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Am I Less Malay?

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I am sorry for not updating Hot Shit Form Here for these last couple of days. I am having a flu and consistent crunching-my-stomach cough. I am sure if these conditions continue for a few more days, I will have a six-pack and a rocker voice; Kid Rock, not Jonas Brothers.

So, now with my *ehem* Jonas Brothers’ voice, let me tell you guys a story of my life. First of all, for those who haven’t yet known me, I am a young future engineer in his early twenty. I believed that I was destined to do something bigger in my life, that the future is waiting for me to be step on, confidently guided with lots of visions. Aren’t we all feel that why?

Having a very open minded family is what defined my life. Of course, the journey of life itself helps me a lot. This all become is a blessing and for some, a curse for me. Since from the high school, I was always the one who doesn’t know much about my Malay root. Along that line, some even assumed that my religious knowledge is less than perfect since my lack of exposure in my own root.

Truth to be told, I was qualified to be a religious teacher! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, even I don’t write in Malay language in my blog, it doesn’t mean that I am less Malay compared to others. A language is nothing but a medium of expressing oneself, no matter what language you are using, we have only one objective; to convey our message to others. And if you do understand what I am trying to say to you right now, I don’t think it is a problem.

Anyhow, what do you think? Do you feel language is defining your root too? If not, what are other things that will define it?

P/S: Please spare sometimes to read this post thoroughly. I will really appreciate it.

P/S P/S: To my friend Attahrel; no, I don’t address this post to you. I think it’s only a small misunderstanding relating on the last post.

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LadyJava said...


LadyJava said...

Yiha!!! lol!! I still got it...LOL!!

purplefrog said...

Glad to see you back...Get well soon..i have been sick for 3 weeks now with a cold and kids to take care of

LadyJava said...

I speak English most times too.. in fact I think in English and because of that sometimes it is damn difficult to communicate my thought in Malay.. BUT.. that definitely do not make me any less Malay or Muslim...

Those that think so, in my opinon, are very narrow minded in their thinking and definitely not worth our time trying to explain ;)

LadyJava said...

oh poor you.. sick just when you are a free man eh.. anyways.. take care and drinks lots of fluids ya :)

phatelara said...

Hi Haaziq! I can speak fluently in more than 2 languages/dialects and I am still a Sarawakian. Speaking English doesn't make us more British or American. I am still a Sarawakian and always will be! :)

~mista [s.h.a.n.d.y.e]~ said...

speaking fluently in english does not mean that you are any lesser-malay than anybody in comparison. that is just pure stupidity. there are a lot of people out there who are *ehem* fluent in english but still considered as a malay as some peope are originally born and raised as a malay in a malay custom. it just happened that they get a better education/exposure to english as other people.

~attahrel~ said...


my name(+link) pop-up again!!!...this tym above the 1st commenter winner..hahaha...

nothing to do with our language... it just a medium(stated earlier)..nothing more than that...people r not classified according to their language i think..its what their believe...

**cepat sembuh bro...;)

Faisal Admar said...

English is just a medium as you said and I couldn't agree more :) It is pretty weird when people complaining that writing in English just make you look so western, ungrateful for being Malay, forgot what had happen before (related to political view and independent day) and the list goes on. It is sickening.

Writing and speaking in English do not mean we are less Malay. If it happen otherwise (writing and speaking in Malay), I still don't think it prove that you are "very Malay".

I hate those people who judge people this way and simply curse the owner of the blog through comment and some through email.

I am not good in English, so I still write in English and I want to keep on going writing in English to improve my writing and at the same time improve my vocabulary. Unless English is your mother's tongue and you are perfectly writing and speaking in English you might consider yourself writing in other language as well. Japanese? So, by blogging in English I don't think it makes me less Malay either.

I would called this people "Narrow-Minded-Frog". No hard feeling but hey, let us look at the bright side alright?

I hope you get well soon. A good debatable topic :)

P/s: Is that mean if you are born in Arab or better if you are Arabian, you are more religious than others? :)

Have a good day.

Hafizd said...

i have read this entry and also comments above. well, i dunt think expose too much with the english medium makes us less malay.

people saying that you r less Malay is narrow minded person. he/she must understand the preference of everyone to convey the message in his/her own way. doesn't matter what language he/she adopt.

i love the statement ' i am writing to improve my English and vocabulary! yerp!!! me too! agreed. If i am not writing in English, i'll be loosing the momentum to use it.

even sometimes, it really happen when i don't have any words in mind to start writing or even commenting at my friends blog.

p/s: get well soon with the six pack!

milkberry said...

What makes a person a Malay anyway? You have to be of Malay blood or do you have to speak and live the culture? Ugh I hate this kind of debate, seriously. Like citizenship vs nationality.

But anyways, those who say that Malays should only speak Malay are just people who are so narrow-minded and naive. Okay, fine if it's your personal preference to speak only Malay, but do not condemn other people who CAN and will speak any other languages, be it English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog or whatever.

So yeah you go dude! Just speak any language you want!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Lady Java,

Congrats! Finally.. After missed out last post. Hehe.. Glad to see you are back on top of your game :):)


Hi purplefrog,

Wow. 3 Weeks? Have you seek any professional advise? If you are in tropic, I could think off some of the fevers that cause the long period of sickness. But, I am not sure it is relevant if you're reside in US. Get well soon! :)


Hi Lady Java,

Yeah.. I do sometimes feel it hard to convey my message in Malay. Especially relating to a joke. When you translate it to Malay, It's less or not funny anymore. And it's kinda look weird when I have to explain the joke to them so that they will laugh with me. What the heck??

