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*NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye

Music Monday #4 >> *NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye

Last week, a dear friend of mine, Debbs told me that she loves an old boy band called BoyZone. I easily drifted to the old days where all boys want to be in the boy band and all girls want to date one. Some of my high school friends even have scrap books with the pictures of their favorite band. We They even brought posters and cassettes (a few already ventured to CDs and using CD player instead of walkman, no not the Sony Ericsson handphone) to the school and during the recess they will comparing with each others. The session usually ends up with a fight as jealousy is high in the air; a few posters were ‘accidently’ torn apart.

What about me? Well, I think the most enjoyable boyband ever is *NSYNC. Their lyrics are catchy, their songs are club friendly and their dance is amazing. Since today is the first start of December and the end of November, my choice for Music Monday this time is Bye Bye Bye. Good bye November, I have so much fun this month! This also means that the end of 2008 is coming. I should start checking out my year resolutions!

Click to listen to *NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye:

Check out their video too (cool puppet show!):

Did I mention that the picture above is Justin Timberlake? Oh, how well time has done to him.. Remember the old curly hair and his big t-shirts? LOL. Happy Monday everyone

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Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

OMG!!!!! I did it ha ha ha!!!! Finally, after many tries, I AM FIRST here ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Mariuca said...

I am so happy HaaziQ! Berjaya jugak akhirnya LOL!!

Mariuca said...

Almost forgot to drop my EC in my excitement he he! :)

Mariuca said...

Wah boy band this week, who doesn't love'm, hard not to he he! ;)

phatelara said...

Ooooh N Sync! I used to like Lance, the gay in N Sync. I dunno why I often fall for the gays lol!

I love N Sync because they can dance AND sing. They are better than Boyzone in a lot of ways, but Boyzone was my first love! :)

Alamak, I sooooo remember the days when I "smuggle" posters and magazines to school. Sometimes kena on spot check days lagi! I had to find ways to hide them. I used to save my pocket money just to buy my fave mags! :) I even had my close friend record their music videos from Astro on video tapes tau! During my time, video tapes were still in!

phatelara said...

JT is hot nowadays! I remember his curly hair, he was cute, though! :)

My close friends and I, we have our own faves from each boyband, and everyone likes different guy! Hehehe..gila kan we?

bintang said...

My wife is a huge fans of this boy band..and I just can't mix well with it ;)

Rozella said...

I never really was a fan of Nsync,but once Justin went solo. Hubba hubba! Drool, drool! Hehehehe :P

bidarlah said...

Gone is another great track...and cool video.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Have not heard this is a while!

Hi from Minnesota,

bluedreamer27 said...

yeah and the craze over those boybands and even girl groups says bye bye bye as well
they were more of 90's but as the time goes by rock music reigns music like what britney,kristina and others did
then followed now by the new generations like rihanna and beyonce
have a great day bluedude
and thanks for visiting my site

izzahismail said...

that day i kemas my sister punye barang.
and i found her book filled with lyrics, pictures of all the boyband.boyzone, bsb, nsync.

i enjoy all the songs.klu dgr lagi now, still tak boring ;) and i was big fan of them.i used to google to make sure whether stephen from boyzone i think is a gay or not.haha. and same goes to lance.but not a big fan of lance. i like justin.always ;)

Anonymous said...

miss the school days~
first boyband i ever knew is BSB
not really into them..
when im in primary skul,i don even care bout foreign music...only listen to local music especially 'irama malaysia' n nasyid
when im in form 4 then only started to really listen foreign music but usually focus on band group who plays their own intrument...till now im dun really like boyband~:D
but i do remember my frens all crazy bout boyband,n they'll start comparing n end up wit fight
me excluded~

LadyJava said...

Me no like N'sync esp Justin. His voice very kecik lah..hehe...sorry ah..

LadyJava said...

Congrats GP for being FC here this time..heheh :)

Mariuca said...

LOL! Tenkiu LJ, mmg first time, tu yg excited gila ni yeehaw!!! :D

bluecrystaldude said...


Wow! First time ever! Haha.. Congrats Marzie for winning the First Commenter ever! Which site does you want me to link to?

