, I also have commented on that song :)


Hi Mangoteenskin,

Hehe. I totally agree with you. Especially when you open few tabs on the same time. The sounds are mixed with some louder than the other. I also have a playlist before. But I took down it later :)

Shemah said...

Sometimes I go bloghopping and suddenly music comes blaring out of nowhere, it wakes up my kids and pisses me off! LOL!

The other thing I don't quite fancy is stalkers. You see their presence through the bloglog widgets or from analyzing stats but they never seem to be able to say hi or leave a comment or anything. If it's only for a week or two I don't give a hoot one way or the other.

But sometimes, it goes on for months!! Almost everyday, you see the same face and it doesn't matter whether your post is interesting or not, they never leave a word. I wonder why they bother coming at all.. FOR MONTHS!! Makes me wonder, "What the hell do they want from me??"

As if they're garnering enough info from you to assassinate you or something! LOL!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Shemah,

Hahaha... Shemah, you really has an interesting point there! Haha. I usually just assume those stalkers are as shy as a fox. Just lurking around but never leave any trace (well, except the web tracker). Just consider them as your secret admires. Hehe.. Thanks for this point! I never thought about it.. :D

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