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Phatelara,

Hahaha! That is absolutely right!

Speaking English doesn't make us more British or American.

Totally agree with you. LOL. Now, I have another point to add up to my defensive notes, yeah I had one. Thanks a bunch!


Hi Attahrel,

Hehe.. Thanks my friend~ Enjoy your staying in Penang. Hehehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Faisal,

Haha.. There are lots of good point there. I think that is one of the reason I keep going back reading your blog. Hehe

1. About the your last point, the Arabic one,

P/s: Is that mean if you are born in Arab or better if you are Arabian, you are more religious than others? :)

I think they are not more religious just because they were born Arab. But since the al-Quran is written in Arabic, it definitely makes it easier for them to read and understand it. That being said, it's still depending on the person itself. If you don't read it even though you could understand it, how could be more religious than others?

2. I am not good in English, so I still write in English and I want to keep on going writing in English to improve my writing and at the same time improve my vocabulary.

Yeah, it really helps me improve my English too

3. Unless English is your mother's tongue and you are perfectly writing and speaking in English you might consider yourself writing in other language as well. Japanese?

If I could master my Arabic language and French, I will definitely write in those language too. Haha. But, since I only learn basic part of these languages, it would be sometimes before I could write in it well.

4. "Narrow-Minded-Frog"

Not sure about the "frog" *No offense Purplefrog*, but they are definitely narrow minded. Huhu.

Thanks for your view Faisal! It's nice replying your comment :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Hafidz,

How about your Labuan trip? I will catch with up you soon okay.. My flu and cough is suddenly getting worst. Perhaps it's because lack of sleep. I finished this post 4 something in the morning and had to wake up early today.

Thanks for the wish! I sure hope I will have a six pack by the end of this holiday. As matter of fact, I am doing my plank right now! LOL

Akmal said...

Language is language, root is root. Up to certain extent, yeah, it is related. But when you're told that you've forgotten your root because you speak in English a lot, that's outrageous.

Shinade said...

Oh Blue,
First I am so sorry to hear that you have been so sick. I was sick for almost 2 months and it was awful.

daniel.a.k.a.dEe said...

well, i think that it's ok... everyone is different.. you are special in your own way...

have more faith in yourself... your background make you special in your own way...

Shinade said...

Now on the other issue of what defines you. No I do not believe that any language defines who you are.

For example I am 1/4 Cherokee. This is a great and wonderful thing for which I am very grateful to have Cherokee blood.

But, I only know a very few words of the language. But, I am still Cherokee.

I am also 3/4 German and I know more Malay words than any German words. So am I more Malay because I can understand and speak a little of the Malay? Of course not. I am still German. And on top of all of that I am American too.

You are who you are and no one has the right to judge you for anything except God.

Am I less of a christian because I love so many of you who are Muslim? I too have some very narrow minded friends who would say that I am.

But, that is not true. This right here....this exactly what is wrong in the world today.

Why can't we all simply learn to respect each other, love each other, and honor each other no matter what our religion, race, language, or anything else?

I am so sorry that this was layed upon you. you are a wonderful person and deserve so much better.

Hugs for you my friend!!

Monica said...

Haaziq, I'm pure Chinese but I can't read and write Mandarin!

Mariuca said...

Ala kesiannya dia tu sakit ye? Brought u some hot soup HaaziQ! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I write in English, because it's a universal language and I'm writing for an international audience. Of coz it doesn make you less of a Malay, kat comment ada cakap Melayu apa he he!! :):):)

shaxx said...

I blog in English, I speak Malay, English and Indonesia... and I have an Arab name.... so what am I? hahah!

zackzara said...

A good post actually. It reminds me of my high school days when I insist to be put in English Literature class instead of Kesusateraan Melayu, simply because I am seriously not good in Malay, even though I am a pure Malay. My teacher was so mad with me and he even accused me of being 'lupa daratan'. I remember when he asked me to give Sastera Melayu class a try but I can only stand the first class. I told him, "Cikgu, ini bukan kesusasteraan but kesusahan!" Hahaha

Well, I've been taught English since 4yo and never stop speaking and writing in English, but that does not mean I am less Malay. But on a serious note, I feel good when expressing myself in English..and cursing too! LOL

Shay said...

hye there...
kudos,,very well said :)..for me..its an individual's right to use whichever language that he feels comfy at to express his ideas as well as to convey his intended messages...using english doesnt imply that we have forsaken our roots and abandoned our culture...its just the matter of enhancing my vocabs, developing my self-confidence and also broadening my way of thinking...most of the time ..i could only express myself better in english..i'd once tried to put my words into malay and in the end..they sounded weird and awkward....of coz i was bombarded with acid remarks and spiteful comments from the chauvinists who claim they are better malays coz they speak in their mother tongue...some of them even presumed i failed my malay subject in SPM which wasnt true at all..never once have i ever denied the fact of myself being born as a a matter of fact... they are certain malay virtues i really look up to and proud of...for me...those who think and feel that if a malay speaks english..he is less malay compared to other malays are simply narrow-minded and still living in a closet...sadly..some of them are educated malays trapped in their conventional mindset...for pete's sake...stop being toads who are still living under a cocunut shell and learn to grow up...sorry no offence but as u mentioned in ur entry...we need to look at things from a brighter side....

Aleeya said...

hahah klu ckp melayu nampak kolot sgt kah.hehe

selagi kita respect takder masalah aku rasa. tu jekk

kadang2 aku menyampah bila student yg study kat US baru 6 bulan balik dah ada slang dahh haha POYO

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