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Debbs,

Hahaha! I am pretty sure I still have that old video tape player in my stor somewhere. Hehe. Our dad always rented a few tapes for our family movie time :D

I was a prefect taw! I usually found the smuggled stuff. Once, I found a CD music inside the the dustbin. LOL

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bintang,

LOL. But I think this band is better than any others. In my friend words, "more manly" than other bands. LOL..


Hi Rozella,

Yeah, I never once thought he will be this famous. How good time has done to him :)


Hi Bidarlah,

Oh sure! Gone is nice track too. I am actually wanted to choose Gone as this Music Monday, but I couldn't find the video; can be embedded (most of them can't) and not a concert's. I then settled with Bye Bye Bye

Hey, you should join Music Monday too!


Hi SpeedyCat,

Yeah, me too! I hope you enjoy it :)

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Bluedreamer,

Sorry for not being able to visit you more often. I am not feeling quite well this lately. But I sure will visit your site today :)

I think the new generation boybands are more focused on the soft rock genre. For example, Busted, The Click Five and don't forget, the virgin Jonas Brothers. Hehe


Hi Izzahismail,

If the rumors could be trusted, I heard some of these boybands were "sexually harassed" by their manager. Huhu.. Too hot to handle?


Hi kuropii,

Giler ar.. Berjiwa Malaysia sungguh. Hehe.. Layan lagu2 irama Malaysia hek? dasyat2.. Who's your favorite??


Hi Lady Java,

Hehe.. Justin quite a talented song producer too. But personally, I think he should stop for a while his collaboration with Timberland. If not, all of his songs will sound the same after awhile..

Haha.. Macam terrer in music jek :P

nikillas said...

this song is catchy.. coz it reapeating the same word over n over n over again.. hahaha..

Azizwan™ said...

like this song.. but i more like "it's gonna be me" hehehe..

apa2 pun, n'sync merupakan salah 1 penyanyi berkumpulan yg aku minat suatu ketika dulu. huhu..

Monica said...

I love this song Haaziq! I gtg...Bye Bye Bye :-D

Gallivanter said...

Most enjoyable boyband...hmmm, sounds like an oxymoron...hehehehe... :-)

For me, Color Me Badd was the best.

Anonymous said...

tu kisah lame blue
aq minat gile noraniza idris time tu
skang nih aq xdgr sgt lagu local
rase cam makin lame makin merepek
lg2 artis baru n singer born from reality tv show n i dislike underground band like meet uncle hussin (did i spell it right??) hujan n wateva their name is....
they sux!!
only few can catch my attention...
now focus on foreign music :)
especially japanese,indonesian n english song
it's not like i dun wanna support local music ndustry...
it just dat they didnt meet up my standard of quality now...only few did...

Mariuca said...

Yahoo!!!! I'm also TC here yay me! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Eh I like your moving banner for the TD, how to do that eh? Alamak but I'm not on the list kan? Takpe, this month cuba lagi! ;)

Mariuca said...

Wow, after many slow days, EC seems to be working fine and without glitch for me today yeeha!!

twinks said...

Hi Blue!
wow I remember my college days..that was the time when all these hunk boy bands came out..I bought a lot of posters of them hahahaha... I remember my mother so mad at me when she saw my room full of those posters..hahaha

take care ! :]

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi Nikillas,

LOL.. Tu yang senang orang ikut tuh :)


Hi Azizwan,

Same here! I could safely said that I only into *NSYNC then others boybands out there :)

Thanks for commenting!


Hi Monica,

Bye bye bye to you too :D


Hi Galliventer

I haven't heard that for awhile! Gosh. I must start checking out my old days mp3 playlist. Thanks for sharing!

bluecrystaldude said...

Hi again Kuropii,

I am in the same boat with you dear. I don't like local rap musics (whether it's in English or Malay) They just didn't sound right to my ears. Most (but not all) of them copied directly from other international songs in term of sound and music (for some, even the rapping slang!). So, give me a good reason why should I listen to them when I got some of the greatest rap music in my mp3 collection?

That being said, I love a song by M. Nasir and Malique - Mantera Beradu. The lyric is an act of art :)


Hi Marzie,

Yup, I think my EC dropping is getting smoother too :) I could finish early today. Yeah!


Hi Twinks,

LOL.. My mum made it clear that we were not allowed to post any poster inside our bedroom. Hehe. I had some comic posters, but never get to hang it up to the wall :)

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